Police pan di stage no fire in sight …it look like him gwaan good

0 thoughts on “IOCTANE @ SUMFEST

  1. Good morning Met. Mi curious as to why I -Octane have extra security wid him pon de stage. A because a de beef wey him have with Vegas about who a close Sumfest or a summn’ else ?

    1. Good morning mi nah go really comment because it nah go positive and mi nuh waa start di morning negative so good morningggg :maho

  2. Okay den Met. Mi a go respect yu wish today. It just look suspicious bad. Anyway Mums, have a nice day, yu hear.

  3. Met,… Octane more than sneaky!! He nasty and Sasha Bling is just as disgusting!! A couple weeks back he and Kerine Miller were in Florida and she was there dancehall night! Now he gone Texas with Sasha Bling. Now tell me this, if direct she ah direct his videos, then what she doing following him around! Dem nasty alike and ah try talk bout other people life!! Octane have nuff pickney and Sasha Bling dash way belly fi him also!! Dirty Hypocrites! !

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