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Anonymous says:
July 17, 2014 at 11:05 am
Thank god Nikki wise up,!!!! unu no si falling star a comment bout she no fi post har business on fb, she no fi chat cause she did deh with married man to!!!!!, 8 years a sin pan har shape bad self. She betta mek sure that baby ah fi bobby and not the married man.

3D pic put up
Shakeria Reid
Good morning look what my bestie send me lol twin or nah???
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Mia Williams Twins lol
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Shakeria Reid Lol I think so too
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Nicola Love-god Bennett Dem sey a man first child suppose to look like him, an you can tell ur baby look like him already twins
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Isheka Henry LOl
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Mathania Vincent AWWW,twins!!!
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Shakeria Reid Isheka Henry why u laughing???
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Isheka Henry They look alike for real.. that’s why I laugh
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Shakeria Reid OK lol
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Charm Foreverbless Shakeria Reid Perfect Twin…
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Shakeria Reid A mi fi tell no ruffle belly around here lol Charm Foreverbless
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Charm Foreverbless Shakeria Reid yuh a mess enuh lol
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Terry Reid awww

0 thoughts on “SHAKEIRA SAY TWIN

  1. mi laff so phuck’n hard me chest hurt me a swear bitches a guh hard wid dese phuckery like all “in de womb “selfies a run nung fi find out from the phuck’n womb if it fava daddy yuh know how many luk like de man dem weh unno think a daddy nd dem is not ctfu……….twin unno bloodclaat ,baby luk so peaceful sleeping tho

  2. comment of the having first kids century
    “Nicola Love-god Bennett Dem sey a man first child suppose to look like him, an you can tell ur baby look like him already twins”
    who are dese goons i am ere’ dying :ngakak..a mean is tell har sey a suh first pickney guh no man mi sideeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. simply mi a wonder if is a pill dem tek because God nuh mek nobody suh nope :travel
      bout man first pickney

      1. nd she very much c-rus yuh knw,frighten friday as find its way rite chue out de mi did haffi laff dem

    2. NIcola is Shakera cousin so you know she is going to make her cuz feel important even if its a big fat stupid lie.lmao

  3. I watch too much Maury…but if dem seh Shakeria is a f**kist, my man deh fi demand a paternity test after baby born…but hey, ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS

    1. Him is a lickel baby and frighten fi him first baby. Shajkeria 10 yrs older than him and she been all over the world and back. so you know she lock dung him poor lickel buddy worst she a ole gal fi him. she meck him scream mommieee.

  4. me no wan bust her bubbles, but me walk round with me daughter sonogram for months showing people how the child going to look like us, you seen when baby born the baby have everything fe the man not even a toe nail for us. On that note thread lightly IJS

  5. Lol when I seen this I laughed too. Dem probably hype because ah bare taken man she did deh wit and war ova since philly kno har. First man I see a relationship wit her and own her up. Nobody isn’t really buying this shakiera and bobby thing, in the eyes of philly, look like she ah try play catch up to barbie

  6. She waan know say Patsie brother Jesa get baby weh look like him carve har out, couple years afta rumors start about the child’s real dad Jesa decide to do DNA test and surprise surprise he’s NOT the baby daddy. Whoring Althea went as far as name the baby Jessica!!!!! afta She well and know say a Dan Dan pickney she a give poor Jesa…so mek miss Star gwan beat har chest.

  7. Who the fuvk shot cum up this bitch pussy dirty pussy falling you is loosing bitch what can this young man do for you beside cheat because bitch if u think for one second your the only one you is a fool.this man is gonna to do you like the Thot ur are . You not even have room inna that small apt in the hood let alone a nice bed set :kimpoi No money saved up for your daughters future . Your a disgrace

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