When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is happy. Proverbs 29:18

There are people who live like laws unto themselves, refusing to be controlled by any system or government. They do whatever seems right to them ignoring the implications of their actions on others around. The origin of such an attitude is spiritual because such people have no regard for God. Some of them go to the extent of saying there is no God

Thus they do not seek for or accept any form of divine guidance in their lives. Such people are a fundamental source of trouble and nuisance anywhere they are because they live wild lives. They have no restraint because the love of God in the hearts of his children that empowers man to live in love and harmony with others is not in their hearts. They are unhappy people who try to cope with their unhappiness by indulging in drugs and other vices that numb their consciences. They seek to replace the love of God that should comfort and strengthen their spirit, soul and body with orgies and addictions that end up in destruction.

I want you to examine your life, if you have addictions like alcoholism or pornography, you need to be delivered so that you can open your heart and receive the all-conquering love of God. The love of God conquers vices and enables you live a happy life. Living a life without the love of God is a one way ticket to a world of pain, unhappiness and depression.

Liberation thought: I am a love child of a love God, born of love into a love family. :

Further reading: Judges 7. John 3:16


Lord Jesus, let the power in your name break every chain of addiction in my life, in the name of Jesus!
I pull down every imagination or stronghold that is working against the love of God in my heart and mind in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, thank you because I belong to you, in the name of Jesus

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