Spice people ENTIKLE fi seh di tings cause yuh do whole heap a shit just like you did yesterday with Marvin..You been trying to get this bread long so now some settle at your side a di pond settle your dayyyyyyym dirty minded self and nyam it and full yuh damn belly..Di whole a we come from di same place so YOUUUUUUUUU shudden a look fi fight out Marvin …your mind is too dirty..bad to bad dem used to work di road fi yuh and a tell yuh bout yuh damn dirty ways smh…Anybody whey cannot keep friend fi long a because dem nuh good…..Yuh a di only musician in Jamaica whey fall out wid so much dancer………..only you alone actually so check yuh dog gone self…Youre too much now…and btw…u a tek di designer dem and dem neva gi yuh dem clothes fi free..stap falla :travel
Anybaddie whey get up a badda badda demself and a post bout people nuh badda a dem a because dem badda badda by what people a seh bout dem..CHILL and get yo bread


    1. I agree that she should be checked cuz its overbearing now.The Designers should penalize her 4times the cost she paid for dem items cuz a the first celebrity me see that can reduce a brand value by inna it.Point me to one time she ever genuinely look good inna something instead of some a unno a blow smoke up her fake ass.

      It really is becoming all too much because a just wha day she a bawl how ppl opinions of her got her on the verge of going ova the cliff…now overnight she doesn’t care nor said ppl matter??Spice’s crocodile tears never did a go fool me for one ! :hoax2

  1. EZ grace… designer don’t fit you. EZ grace don’t step on Marvin because you might fall n need him help..EZ grace you r abit too hype yankee will cool u.EZ you tuff n need some rub down. EZ grace good/designer stuff don’t need you telling the story it tell a story all by itself once if set right on the individual that is wearing it.

  2. she need to be humble and remember where she’s coming from, because the Yankees will never treat her as a equal. When she and them fall out she’ll be back and as usual Jamaicans will cuss you out today and talk to you tomorrow.

  3. Bwoy spice just as mi almost team spice you prove your just a mean spirited person with a ugly heart inside. You shouldn’t have done that to Marvin y’all share the same struggle before & born in the island off Jamaica you could have said next topic or question. Shame Shame on you remember what we done unto others will return to us later or deliver to our off spring . It’s not a easy road life has its up down walk good & take it easy !

  4. Uno sound hurt and upset, uno sound so badminded, uno can wear brand to eno if uno cah buy it new it sell thrift shop

    1. Shut the f**k up, I didn’t even comment and this irritate spirit! Not everybody frighten over brand like some a y’all….. there are persons who have it and don’t waste dem money on stupid shit like clothes, they actually invest their money in stocks, real estate etc.

      I don’t believe spice have nothing fi badmind over she need fi easy, everyone can shine and make money. Why fight down others??? U sound more like the one siding with the dirty mind team. Move man!

  5. Met stop gwaan like this new to you a same dutty spice from brenton this who she nuh badmind and try fi bully nuh birn yet…. Nothing that she wears fit har…. Mi see one video with dangel round 3 weeks ago mi think…. D angel she could believe when the person call har and a tell her how somebody a sey them nuh fi book har and she have her familt fi feed…. And how the person a wear everything and the nuh look good inna it and the designer/stylists them a talk because the person a tek the people them clothes and a Spice come to my mind same time. Met memba spice and the black boot…. She just nuff and me know she not getting any love n hip hop check because she’s a now cast memba….

    1. But mi dus memba how one guy did mek something fi Spice and she neva pay needa and a pay she neva pay nickiesha dem why the fall out began…as to angel mi wouldn’t surprise if a spice…remember someone said she did that before mi lose hope in a she God know :travel

  6. F**K MARVIN !! Kmt. Bout she shouldnt do that to him, a nuff things Marvin shouldnt do either. He’s a bitch ass whining about what Spice said, grow some balls u damn wuss.

  7. A physco tan bad…. He was a artiste in the early 2000. SPICE IS NOT GOOD ALL I KNOW THE HIGHER MONKEY CLIMB the more him expose! American media just need one thing fi start tear you down.

  8. Anyone that knows Spice personally can you’ll tell her da batty deh nuh stay good,yow homegirl have on a tan jogging suit and when mi duh a likkle preement pan di batty it nuh ready non tall, it nuh tan good only ting is dat har thighs match di so and so batty beca dat is no steam fish and okra batty,Atlanta people did fling it out long time ova yah before duh up body get suh prevalent, suh mi nuh know whea all of a sudden she comme bout steam fish and okra,its her gwap duh whateva yuh please wid it,but yuh have extra gwap now so go to a real doctor guh fix di bottom part a di batty.

  9. What Spice fail to realize is American media build you up and as soon as them tired of you, them tear you dung. She style Marvette bcos the time when he was dancing to “sheets” and broke his leg. Spice posted it on her page sending her well wishes to him. Well Marvette claims him did have a lot of overseas show booked and bcos of Spices’s post, promoters wanted to pull out. Marvette take it to social media and say Spice a try stop him food. Spice got upset bcos she said that wasn’t her intention…hence the “who? I don’t know who that is”.
    Me nah lie a proper styling that, anybody that I don’t speak to and ppl ask me for them…who?…2018 summa styling…Lol

  10. I don’t think she said anything wrong. I wouldn’t give my enemy nu knowings on international interview either. At least she acknowledged Shelly Belly and showed where her ratings at.

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