18 thoughts on “IS A SKIRT DIS OR WHA?

  1. Ridiculous such nice looking black man tun clown . Come on Damion you don’t need that to stand out am disappointed in you big time .

  2. Bungopushthegrasscart(say fast3times)….Man a wear Mini!!No sah!brimstone,lavaground,Volcano!ashes to ashes.dust to BBC Dust!

  3. I use to have a HUGE crush on this man.. until mi reach pink wall and mi hear the business.
    He looked better when he was with the girl with the mole.
    but now…….. I’m good.

  4. Whatever it is it show up him hips though. Gwan moggle you big brawd hips and fine foot. Next time just drop een a pair of heels to complete your look.

    1. Dude Inna competition wid kwesi so dem must link up and have a “hip off”.Dancehall gayest and broadest hips title!

  5. Damion is a Thomas, he’s off balance. Damion and his ex (DI MOLE CHICK) used an innocent girl as a human shield causing the girl to collect a bullet in her leg outside of Universal Temple years ago. Since then I’ve labeled that entire family as cursed. Anita and her young slutty nieces were all there intimidating the girl to keep quiet. Their day is drawing near. Whores and faggots.

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