Met tell me if something can go suh.Stop at the roadside to buy natural juice from this hot chick with her igloo. Within minutes I was wondering if is really the juice or the chick mek so much men a stop fi buy.There were now 3 other men mekking them orders. One man give out him only have $130 but she tell him the June plum price is $150. Same time him sey to her beg yuh $20 and she say she nuh have it plus that’s her lil profit.

The man got visibly upset and give out
“That’s why me couldn’t look yuh and deh wid yuh cuz all yuh have to offer is tun tun”

The next man buy out the argument and sey
“A true man and tun tun clyding bad especially when a from the same face”

I will never know what possess the 3rd man to chimed in

“It clyding like pudding” all three were nodding in agreement and Met rarely have i been speechless becuz this was all new News to me. To her credit and in her defense the vendor chick sey unno must be nyammers and bottom men! I nodded in agreement and took my leave smh.

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