1. pon a real why dese ppl nah seek evening class even if unno undocument dere is still free class out deh fe unno if unno even over 24 nd unda 100…yuh av mix takes nd yuh av dey jus really knw nd write how dem speak…call bomboclaat 311 nd find out wah gwaan fe sum basic pussyclaat education man….kmft

  2. Me did a dwll wen me see dis pon me newsfeed dilusional much nobody naw support u bcuz they don’t like u bitch

  3. i saw this and lol
    cuz people be finding hard to pay the 20! muchless 50
    you cant say all inclusive because you dont know what kind of liquor people drink
    or if people want to buy their own bottle and such tashy bashy come again a 2 cup a drink u did a go give weh cuz it couldnt be free liquor all night! Just seem greedy to me and xquisite loung is not very big!

  4. Dutty tashy a bet the private party empty no pussyclat body no go bout all inclusive like you use to anything nobody went a bet because nobody like the old whore , go back to school nasty gal and go learn fi read …

  5. This is sooo sad. This gal inna dance every night and can’t read. Please hand har a ABC book next time you guys see har a di dance door.

  6. All inclusive isn’t for these dirty venues listen! Trashy bashy You yourself obviously don’t know about anything ya damn self cause mi woulda neva keep private party inside none dem dutty queens club. When yuh know betta yuh do better so you is just like the dirty dancehall regulars weh nah know bout shit.

  7. Trashy Boshy please go and buy some ensure u look disgusting in that pic. PS. Stop f**king calling ppl man phone all hours a night. Not gonna call any names. you know what am talking bout mi tek your txt dem out a him phone…. You are a dirty whore

  8. @Bronx…I thought she tek whey the lady husband and abusing him. Suh which other man phone shi calling down all hours of the night?? Some gal puxxy is very badmind and red yie fi people man.

  9. Omg and a she live with man dwl trashy when are you gonna change your whorish ways it look like that little old man cock not working properly because fi a gal wey live with a man you no fi a f**k so trashy a years now you a whore now you f**k both man and woman yes me know for sure you f**k gal you use to f**k a girl me know and dont say a lie because you know a true me a talk if that man ever know what kind a trash him pick up him woulda run faster than usian from you

  10. A trashy say f**k a budget and go dance every night and her house stay bad trashy you needs a budget bytch to help you buy some furniture and a true bronx a talk she stay calling people man phone gal need a life her friend say she breed the other day and she dash it way because she dont know a who the belly belongs to trashy take abortions for birth control bronx it might not be your man still this bytch have many man in all 5 boro

  11. It’s true. Don’t wanna call di man name but him keep wan round robin here in a Bronx Fridays. Trashy leave ppl man alone. Go learn fi spell

  12. Omg …. Tashy you talk about all of your friend them Like dog I can’t believe u would keep a party in a dah woman dah club and u talk bout her like shit you bad
    Stop talk about Ppl and stop walk and with u done hole and f**k the ppl them man
    U look bad

  13. I hope is not LANDO She a call cause Tashy him don’t want u him nah leave
    Him Good woman fi you a him keep the round robin on Fridays .. Nasty gal go fix u life u move now u need to take a break from stop f**k and sucking ppl man mi feel sorry fi the fool she deh with boy Man U fool

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