Met mi have a piece of story fi tell yuh weh happen roun ah thanksgiving time Lisa and Rico di Cuban go ah movie go watch Best Man Holiday and come out ah di theatre well hug up and ah kiss and him woman Tashine Upscale Barbie and her friend lay a wait them and catch dem. Di piece ah beaten weh Lisa get neva normal ah tall… Met if i laugh i dead. Now Tashine did put Rico out and him ah try hard fi get back inna Tashie good grace cause at the end of the day Lisa nuh live no where she cotch over her friend Purple yard, she nuh have no job nor she guh school so she cant bring nothing to the relationship. Lisa dont even take care of her 4 yr old daughter much less she never dress the little girl appropiate yet or is her daughter hair ever done but when lisa ready fi guh dance she spend her last pan hair and shoes smfh. Now Lisa ah setup fi fight di upscale barbie dem but she need fi know she cant manage them deh girls. Now di yard weh lisa ah cotch (purple) them vex cause Tashine and her friend dem keep on ah call di yard and ah harass di ppl dem, Lisa better mine she get put out cause ah cotch she ah cotch.. Met n metters now this is my question Rico di cuban ah somebody fi ah fight over ? KMFT rico dont have dry shit inna him batty much less.


0 thoughts on “RUMBLE IN THE BX

  1. Mawnin Met & Metters.
    So women still beating up other women over wutless man?!?! Some things neva change. But LMAO bout double feature!!! A weh dis Bay Plaza? Di man couldn’t even tek you go a Ridge Hill?

  2. mawning .people me lubb unnno baddd :peluk :ngakak :ngakak what a story noice senda u badd :ngakak :ngakak ..tashy one ting me no like why beat lisa :cd and not rico

  3. Mi woulda ‘fraid fi lick she…………yuh nuh see how she tuff? Might broke up all kind ah bone inna yuh hand if yuh thump her!!!!!

  4. @EbonyLolita… yu mean if Ooman still a fight ova man??? Yu nuh see buddy skayse outa road? Yu bline?? All right here pon di wall dem a swear offa battyman koki. Up to di time girl.

    1. Yes Willie a suh mi hear but still cyan believe. NO MAN SHORTAGE wi mek me f**k off battyman. NO SAH NOT NEVER!! EVER!! Dem is a bunch a lost souls fi dat~!!

  5. from you look at this guy you see player written all over him. every time mi watch dance his woman always all over him he doesnt seem interested half the time. this girl up top look like a crackhead and tashine need some edge control she an har sista look fake nuh f**k like 2 duppy. Did they do their nose cause it look fake to?

  6. Rotten apple brother look sick nah rass how dem gal ya stomach him? :bingung :bingung him look sick!! :dp :dp and bruk at the same damn time :ngakak . Him baby madda is a pretty girl but it come in like shi desperate fi this nasty looking man my girl you could do better love yourself first! You play yourself by putting your hands on the other woman yuh should beat him instead. Mi always hear bout him him f**k nuff manly looking gal (red flag) :siul

  7. A cyaan shit batty rico gyal a fight ova rico wey bleach so till him pink leopard skin rico kmt yah man…. and by thw the way unnu a talk bout lisa weh peel out shape bad juck up batty tashine have kmbctttt yah.. she love beat up har chess bout she a nurse bitch ain’t shit u is a CNA. Stop tell lie ain’t nuttun wrong wid it if it pays the bills
    I wish a bitxh would ,, bout u a beat gyal kmt. Cuh pon rico tuh nuh speaking of whicb thw big fat soar one weh juss breed weh used to work a bed bath a beyond. I hope she wasn’t part a d crew fi administer the beaten cause she need fi beat har appetite n gweh

  8. Rico mouth stink bad how tashine stomach him smh and Lisa need fi leave the dutty Bronx man them alone and get a decent job to take care of her little girl
    Madison and find a place of her own she and Tiffany Barbie a cotch a purple yaad them nuh shame big 20 something year old gal
    Like you a cotch wid 2 gal and always find money do go party and do hair but can’t save fi go school or even do a little cna class worthless gal who in them right mind want stink mouth dry pocket ugly bleach out face Rico apple give ur brother some mouthwash

  9. @Anon 1:53pm, mek unu bad suh??? “di fat one need fi go beat har appetite and gweh”, DAT STATEMENT JUSS FLOOR ME TO RAAS!!! Unu have no behavia….rofl..@Willi, if u say “UP TO DI TIME”(ina kartel vice) one more time, a bax u chue di computa…

  10. Tashine all weh u a do it nah stop lisa and rico from f**k,yuh muss stop telll lie bout u n yuh ugly bloodclaat friend beat lisa bad cah mi see har a party and di gal face still look proper and har body still energized.yuh bex seh di gyal f**k yuh whoring man betta dan yuh no headside bitch,a di kiss bun yuh doah tashine lmao low di likkle girl and guh find sum headside

  11. :ngakak : :ngakak :malu @ beat har appetite______________________________ :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 soon see tashy and cuban all lovey dovey up again… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  12. Woiiii Lisa dem love yuh name till dem fool a wham to dutty downscale barbie dem unuh wah look like sum body so bad till unuh affi a tell false story tashy yuh caah fight fi save yuh life n ugly Zuku sherifa tashni Nuh want yuh stop try fi impress di gal yuh need fi tell yuh muma n yuh ugly man looking sister fi stop walk n obeah di man dem fi stay wid yuh lol but coo pan unuh a call smady man looking n dem Seh battyman look betta Dan yuh sherifa,flop batty tashni u nuffi hype cus Anuh yuh 3 day cna job buy dem furniture deh a lucky yuh lucky seh apple feel sorry fi yuh n gi yuh likkle furniture fi Mek yuh apartment look like smady live deh. Rico dutty Rico mi kno yuh love off yuh browning bad WOOIIIIIEEEEE di kiss a mad up tashine head she caah stomach Seh yuh want up Lisa haha tashine tell rico bout di man deh pan di low weh yah f**k pon him wid lol tell him bout di l.a man, tell him bout di New York man to & tell him bout him fren weh yah sneak & f**k.unuh is nobody

  13. lisa stop walk and put up things fi look good.lisa say she have bare thingz fi show wid di cuban all now. she say cuban love har bad,but i think its a game lisa,dont let him fool you boo.lisa nuh stop walk and a talk up a bag a things. yuh say cuban nuh stop run yuh down a true.and yuh nuh stop call up tashy nuh mek nuh sense my girl it nah go nuh whey with yh and cuban, along time mi see dem,him nah go left him tashy fi mi,your a not a bad looking girl, i see you and i like you,just let dem bee ok,find someone bigger and better.lisa plz take my advice.

  14. mi did know seh something nuh right ! mi go a party and lisa nuh lef rico side , mi did a wonder if dem really deh !!!! mi nuh understand how dem yah man love boast up dem woman on baby mother on facebook and behind dem woman back dem a dutty dog ! tashine why u a fight over him??? Rico put up other day bout ” somebody tel lisa fi come off a mi name ” like stfu ! when innu man get catch innu love put on a show

  15. Wait deh so tashnie ah tell lie bout the nurse job bwoy har life fake jus like har batty. Smaddy plz tell gar fi tek out dem braids deh oh gawd wat a girl cyan keep in a hairstyle fi long

  16. @lol yes tashine a lie bout nurse ahe a Cna.. which achool tashine go fi tunn nurse.. I don’t get what’s with these bitches lying about their profession..I’d a never fi it u wouldn’t a eat so weh u shame of? U live off the government n gwan like u better than ppl tashine go have a seat n a bottle a rogain childddd..ur dismissed

  17. Tashine need fi guh so dung bout she a fight over Rico Lisa fi wol har n beat har bloodclaat all sherifa to fi get a ass whooping mi wah know of she a f**k rico Mek she involve, rico and Lisa a run dung dem each other tashine guh find sum hair and low di mixup dis Nuh look like yuh lifestyle stop hype over yuh 3 day job a montefiore bitch

  18. lisa say she get har f*ck regular in di infinity car she say rico come pick har up and dem skin out and f*ck.aLTHOUGH CUBAN A WALK AND A SAY A BARE CO*CKY SHE SUCK wha gwan A FOREIN.

  19. Tashy barbie is in har good good job.I see her nuff time going to wrk and I see her in jacket and tie.nuh scrub nurse wear.di lil gal have har job and it a kill unno .hoe unno so bad mind.real talk uno say di wrk three day and har houses stay proppa and she havehar thingz so it look like shi get pay good.mi hear say she work as a patient coordinator at some hospital.

  20. me always no say rico a ediot tashine a ediot smaddy how u fi a fight ova man who dont put money inna u pocket.

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