What a way Aneka a dash wud fi steppa. Like seriously tho dung to the dead in a grave know say aneka a take steppa man.. She all tattoo him name pon r side. Steppa u soft? Cause me know if a some gal aneka get bun up wid a*** long time. Cause a some real bare face, disrespectful bun u a get. All dat deh man too, fi have him good wife and go take up w**** go-go aneka. Aye, aye, aye..



  1. Oh gosh I’m so tired of these unemployed whores .
    No form of job or whatever . You can nwver hype on a girl if u don’t have a job bitch . Let’s be real here .
    Men need to do better ..I mean she probably getting 10 k for giving head lol .

  2. Oh gosh I’m so tired of these unemployed whores .
    No form of job or whatever . You can nwver hype on a girl if u don’t have a job bitch . Let’s be real here .
    Men need to do better ..I mean she probably getting 10 k for giving head lol .

    1. Pause deh. Nuh press play pan noting right yasso stick a whole heap a pin yasso!__________________ wah Yuh say dodge… Yuh nuh like bareface matey_______________ a Caah tek it :ngakak

      on September 4, 2016 at 9:59 pm – Reply

      I’m f****g somebody’s husband so I guess I’m in an open relationship and fyi I ain’t leaving

      Lmao Unnu fi stap it…. Dwprcl stap it I say!!!

  3. Senda u soh fool omg reallly u is one worthless bitch if u agoh bun up gal fi man wah noh wah no bady a anika chain d man pon her if d man did respect u friend him wouldnt cheat pon her u ole dead kn wah him a sah bout d girl nuff a uno gal a fool bout bun up gal fi man a mussi 1980 u a live inna

  4. A how much ppl man she one a tek!? Mi see har name call pon denyque sugar pig! So she a di official inna you face matey weh love hype!

    So di whole a unnuh as woman whose man she a tek fraid fi beat har!? Unnuh man outta road a f**k and a suck out dat and come home to unnu and unnu touch him!? A suh unnuh blind like Kasi!? A suh much ppl inna open relationship!?

    Cause unnuh a get bun to unnu face! But mi jus realise seh in all dem situation ya di woman dem so dependent pon di man dem dat dem nah lef!

    1. Spoon who is denyque’s sugar pig? Talk d tings girl lol. Is denyque selling her front too? Wouldn’t b surprised.

  5. Bout ppl man man noh respect an wah none a uno cause uno common uno dress loose an behave like ole hoe all d time uno noh wuk no wey up lift uno sef or nothing every day uno war over clothes an SHOES an none a uno cah show a house ‘ car or land no bank account uno goh luk visa not fi cum a farin fi cum wuk but fi cum buy clothes fi goh model soh how man fi tan wid uno loose gal BOUT U WOULD A BUN GAL WID ACID CAN BET U LOOK LIKE A PCS A SHIT IF A MAN RESPECT U HIM WILL KN NOT FI STEP OUT PON U FI PPL LOOK DUNG PON U UNO A WAR D GAL DEM AN BIG UP D OLE FOOL DEM WAH NAME MAN KMDT

  6. As the sender say a because steppa soft and that man isn’t any good either. A hope steppa realize her worth and leave him cause a nuh now aneka a take him and a mouth the girl. Steppa is a nice girl.. Wake up mum and smell the coffee. As for night bicycle aneka remember say ur 4 o’clock deh near and karma is a bitch. A nuh everyday it’s gonna be highlight sunshine. Any day that man stop pay yuh rent and bills u dead fi hungry. These IG unemployed thots tho :hoax2

  7. Hello Ms. Needleye, U nuh see say we ova Sunday Dagga a wait pon u fi return n answer some pertinent questions? U think we av whole day a wait? :cool Mek man all affi derail d ppl dem good good post. Unnu proceed mi nuh av nutten fi say, mi like pine to. :hammer

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ______________________ dung a grung resuscitation is needed… Still nuh know if a di right word dat but mi naw check Mi a use it a it come inna Mi head… Luv this comment… Needle eye Yuh why? Why? Lol oh jesus!

  8. This girl love local cocky doh, she nah follow behind Kerry sweets and Whore international bwahahaha. Or embassy turn her down numerous times. What’s going on Aneka? VISA a dash weh like dirt Enuh, try ur luck next year tho, embassy reach their mark for this year already.

  9. Lol it’s the worse thing when these hoes start tek ppl man and feel like their on the top of the world. Y trouble the girl if she’s not troubling u antsneika? U just in a everybody milk.

  10. Listen Aneka does not have the personality to make anybody wife her so she has to sleep around, ive seen her numerous times with multiple diff men in parties, u know the man a guh home guh fck her. To me it seems Mr Wong is letting off the most money, she may never even love him but trying her best to keep him. One thing I rate about Steppa is that she uses the money wisely, I would stack up and leave his nasty ass, heard couple yrs back that she was buying a house not sure how true it is.
    Memba Sanchi man cya fck her back cuz she guh start hang out wid this nasty bitch and guh follow her and guh fck pan the man (mi seh follow her cuz Aneka fck the man too), now she bruk back and a live hard life again. Anybody who is friends with her is a whore. Shamiele sell pussy, all when she deh wid Nino she a sell it. Money and social media mash up dem gyal yah head there is nooo returning.

  11. Big sadamite girl, waste girl, aneka from edith dalton james high sch days your a top prostitute girl u anit shit, questions you own a car yet? or house? land etc? no foolish girl, you need to upgrade yourself full-time now walk foot girl.cant you see your stuck acting like your on a higher level “Oh-plz” Trashy girl, has for you just a reminder you make them y’all bitches sell there body to feed you, what a life because I know facts them all 69 on you while in return you doing the same. get a career or a skill Edith dalton dunce P/students

  12. Uno nuh see ms needle eye gone pon Aneka page and comment bout “goodie” DWL. But she over here say she don’t like bareface matie kmt!

  13. This f**n ugly duckling i cnt stand how she think shez the shit.. she stop dp GoGo n still a sell pussy smh i hate her…….. Jus for the fact that she preys on young girls n let em do 3sums with her for rent money

    I heard some girls in loud fashion chattin her dunno how tru it is

  14. Mr. Wong love whores…..steppa nahbguh stop give bun cuz Brian say him nah married….d man say him av him baby madda n him girlfriend. And oh yes its a joy for him to spend on ladies he likes….

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