22 thoughts on “IS HOW ALKASLIME LOOK SO?

  1. look like wild fowl weh half boil nd leff fi dead inna wilderness…man guh drink some porridge for 1 years straight none stop,mi know everybody nah guh fat,thick or in-between but dis cute look half wake,half dead and half being.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak

      him have a look all to himself and it no good Ooo! lolol

      simplicity say half boil wild fowl and me can image say him may just smell same so! :ngakak

  2. When you deal wid darkness you can never look good. I would prefer meet Satan and him legions inna di dawkest alley Dan dis yute alone on a bright day.

  3. Back job as scarecrow almost kill mi
    @Simplicity him look like fowl fi true
    Oh gosh a must human hair him hve in synthetic hair no look like plastic agen O!

  4. On another note “Recording artiste Alkaline made his Billboard debut at Number One with his album New Level Unlocked.”

    This is the first time in five years that a dancehall artiste has topped the Billboard Reggae Album table.

    The last person to achieve this feat was Shaggy with his 2011 EP Summer in Kingston.

  5. What a set a dirty ass badmind people! Leave the youth alone, everyone has their bad day n him always skinny as f**k.

    Can asure u he’s making way more $$ than all u hating ass ppl.

    We never want to uplift each other or have something good to say. We Jamaicans always tearing each other down.

  6. how the eff is some crawwny fartis weh sing about ‘inna yuh throat gal’ uplifting anyone?

    eediat asskisser, you prob deh pon di payroll.

  7. as soon as ppl say anything bout these ‘celebrities’ yuh hear say we bad mind and them have more money than we. How does having more money put them above critique from us? u same one a chat ur poor bruk frenemies so if a Alkaline mi waan criticize and drag mi can goddamn dweet cause him nuh more than me. Also, fi some reason the bruk ppl dem always feel like everybody inna the same boat wid dem. Not everyone starving or a walk and nuh have a place fi call dem own. Some a we quite alright.

    1. weh dem need fi duh a check how him in general deal wid ppl,him believe him above who even guh hard for him jus wah day smaddy a seh yuh neva once see him out a show nuh kind of support…they don’t like to separate ntn de damn cute look disgusting from the synthetic hair dung tuh him shoes.

  8. Dwl, the truth hurts doesn’t it? if that was u checking me you have failed miserably. You know nothing about me as I know nothing about u please sit ur miserable ass down. Oh n keep on hating darling hopefully it will get u some where.

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