1. All 3 are very good looking people.
    Breezy fine, he know he’s fine…..I just hope he grows up and gets his mind right, make the switch kinda like T.I.
    **Riri, love the good girl gone allllll the way bad move! It definitely helped your career and up up your fashion cache.
    ***Rueche nice looking girl, just boring…..would like to see her stack her chips high before Breezy and Ri end up again with each other.

    1. Which wont happen.
      I mean i love RI but she cannot be taken seriously every high needs a low to balance things out Rihanna and chris brown doesnt belong together I wish people would throw it through the window already. :berduka
      Im so sick of the constant comparison between her and Rihanna regardless of whatever she is a very beautiful girl and she seems humble. Rihanna just finishing what Aaliyah started not known for her “Voice” per say but fashion and all that other crap. Which she does very well. :rate

  2. Honestly karoach gives me a basic chick vibe while Riri just up deh no Matta how much stylist that likkle girl get she just look basic unno memba har trip to JA she no never hab no WOW effect to har she aiight but Riri just scream WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  3. WICKED…. weh yu mean seh Riri and Chris nuh belongs togyadder? All junkie need a junkie partner. They are tailor made for each other….like Whitney and Bobby.

    1. And we all know what happened there WHITNEY = DEAD BOBBY BROWN – BROKE KID – CRACKHEAD AND DELUSIONAL …
      so i guess.
      @ tawkcheut i dont see whats basic about Kar she dresses very classy and not over done she not rihanna so she not gona dress like her .. Rihanna can be a bit of an attention seeker here & there I mean with all the dramatics where would she be right now ? right where she was before “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD” album “basic”! but to each his own .. I like rihanna but i think shes a puppet and she makes it obvious she cant control herself under pressure she doesnt need to respond to anyone but she always does lol they all young dumb and immature. Cant blame them illuminati tek dem from inna dem prime they dont know how to act.
      its a pity

  4. RiRi to the world a see sey beat den bad Karrueche is no comparison she in need of a lot yes she cute but as whey Met whey sey a nuh di looks a di look RIRI fashion tun right up

    1. Not the fashion…..Rueche missing appeal… appeal. Ri can throw one some pumps,a pair of jeans and a tank top (no Bra, with nipple rings) and it’s over, bishes D.O.S!!! (Dead on Sight)

  5. Karrueche pretty dat wi know but a just RiRi a boss b!tch Swaggg tun up island gal freak do wah di F#ck she feel like she just nah feel dark skin guys a wah??

  6. Unfair comparison, RIRI is a fashion icon she set trends and world a girls follow…..two totally different level…..bigup coochie she is a pretty girl….jus keep gettin thrown in di wrong league loll

  7. Riri is an industry whore who f**ked every rapper from Meek Mills to Drake…
    She’s ugly as f**k without make up too and her forehead is huge. Only Jamaicans care about basic chick crap – as if dressing good means good and happy relationship. I hate the downtown mentality lol.

  8. Diggers yuh need fi guh hug a porcupine. wah downtown people have fi do wid diss eediat? if yuh look pon RiRi and seh she ugly yuh need jesus. RiRi f**k who she want so wah only man fi do it? RiRI a boss …. hater

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