Due to How u Put up The gyol pic Say she a tek u man U should A shame **ch Bag u Face Cause U man Look Everybody fi a brown gyol me caa understand how u ugly suh Anuh Nobody Fault You Tongue Alone Caa Hole Him Cause Obviously U Nah Do Sumth Mek Him Run Road So Hard Girl U naked Like B****t Battle Bout Ya Put Up People Pic U Stay Real Man Fi A Freak u A suck An F***k Fi Nth Nice Clean Gyol Rennean Big Up U Bl*****t Self A Gyol Man Nuh Stop Run U Dung Sabrina go transform you body an come again and u a beat u keyboard cause u Caa beat nobody b***h bye


4 thoughts on “IS THAT THE MAN IN THE PIC??

  1. So Senda wah u a try seh once u brown u haffi be pretty?? U stink a shit like ten days cabbage wata . Do whole phuk’n lot a Unuh sick. :travel

    Forgive me God to start cuss do early. :angel

  2. Smdh..what’s with these dunce bats bout brown gal.You sound sad bad.There is no where on an application that gives one the option to identify with being a”brown gal”.Self hate is rampant.

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