Met this girl need counselling.I never seen something like this.You don’t care but yet you comment?She pick and choose her comments.She deleted what the girl said and acted like The girl deleted it
.And i get blocked and I didn’t even curse or disrespect her,because i said Bora Bora is a boring place ,it’s for honeymooners,or people who want to relax,not for pappyshow like you and Pusain.there is thousands of places wayyyy better than Bora Bora and way cheaper too,four seasons hotels are expensive but they look so cheap,because that’s what the old rich people want.What you know about burj al arab ,Ammatara pura pool villa,,Paris,Milano,Santorini,Barcelona,Singapore,Hong kong,Japan,Maldives, Seychelles,Galapagos,their is thousands of ,places that give you more than pool and beach,experience.You are an island girl,who paid more than 2 millions jamaican dollars for beach and pool?you are a fool.Anyway Kasi come block me here too if you bad.






  1. NO SAH!!! Why she a go so hard???? This is all uncalled for. It come wid di territory sweetheart and I’m sure you’ll get more of the backlash when u walking in these tough streets of Jamaica.
    U can give commenting a break tho cause ppl will always talk.

    1. The bigger question – WHY do you have time to police social media when you and your young virile man on vacay? The amount a cuddling, sexing, beach lazing, laughing, exploring, wine and food sampling me would be doing…social media would need fi send out APB fi find me.

  2. lmaooo this girl is so delusional. Pieces where bitch? If yuh had them like you claim you woulda fling dem pon IG long time because a yuh name Frighten Friday! Imagine how Usain diss yuh ina international media but yuh caan gi him nuh chat, only di people dem weh nuh ina yuh dutty livity. We tired a di two a unuh and unuh lame vacation! Mi neva see two people so annoying yet. Good day Met. Nothing nuh wrong wid cheap and clean but di way yuh hype we expect MORE Kasi.

  3. I would like to know what is kasi defending? nobody a tell lie pon har cause she has neva said so. all kasi doing is saying ppl grudge har. grudge u fi u epensive vacation from a man whe a treat you like dutty claat. really kasi????

    all u have fi sho from 3 1/2 yrs of sada bolt and guly bolt combine is a boring boring vacation an a suh u step up.

    gal get real..u give woman a bad name…no mine the germsy mout and the dutty buddy as long as u inna spotlite cause gully bolt naw gi u no tall money.. u woulda a wear expensive stuff or have a house an car outsa him

  4. Does she really sit and read all the comments? She entertains negativity just to be on top ? That is strange …. Well mi did a wonder how much Fi Di white frock and shi

  5. What a gal love tell people bout dem Madda…. Tings a reach har now. It bun har why she a respond. This miss piggy looking bitch. kasi u think you have class, you have none! If yu have class mi have school!


  7. What she is trying to say is she is higher than the rest…she is sophisticated, educated and in a higher class. Being materialistic is being on Instagram and showing off everything you do so others can assume you have a grandiose lifestyle. When she gets back I hope she walks us through her 28 room mansion take us on a tour of her cottage and her 200 acre farm and feature her 10 thoroughbred horses. Along with the helpers who took care of her from nursery to adolescence. Please don’t forget to show the old Mercedes the BMW and the 1978 Range Rover *

  8. DAMM ITS THIS SIMPLE . when u reach certain places and turn public figure ,you don’t follow social media . look at the great ones thats use to it … They concentrate on their happiness and leave us mean , screen bullies to talk all the shit we want while worrying about our cable and cell phone cutting off because the bill due. HONESTLY IF SHE FIGHTING SOCIAL MEDIA WARS she not ready….POOR THING i am rooting for u still love just like how i was rooting for the angel when she was whoring down the fraternity to get a footing .

  9. Kasi the #clapback post you looking to land on shaderoom, balleralert, etc so people can see you not coming!

    You’re only international doormat and no matter if you and Usain all married. They’ll always laugh at you!

    And the supposed big money pieces you have, you woulda flaunt them like them money woman deh pon instagram! It’s not even about being “humble”. But when you’re on a level things like that would be common to you. Not something to sound frighten over!

  10. Stupid comments. It’s a very beautiful place from what I can see. Kasi never paid to be there and most likely Usain never did also.
    Stop trying to tell people how to live their lives and stop tearing down Jamaicans at every chance.
    What is Kasi guilty of?

    We all forgive and stay in relationships. Stop attacking the woman.

  11. Now I know for sure she drop a few comments yasso as well. I could understand if people on her page a chat but she is every where and a do the most. Like she really really really come with Q&A???? Usain get fi him share to but not like Kasi Why? Because him not arguing with a soul…..the more she type is the more the real she a get exposed. She did a gwan like she innocent and sweet pon IG but we can all see who she really is so mek she continue type. A smaddy like SexyLexy she fi tag and attempt to clapback.

  12. This girl needs help. Prime example of an educated fool. Kmdt Metty, it may be time to stop posting about these boring, nah nuh class, stupid wannabes . Damn idiots dem.

  13. After seeing the video on her Twitter with bolt kicking her into the pool with the Sharks I now feel sorry for her, because is she repost it and clearly thought it was cute or shareworthy. THE MAN KICK HER PUSH HER INTO THE POOL WHEN SHE WASNT READY YET and she thinks that is cool.

    Seems she does not know what love should feel like, look like and act like so she thinks a kickout in the back into a pool with sharks is acceptable. She need to go back to the drawing board and reexamine her whole life if she thinks that is ordinary and ok (even just to share with no context)

    I am calling on Kasi aka (KICKOUT) Mammy and family members to sit her down, be frank with her but from a real heartfelt place, and let her cry it out.

    I suspected she clueless when I realised she never have no plan. I myself have never been with a rich man but I know that once u in certain circles and cross certain thresholds men o similar status will see you and start to eyes you. Kasi, u did bus, u coulda did get a next Rich man low key or popular and still reap the sweet life but you are doing nothing but being Usains doormat. I’m not against open relationships, but girl, if you found out like we did with pics online it’s not open, he is taking advantage of u. Now if he sent u pics like “look at the b mi just dun grind off” or “baby u think she look good, u think me fe go Deh” then is another thing that. Also according to the news article the Brazilian b was totally unaware of you, another no no of open relationship, all Girls dat a come get a piece muat know bout queen at home. But Kasi u miss the plot and there is no coming back with u and Usain. That’s dead mama, but other rich man will still take u up. u should have Mek him cancel the trip or at least play Lilly hard to get, he would have respected u more and u would have had the car in the garage now or the downpayment on the plot of land a country all at your command. But you took the lame ass trip to Bora Bora (oonu leave the hotel btw? A same so we hate the tourist wah say they’ve been to Jamaica but never left the hotel grounds, real never see come see oonu be. Seasoned traveller nuh stuck inna resort a bumboclat). A sorry me sorry for Kasi, she should have call it a loss and post up some throw words quotes and inspirational quotes to keep active until the new set of rich man dem start pressure her dm’s. Me and her a same age, me ever have some broke pocket man and me no have no LLB degree or management masters but Kasi girl, you lose this one. U can’t bow out gracefully anymore but u can still bow out and make those who are trying not to dislike feel justified.

    And to all those asking why we care and stay out of ppl business, 2 points:
    1) she is and has been putting it out there for it to be judged and picked apart
    2) as women we firstly want best for each other With bad relationships. So when we see a bitch just a get wrang bang over and over cause she never study for the test even with the amount of times she got to resit, that natural inclination to cheer on a woman who has gotten out of an oppressive situation turns into utter disgust.

    Kasi body good but her mind is still that of a teenaged girl. #KICKOUT

  14. Why you guys so worried though??! You say she is an attention whore & you giving her attention!!She is whore,she is dumb,no degree, etc.How is what she doing hurting you? Is it stopping you from paying your bills? If she is gold digger is it your money? Personally i would not have stayed with him but that is me!Neither would i worry about what heifers that call me names as NONE of you know my heart.When i come from hols that may be another thing! But how you expect to tell her what to past on HER social media.
    As im sure Matey will say its her blog etc but its sad to me that without Kasi will there be nothing to gossip about!Everyday so?!
    Look life too short!To waste my time day in day out trying to tear down Kasi or further highlight her failings no please!Have fun ladies! Kmft

  15. Kasi is clearly a gold digger, obviously, but what makes Kasi and Usains set up (which is mostly a one-sided open relationship) any different from a lot of couples in Jamaica? A large number of couples in Jamaica are into open relationships, where cheating is hackneyed and most people don’t even aspire to remain monogamous, so this isn’t anything new. A lot of you bytches are having threesomes with bums who don’t even know what the inside of a bank looks like, but if Kasi does it with the biggest name currently in Jamaica, people can’t even fathom her reasoning for doing so. Don’t get me wrong whoredom is whoredom and I’m not giving Kasi a pass for being a gold-digging bytch, but it’s atleast logical and realistic for her to be more tolerant towards a multi-millionaire treating her like a groupie than some average Joe. Anybody who’s on their little moral soap-box who’s talking shyt saying she’s a fool for staying with him after he cheated on her so publicly, I’m sure would react in the same brazen way if they were in her shoes, so cut the B.S.. As long as you have shallow, moral less people with zero integrity or dignity, who worship money/popularity/materialism you will always have relationships like Usains and Kasi. Sadly those types of people are pretty common to the point they’re cliched in the island of Jamaica.

    Bora Bora is an exotic location, but I suspect most of you people can’t go to a location and enjoy yourself unless the most licentious dancehall tunes are blasting from every corner of the location and the weed smoke is clouding every square inch of breathable air. If it doesn’t resemble a dance to some capacity then most of you unexposed ignorams can’t enjoy yourself. Some people find enjoyment in tranquility, solace and isolation which is the essence of the appeal of Bora-Bora.

    At first I figured these threads were aimed at bashing the polygamous mentaility that the men of Jamaica typically embrace and the women typically tolerate; which made me rejoice and applaud that my country is finally seeing the phuckery and backwardness in a lot of lifestyle choices that are hackneyed in the island. However it now just seems like this thread is a long line of Usain bolts ex-groupies and girls jealous of Kasi who are riddling these post with pure negative energy. If you ever gave your number to a man for any shallow reason then you’re no better than Kasi. Let them enjoy their life at the end of the day, it’s theirs…. Peace

  16. Yow!!unno have a real obsession with the girl!!! There is a new story everyday. There is no way you can hate someone so much yet spend so much time writing dissertations. Leave the woman alone and concentrate pon unno own life. cho

    1. and yuh deh ova here a look so how di f*** u betta! Unu idolize di whoring gyal! If u f** two bredda maybe u can get one a dem money man out deh too enuh lol. F** off!

    2. I don’t think the bloggers hate Kasi. The site is call Jamaican matey and groupie and unfortunatey the young lady choose to be one or the other or at the least she behaves like both . The truth is the whole situation is sad and that why there is so much comments. A cursory glance of the comments from these post speaks to doing what a good parent, caring family member or a best friend should do for Kasi – that is help her to wake up. Some may not say it as gentle as most would want to be told. But this Kasi, who is also a Jamaican and know how it roll.

      Even if you’re not concern the way bolt fling kiss and D is terrible. I sense they are concern, even if she is not. Remember she is not Cookie. Cookie was married when she found out Magic had the package. It was cheaper to keep her than divorce. Bolt have no obligations to her. Bolt will more than be alright. He has evolved parents, sibling etc. Lets not mentiom he has money and the connections to world class doctors because every one knows this. On the other hand this young girl have no backup plan except to be treated as his rag that would like to one day move up to What? Hand towel. Married to Bolt dont look like a move up for Kasi. Look how he disrespects her. Take a look at how he treats her even on a vacation, even after all he has done. He should be catering to her. She is the one who should be getting oiled down, he should be rowing not her. My husband while dating and after even when he is vex would never do the things that Bolt do to Kasi. A man who love you and confident always wants his woman to shine. By the way I wouldn’t know about all the bad treatment she gets if she didn’t posts everything. Finally if a man love you and his his money is tall (I speak from experience) he only wants you to have the best because he has the best. Why is she even talking about 3 dollar makeup. You know what separates the 3 dollars ones from the 100+ dollar ones? The quality of the product, including lead. Good luck to Kasi but if you’re a friend then you shouldn’t defend Kasi. Instead tell her to care for herself better or allow the ones who choose to do it continue.

  17. The sender badmind!!! Uno jus need to give up and leave the girl make she live HER life.OTHERS wudnt have done what she did but thats her biznes. Bullying the girl wont let her leave her man.first dem say bolt lef its proven that they still going strong n ppl still have something to say. Bora bora is for the rich and the famous.dont suggest where they cud have gone cuz ur opinion doesnt even matter.mayb if uno leave the girl alone and jus like n move on then she wont have to defending herself.and what’s worst is ppl will cus her to the dogs and once she put them in her place shes a buttu. Smh

  18. Seems like kasi n usain is the gas for this get stale now.most a dem weh a make bad comments n a send in story get a one f**k from usain and vex wid kasi cuz she past england and brazil n reach a bora bora.99% of yall on here can on dream of going to bora bora with usain.and yall stay bullying her n vex wen she ansa uno. Give her a break now man.

    1. Yes, this is a labrish site. People air their views. I have no problem airing mine although I am a team Kasi fan to a certain extent and have been called out as being her or her friend. I say my piece and keep stepping. I don’t always agree with much of what people are saying and I think Kasi comes in for way too much attacks but hey that’s life. I’m sure she doesn’t care either way. Cancerian women are bulletproof. They act weak but back them in a corner and they fight like mad aka. Princess Diana. As a water sign, she is perfectly suited to Usain’s earth sign of Virgo, going off topic !!! LOL!

  19. Some of you bitches are dumb . How u fe come pan a mix up page and waan pick and choose what u have had enough of ? SHUT THE F**K UP and stop follow . Take your own advice

  20. Met I asked her about Sadiki from one one of my fake page I made and she said I must not believe in fake rumours I nearly dead how she lie I’m her friend that she confessed to lol then hear me nuh I’m sorry hun the girl say I must not be sorry and it’s ok n all I nearly dead cas poor she nuh kno who I am she so fool and lie I can’t deal I think I sent u the convo

  21. Kasii is looking attention I see dailymail and the other media outlets ain’t f**g with them so she lashing out on people’s opinion or comments lol. They wanted a lot of media that’s why Usain put up
    the pic saying ”And so it begins’ they were expecting a media frenzy but the one night stands Usain had in Brazil and London got a lot more coverage than Kasi. The media sence that Kasi is a attention seeking media whore so they don’t f**k with her lol. Everything die down Kasi didn’t get the A- list treatment she wanted form TMZ not even Enews cover them. Poor thing they had to post the whole trip hoping media take out would find them lmaoooooo

  22. Every single day them bash the girl but when she answer back is a problem ? Met them get stale now me tired fi a come ova yah fi fass everyday & its about kasi & bolt .. Why them so obsessed with the gyal & har man life damn

    1. Why is she obsessed with what we think? Many replies are not from her instagram they’re from other instagrams where she searched her for her name to see what people are writing about her and she went off on someone else’s instagram page when she didn’t like the comment.

      She should be thanking Met because Met is the only one giving her any shine. Shaderoom,Famolouscent,& Baller Alert are ignoring her and they make it a point to cover the most irrelevant people for irrelevant actions, like Bow Wow and Erica Mena or Bow Wow’s baby motha and whoever. Bolt must be ignoring her too until he’s ready snap chat since she has so much time to spend on social media.

  23. @Originnal you are one wicked f**k. If you watch the snap good you will see they were being playful when he used his feet to push her in the water. Bwoy, unnu is one miserable set of lowlives that do not have anything aboit you all. I guess you and your man/husband do not play around with each other but then again you wouldn’t know because the piece of man Paula weh you have cannot even make one. Everyday unnu get up and just deh pon di couple name suh my Goodness. Unnu a fass in a Kasi life and go see some of unnu daughters busy whoring down place and no rass man fi own dem up. Do better people as women we need to uplift and empower each other not tearing down each other. Damn get a life and get away from the computers and go out enjoy life and stop tearing down this girl. F***g crab inna barrel mentality unnu fi fraid of.

    1. KMFT what the f**k is your problem. You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife anno we tell Kasi fi f**k dung Jamaica is not a secret. Get the f**k out of here with your f**y.

    2. But how is it fassing when dem put it out there for everybody to see? :cool :salahkamar

      Ah u fass come ova here fi tell people dem fass lol :travel

  24. To all who say we fi come off dem name, why the mumma red uuno over here ? Unno no tired fi post the same thing ? Why uuno no go over the international gossip sites and tell dem dat and den come back and tell we if it work ?

    This is a bbc gossip site, uuno a try tek on met ? U no see met site gone international? More new meters everyday, uuno need fi go walk out inna mid day traffic… Kmt

  25. Suh why unnu busy watching the girl pussy suh fah?? Do you all know for a fact that she busy f**g dung the whole of Jamaica??? How much man done run through unnu?? Some of unnu a chat and unnu full of mileage like what but have nerves to sit down on the computer a gwaan like unnu whoring selves and unnu done out daughters are f**g virgin Marys. Again as women strive to uplift and empower each other you all are a disgrace.

  26. I don’t see why they attacking har, nuff a you man a sleep with everybody and y’all still with them. Nuff a you a take the bulshit and not even getting a trip to the mall muchless a vacation anywhere. Don’t tell the woman where she should go its her life, if she never been there before its a new experience for her. All who talking bout where and where she should have went, have any of you been there? No! Lowe the woman let her live damn…..just pray daddy don’t make few dollars more than usain so she can tek the daddy to (pssssst Usain keep her away from the rest a men in ur family wink)

  27. Kasi yuh annoy the shit outta mi. You need some personality thou maa. I was rooting for u and all but afta mi watch uuh snap dem yuh disappoint mi. You corny AF. You need summen man likkle umph. And you starting to look tranny bae. Whats up with that. Lay off the gym alittle.And the replying to ppl while you on vacation. Now that’s shows how bored u are. Come home sweets. If u continue like this u gonna burn out. Your not made for this life . You need a regular guy with a regular life cuz yuh behavior is just plain regular. Omg. Don Perrieon (sp) sheesh stooooooop plzz Kasi. Give while u can or u will just be remembered as the girl who us son took to Bora Bora and advertised her bun for the whole trip. You mad corny and regular. And maybe you would have made a great girlfriend if u just had some personlality. Girl bye

  28. You have pieces that would make her mother trade her but you still don’t own a piece of property..You need to trade a damn piece for yourself..Kasi don’t try yourself hunny your on a sponsored trip you couldn’t even get the man to pay a dime on that so call vacation.. yes people is a sponsored trip him get for his wonderful Olympics performance that she’s wasn’t even invited to accommodate him on.. Kasi don’t tell nobody to google anything you know deep down the man not giving you the time of the day unless him want a threesome or more.. Come talk about his family not accepting you because you was f***g sadiki before while he had a girl.. Best head Kasi you’re nothing but a best damn head/ threesome recruiter.. Waiting to see the car you was counting down for and the store that he promise and please if you achieve them make damn sure he put it in your name and your name alone and it’s fully paid for cause we both know bolt a trickster when you leave you have to leave everything he gave you too.. Now come answer me so I could kill you with more facts best head!!

  29. One thing I have to say: I would not be on my nice, expensive vacation watching social media like a hawk and replying to loose talk…no way….

  30. So why is Kasi fighting these battles on her own though? like seriously she does know that all this situation needs are some strong words from Bolt in her defense right? This girl claims she’s educated but it seems to me like the real part of the education miss har. Kasi you dont just go to University to write down the information you see in a book, those things get you a degree but it doesnt separate you from the rest if you, in the process of getting an education dont learn how to seriously reason out real life situations. And if you reading this Kasi let me say this, I dont envy you for your looks or body or even the fact that you’re with Usain, I’m flipping pissed at the fact that U’ve shamed all those women who’ve fought really hard for women to go to school, to be seen as an equal to a man. Its women like you who allow women like us to be seen as nothing but pretty faces in the work place and that we NEEEED a rich man to make something of oursleves. And as for you Mr.Bolt Im soo disappointed you’ve always talked about the respect you have for women, where is it now? Didnt you say in your interview that you wouldnt ever disrespect someone the way you’ve done over the past month? Mr. Bolt you are a legend and you can influence so much change, why settle with being a promiscuous guy though?

    1. The only thing Usain has responded to are the engagement rumors when he had his agent promptly shut them down.

      If you were Usain how would you treat Kasi, after seeing how she is and knowing everything you know? Is she someone you would treat with respect?

      1. If I was a real man and the man I would want Usain to be, If I come in contact with a girl who’s character can be questioned I would not be with her. We all looking at Kasi but what happen to Bolt, he has a responsibility to be a good person to you know.. At first I was all on Kasi but Usain has to share the bad name, He’s a talented young man but thats just it and I hope thats all he’s seen as. He should be stripped of any honorable title he has gotten caz there’s nothing honorable about him. #CALLMIBADMINE I really dont care our generation love praise shitty things too much and honestly, this is why back in the days certain things where not made available to poor people, some us just cant seem to handle it.

    2. I agree Kasi is a total embarrassment to women, we fought for so long to have equality, and she acting like a random street walker.

      To be honest if I was Usain I would treat all my women with respect, if I couldn’t respect someone I couldn’t be with them simple and if I’m doing threesomes or whatever I would be very discreet.

    1. She’s pretty and her body is totally on point too. Everyone has called into question her personality and even her state of mind but sorry her looks are not debatable. She’s pretty.

      1. She is pretty. I’m only surprised at the people calling her gorgeous. Shes pretty/cute with a nice smile.

        Snapchat reveals how regular she is however. She has a broad face and that brings her down looks wise. She also has lines in her face and she does this weird twist thing with her mouth when she’s speaking or laughing. Her skin is flawless though. And her body is great.

        I think a lot of people are color struck and frighten for her complexion. Because she looks like any common woman, and there are way prettier women in Jamaica. Rebecca Silvera is one and so is Taneish Simpson (bolt ex)

  31. Yall talk shit like its facts the girl been counting down September since may and its a sponsorship trip??? Come on now….he can afford it! Me raas man uno make things look so hard.they wudnt hav knwn about the trip til after Olympics and she a count down long before jus cyan make black ppl live

  32. The name of the site is Jamaican Matey and Groupie.

    Kasi is a “Jamaican”
    Kasi is a “Matey”
    Kasi is a “Groupie”

    Like a CV, she ticks all the boxes to be featured here however many times Met sees Fit!

    Can’t stand these comment blockers unnuh fi GWEH! …

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