Suh it is offical seh Shamiele Singh guh a New York guh shoplift & get lock up We a get proof left right & center suh u couldn’t mek Bag White buy u sum clothes see har file ya di video upload earlier todeh dis a more information if unuh wah guh look fi unuh self Gwan di gal weh name @iamskye__ weh shi & har stop deal di one weh put out Shameless wi a search fi she from day 1 name D.o.b everyting fi har records clean Tpc sah but wi finally get di Truth pan miss Shameless yuh visa cancel yah now Betta guh chillax cuz u deh dung ya a tek ppl man aready new tea to spill u a gi ppl tings fi Chat gal


  1. A new breed a teef dis… she nuh care none….nuh leff yuh tings careless a swear.

  2. Sender you really have time a search fi people to find out if dem thief. You really have a lot of time on your hands. If something post, i’ll read but to google someone info, that’s a bit obsessive. Whomever live here already know this girl was with a professional thief. Whether it was Skye or someone else. That person got away. My instincts tell me it was Skye and it was Skye who post her on Pink wall.

  3. You mean in Donald Trump america you really come shoplift hope you know they are going to take away your visa if your found guilt. Smh

  4. Imagine that Skye girl was unknown n nobody don’t care abt har, n she gone friend shamiele. Guess she did want in the hype to, well baby girl u got what u wanted, u r now a laughing stock of society..congrats.. Show me ur company n I tell u who u r…so you a must thief to.

  5. Nobody can tell me any different
    Skye did have court date too that’s why
    She was at court to take pic of shamiele on the list
    Look here a wa do skye ??? Bitch not even u no have
    No papers a get wid u thieving self!

    A so ppl have time to waste that they know the exact date shamiele
    Had the court date to go all the way down a brooklyn bridge dung a court house go take pic a list girl bye it’s you skye and u was thieving two !

    Shamiele ur visa cancel u fck u Nuh have no more foreign a come

  6. LMAO, somebody really dont like Shamiele

    the above information is FALSE !! (as far as whats being presented to us)

    anyone can search webcrims (where that screenshot is from) , heres the link :

    if you search by the name and case # above, it says ” No cases found ”

    took it a step further to search by NYSID # and it also said “13263249P IS AN INVALID NYSID NUMBER – PLEASE TRY AGAIN”

    heres the link :

    i’m not saying she not a theif but this PHOTOSHOP fkry gotta stop lol

    1. There is no Photoshop. It is now March 8th. If you searched yesterday or prior, it would have been there. All of the cases on the website show today’s date and onward.

    2. Come in like yuh nuh see the video within the court house and her name on the paper…ain’t nobody got time for photoshop

  7. @ i got time today, guess you didnt see the video of the document that was posted yesterday on the wall.

  8. Skye dun have har clothes fo har store weh the same gal Shamiele wear out, Shamiele did a plan fi open store dats why she guh theif believe it or not Skye life kinna comfy cuz she live wid her man, she even said When Shamiele was staying with her she was getting money from someone and Shamiele dont give her a cent, she jus a live and we all know anuh suh it guh wid American people. Anonymous 10:09 u are right Skye name neva use to known till Shamiele guh stay wid her and even when dem a rinse out the girl name Shamiele dont do ntn fi defend her fren, dats why Skye lick head wid Aneka cuz before Shamiele lef Jamaica she did a kotch wid Aneka and thief the girl money weh she put down fi her son get him braces she all thief the girl driver’s license. From the incident happen people a New York know and know the exact date a the court it did jus tek a while fi Jamaicans believe, I dont feel sorry for her and I never will, u nuh wah hear when dem gyal yah a scorn an a talk down to people.

    1. Aneka is a next worthless piece a shit, rent furnished apartment and a save money for her son’s braces please the amount a money she spend up a Rapunzel pon hair and up a Nish collections she must pay fi di braces in full. worthless and Shamiele should a thief out har eye and har pussy. love ppl a har yard too much. She can accomodate whores and harlots and cannot accommodate her dam pickney fi a good two months. the whole a dem wanna put in a barrel and roll down a dam hill

  9. Everybody wah know Shamiele know a getto she come from and she dont have it, live within u means, dis gyal sell pussy till she weak, orgy woulda kill it, jus suh she can buy pretty clothes and makeup. And it is all in vain cuz people tired fi she trust from dem and dodge dem suh now she resort to thiefing, if she nuh fix up a straight a prison she aguh end up jus watch. The gyal wah open store and before she save up she spen up the money thwn guh thief fi it. See thats why u should stay in school and get an education cuz shit like this is what u end up with.

  10. For some reason I don’t believe this is Shamiele’s first offence. Is just the first time she got caught. Mi nuh sure how she plan fi mek life but the way she moving it can’t be uphill, this look more downhill to me. Nino fi glad seh dem lef cause dis wouldn’t look good fi what’s left of his image. Shamiele girl yuh pretty pon di outside but inside yuh dutty nuh rassssss. If you tief nutten fi me, i woulda find yuh and bruk yuh rass finger dem!!! Glad like yuh a wickedddddd

    1. your right Memba Aneka is her teacher, unnu figet the night the man nearly beat out Aneka rass fi try pick him pocket a taboo. Birds of a feather flock together. Why didnt Aneka report Shamiele when she so called stole her money…..unnu eva see smoke widdout fire ????
      Weh Aneka get the money from, these instagram thots need to just chill and stop wid the hype

  11. I dont know why ppl follow these girls on ig you all mAke them feel important all them do a full them face a makeup everyday and dress up non ambitious worthless THIEFING birds smh them is nobody!!

  12. Heard she is in NY nuh spot Ar yet but if it wasn’t true she wouldn’t board the first flight up Monday morning that’s too much of a coincidence

  13. A wol eep a Jamaican gal deh a foreign dis ya mixup a surface good while now a long time ppl a hear bout har court date suh anybody could a guh up a di court guh look ppl a sehh dem did wah guh see if she did deh deh cuz a she dem did wah video but dem neva si har suh dem look fi har name Fi si if a true & dem see it suh dem video it a nuff gal deh a foreign weh love di foolishness & will do dem tings deh same ppl dem weh a point fingaz & a call name a Unuh same one did a sehh ntn neva guh suh until it cum out

  14. Unuh a done di poor gal skye even doh a she put har self inna a batty ole but di gal Talk & seh she neva know sehh Shamiele deh a New York until Shamiele DM har and ask har weh she deh & a suh dem Link Up & fi gal mussi did have a extra room weh she stay inna suh ntn more dan Shamiele did a look sum weh fi guh wreck suh she Link Up wid di girl plus shamless did a stay wid a different gal before she guh a skye yaad Shamiele all inna di gal house a Chat di gal pan phone wid har Fren dem weh deh a New York di same gal dem weh she a Chat di gal wid pan di phone neva want har a dem yaad dem nuh stop Ditch har she all a Chat di gal a seh she and di gal cah get along and she inna di gal good good house a sorry skye sorry fi har and mek she stay cuz she neva have nuh weh fi guh dats y she run guh LA to Bag White Shameless a teef long time if she can teef Aneka scotia card , Money & license smaddy weh she call best Fren mi nuh see who she nah teef frm cooyah

  15. I am extremely confused as to why yall so bothered by instagram girls. Yall mad that they wake up, dress up, pay ppl fi do dem face and party. How it affect unuh so. Unuh a live the best life eeh. Half of u bitches get stolen phone from farrin, unuh family buy from boosters , unuh man a beat unuh and bun out unuh rass, f**k and nah get nuh money. F**k and nuh married. How the f**k unuh deh tab a judge rass ppl. Unuh serious. Yall so happy to put people down ehh. Unuh baty guh twep. Unuh man dem weh a scam ppl talk bout dat. Some a unuh deh eid bad man. Talk bout dat. Skye is no better than shamiele. Sky teef ppl money and start store. Aneka just mad shamiele have visa cah these bitches like one up on each other so dhd and skye team up. Everyday unuh live pon di gal name. And she deh farrin now soooooooooooooo which visa cancel. Unuh sad. Likkle misdemeanor case with a fine. She still ago get nuff like dress upand party. Since the incident dat nuh change. Unuh sadder than her cause this is just pure hating.

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