Hi Met,
There is an internet bully at large. We ask for the public’s assistance in locating the person of interest, who is believed to have made the below posts under the pseudonym “Miguel Collins”. The suspect, as photographed below, known as Anika Williams, goes by the name ”Big Foot”. She is psycho baby madda of the artiste Sizzla Kalonji. It is recommended that you not approach this individual, as she is described as having a rotten, dutty, stinkin’ attitude; looks wild in the face and frothing at the mout. She’s quick with the keyboard strokes and spends her time harassing fans via the artiste’s Facebook page; often private messaging individuals to ask (what) their relationship is to the artiste. We ask for the public to be on high alert and anyone who knows her whereabouts are asked to call the Jamaica Constabulary Police Force – August Town.




      1. So if she wrote the post that means her baby father gave her access to her page.. And if she is really mentally I’ll and he still sleeps with her and let her argue with ppl on his page he obviously likes it.. Cause me what know if she nuh have no work fi a log in a sizzla page and a email everybody she nah nothing fi do? But me no sorry fi none a dem artist deh because a dem put themselves in that type of situation. A the man dem fi cuss

  1. Couldn’t his publicist a write dem bag a crap ya smh.what she mean by “DECIST”?HOW on God’s green earth can it be libelous action if smaddie want liase with another over sizzla??who a commit the libel?

    Bwoi if someone gonna misrepresent mi the least mi ask is that you nuh so frigging dunce. Look like the wall a guh extra nice tiday…but mi gone do the ppl dem work ya mon smh!

  2. Ok so a di bby mada fire the publicist? Because the publicist was surprised because she did not have any problems with sizzla…. so is a skettle a run di bobo business?

  3. Met… about how much baby mother sizzla him one have?
    Met sizzla look everything that wear skirt. She can’t keep track a him…

      1. Shelly Ann put out statement she’s expecting. Elaine sends congrats and cant wait to be called Aunty Elaine
        Perfect time to start a family and step away ShellyAnn

  4. I know Aneka she disgusting n love bully people, she is a stalker fi real n diss sizzla fans Das no lie right there. She pathetic Damm fool. I want smaddy beat har cloth n teach her a lesson, Damm disgusting n stinking attitude girl. Awful is a understatement.

  5. Interesting. But unfair to Sizzla

    How can Sizzla control all his baby madas? He has 5 kids with 3 baby madas known.

    Why doesn’t he marry her Anika? Clearly that is what she is looking for desperately. That’s why she bully.

    1. She should get a proper thrashing from a fan and his pocket should suffer the consequences.

      When me a grow up me neva learn say salt a de earth Rass go down church aisle. Do any gal a wait fi dem rass de married dem dem can gwan wait :ngakak

    2. 5 kids try more like 10 and what she look for he will not get. rasta married were leave his riches to her that in no shape or form help him get to were he is hell no. you think she deserve his riches do yo think she would share with the other children’s mothers or how about her friend from digicel who breed from him before her . She need to get a life and sit her ass down some place better yet go look work or something

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