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Dancehall fashion enigma Gary Sherlock of Sherlock Family is distancing himself from former group member Shizzle Sherlock after the popular dancehall personality wore what appeared to be a female dress to a popular dancehall session.

According to Gary Sherlock, who started the fashion group, he endorses the controversial fashion trend which was made popular by American rapper Kanye West, however, Shizzle Sherlock went overboard because he wore pink and his attire looked too feminine.

“It’s a new fashion trend the dude (Shizzle Sherlock) that was wearing it is not a part of Sherlock Family anymore and I wouldn’t wear that. It should not have been that long straight to his foot. I don’t even like the whole thing because it is pink as well. That is a dress, a lady’s Sunday dress and it’s not because we are not friends again,” he said.

Gary Sherlock says he has dabbled with the fashion trend himself, but that he knows how to coordinate his attire so that it maintains a sense of masculinity.

“It needs a blazer over it because you have to show that it is a man thing. I am a trend-setter, but that gone overboard, that is a female dress. A we first draw for dah fashion deh after Kanye come een with it. But wi add our twist to it,” Gary Sherlock said.

Popular dancer John Hype also commented on Shizzle’s outfit, saying that males and females should not be wearing the same clothing.

“A woman wear dress. A pants mi wear and mi nuh mek fashion and style wear me, a me wear style and fashion. Americans can do certain things and get away with it, but around this side it’s a different law,” John Hype said.

On the international scene, Kanye West has been receiving just as much flack from rap veterans who feel that the Yeezus rapper is pushing the boundaries of fashion too far.


  1. Put ah fukin blazer pon it.nooooo dnt wear it.mi keep on ah c sum style ah dressin and ah wonda y them ppl feel so comfortably inna ah di clown clothes.stop hype off ah America same ting ah mash up nice Jamaica

  2. mek Gary gwaan and stop style the youth cause him wear it to, him just a use sikes fi dis shizzle in a public manner when the whole a dem a clown.

  3. Gary full a shit like crab back bout wear blazer yea him wear blazer with a big ole flowers brooch pon it so how u better than the guy di 2 a unnu a get fuxx by man so the two a unnu a germs

  4. Umm is this the same negro wah always a wear di black “nail polish” and a call smaddy else feminine…and even though u may think u be coordinating the skirts u have been wearing to make it look more masculine…you also have failed so I suggest u take two seats.

    1. I dont think dem talk to no gary because Gary is here a party and dont talk like that..also he was wearing along red one without a jacket ….but what i want to know if star have a special journalist assigned to JMG??

      1. So met Star ah get dem knowins fram JMG, me nuh get it?
        U doe blieve the article is original, I’m missing your train of thought?

          1. Yup! They infiltrate your circle, den gather information…..yep I said it!!

            U c story come to bump!

          2. star always do it dem did stop whey day but dem start again…………..but when dem do it mi know jmg is shottin :ngakak

        1. Londy a someone send in shizzle picture last week and mi put it up…….n dem go do follow up story like me and dem a work togedda

          1. Lol! U nuh c say u ah lead! But u right, “one ah dem” mussi ah log on regula!!!!? And, your leads must b reputable, bcaw dem follow it up, u go gurl!

  5. Bad mind get di best a dem!! Lowe di man a Tru him thing a shot unu a try stop di yute career kmt john hype ur career done already so Gwan live off a Bennie man and shut up. One thing mi hate bout Jamaicans we don’t like Fi see a next man a strive or a do better than us smdh, all a we no tek up America’s fashion and it’s not our cultural style ? so Y Gary wore di same thing and a done shizzle Tru him wear it different kmt Gary f**k off….. Gwan Tru yah shizzle n mek di haters dem talk!!!!!!

  6. met shizzle a tek the women clothes fi him daily dressing and it look like he ain’t turning back cause him like how the whole ting feel.

  7. This is ridiculous! A pink dress?!?!?!? Kanye looked stupid AND suspect & now Gary & Shizzle LOOK EXTRA STUPID & SUSPECT!!!

  8. gary gwan u hand dem bun up like gwey :dp both u and sizzle look stupid inna the woman dress dam ediot :malu tell me where is the fashion in that

  9. but ere john weh fava dobo di clown when em ready n gary guh fix yuh han dem befor yuh try style ppl yuh fava dogshiit

  10. Mek Gary guh su@k ‘im mumma…..choo Shizzle giim bun an nuh tun back afta di beaten, him a come distance himself. Gary, yu a battyman juss like Shizzle. Yu regular inna yu skirt and dress…..guh one side bout your dress look betta wid jacket…..lololol….eeediat.

  11. Mek gary move him nasty self a him fuss start wear woman clothes and shizzle bruk lock start follow.The sherlock crew dem friend ppl fi things.look pon gary him a wear nail polish whey that tell u big batty fish dem

  12. Listen to DL BATTYMAN gary,,him should of worn a blazer over it and that makes it what Gary?,,not girl?Who really cares anymore about the SHERLOCKS,,,dry up and make no sense.

    gary wore lots of girl cloths so what the hell his talking for,,, they should be happy for JMG because without it who would know them.

  13. hmm the amount of kiling and murders that go in JA and the injustice that is done dont you think people would have more to worry about that Shizzle !!!!!!!!!! to show you how small minded jamacians are who gives a f**k what he wants to wear after hes not begging you a dollar nor a dime lowe the youth its nobodys business but his own thatst jamacians for you if it was foregin no one wouldnt give a shit we aint got time fot that

  14. gary get a life. Shizzle dont need u. him a do him ting and doing it well. England today Canada tomorrow.
    ppl this is how him mek hm money. gary go drink bleech.
    laaf affa dem Shizzle baby soon born and nuff tings a gwaan.
    beat dem baaaaaaddddd

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