Man demands $120 maintenance from ex-wife

A BULAWAYO man last week dragged his ex-wife to court demanding $120 maintenance per month to help with the upkeep of their children who are still of school-going age.

Manfred Madzi, of Number 66 Emakhandeni, demanded the support from former wife, Ellen Bonda, who has since remarried, accusing her of neglecting her duties as a parent.

Madzi said the cash would help cover school fees, uniforms, stationery, water and electricity, clothes, medical expenses, rent and groceries among other expenses for the two children who are aged 10 and 16 years.

For her part, Bonda said she had no qualms with the principle of the matter but thought the sum demanded rather extortionate.

“Even if I divorced him and married another man, I will pay him $20 per month because he is the one who has the custody of the children; I am offering $20 per month for my two children,” Bonda told a hearing before magistrate Bulawayo Victor Mpofu.

The court however, told Bonda to double the sum she had offered when ruling on the case.

“By order of this court the respondent is to pay $40 per month starting on 31 October for the upkeep of the two children until they are 18 years old,” said the magistrate.

The court heard Madzi is employed by a local printing firm and earns $420 per month while his ex-wife, who now lives in Fourwinds, earns $100 at a city firm.

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