44 thoughts on “IS WHICH LALA DIS?

  1. she is overdose and confidence OMG really girl you came out of your house like that OMG you don’t have any real friends if you were my friend i would say nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Oh Jesus take the whole car dwfl wat is this a witch man a tell lala wrong him definitely need a prison you lala but it’s not a good look..

  3. Under she tunnel very dark come on why disgrace your self like that just for attention???? You that desperate to find a man ? ??? . There’s a lot big woman like you can find a a decent different from dancehall men . Shame you lala you desperate very bad & over loaded with self esteem you look like trash . Certain flaws must be covered .

    1. IDK but I do know DENISE weh run Spicy Mango an ar a big fren an Denise always a workout fe stay in shape an not one day she tek Lala pon di traks wid ar SMHHH

  4. These ladies need to stop it , it really don’t look good and they have some strong self esteem N points to prove . For someone who look like that really need to cover up . And the fake friends on their page gassing them up having them feel like it’s a good look .

  5. A WAYNE FORTIS attention she a seek . Because the boy a sleep with a lot of other woman and nah pay her no attention . So she’s going all out X rated and shit .

  6. She went to a swimsuit party affair what should she have worn a wedding dress?!?! she do have a cover up over it suh mi nuh get it…

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

    1. Come on Simplicity, she could have worn a 1-piece. When you know your body type, dress accordingly. Lala no usually dress so so a wha she a try prove? Seh she meaty?

      1. Again she had on a cover up… the one piece would have shown her fat just the same is not a thong she’s in, it actually high waist undies …..mi nah drag lala pon dis one

  7. Are you kidding cover up & leg open so :ultah :nohope come on when woman cover they wrap the cover around them waist LALALALALA knw what she’s doing looking in the camara

  8. So are we not suppose to have confidence and self-esteem as humanbeings? Love the skin you are in la la . we all cant look the same if so we will be boaring sheep.if you dont like it ok your opinion. But if your not f**g her paying her bills why sound so negatively pressed. Believe me Someone loves it i know plenty of men outside of dancehall that would worship your body type. If your confident enough to overlook and except your flaws what your wearing is your business

    1. Find her one man deh quickly cause this don’t look good. Lala yuh skin clean doh! Expected between yuh legs to be much darker. Is that a curtain, table cloth or bed spread… dah sitin deh weh wrap roun yuh. Who tied the swimsuit around yuh neck…looks like a difficult job. Next time wear one of those long dresses with slits and just show yuh nice legs…nuh badda wear nuh more two piece ina dance…maybe to the beach BUT NOT INA DANCE FI Uuuuuuuuu

  9. Boy this show u say u can’t please people I tell u, so because she fat she nuh fi feel sexy, so because she’s not a size two she should wear a a bed sheet, no sah y’all people bad. If she did run go do surgery it would a be a problem, y’all would a say oh u should a love your self, now that she love her self the way she is oh ur self esteem too high, u guys for real?????????? Leave the girl alone man, y’all put down EVERYBODY, well I guess this is what pink wall is for, smh

  10. R Fren them a come pon yah a defend something they know don’t look good . But don’t expect much from them . Terry head always frowzy and smell like it wah wash . The fat one wid her whale them wah always in a the fake brand them . The stink arm brown one . Unu fi split justice she never fi left the yard in a that . Point blank . Not with that body of hers !!!!! Now she’s on her page pleading and writing paragraphs lol if she so confident she shouldn’t even address the matter !!! Mek insta gas unu a U friend them gooda deh yah a bash yu fool

  11. I don’t see anything wrong with how she look. If it was a beach wear party then she dressed accordingly. Kudos to her, I have seen worst and they were not as pretty.

  12. Mi did tink seh a di next bronx gal origenel. Dem fava bad. dem always a wear clothes weh no fit dem body. Lala no ugly but har shape no namal and di neck missin.

  13. She still lol better than Robert aka bobby aka roger aka robbers lol
    I wonder if is only Hawaii and Florida lasvegas Puerto Rico the, going keep going and say they living life like seriously how you go the same places 4 times a year cause you have no papers wouldn’t you take that money and sort out your papers ijs off subject I know

  14. OK, Sender hater. Spill your name out with the rest of these badminded comments. Why are we studying she??? If she’s nothing and fat to you/y’all, why speak about her. Oh wait, let me guess y’all mad she got self esteem and proud they way she looks. She’s been like that for years. So why today makes a difference. Y’all need to reevaluate y’all self esteem because if it was high like hers, y’all won’t be studying hers. No women I know or real women in general would study and care for what a next woman is doing because her life well set to put others down.

  15. Ppl and them double standards smh when Porridge body Scamini (Yakini) walking around in 100 degree weather in all them cheese cloth holding up her Wagga Wagga body nobody don’t roast her, listen Lala Stay bad, she’s accepted it, her mother Neva warp the Nappy dem tight enough so she grow fi shape like water, is she supposed to wear only tarpaulin and bed sheet?

  16. Dis girl is disgusting it has nothing to do with her body size theres alot of girls out there whos big n beautiful n carry there self very nice it all comes down to knowing ur body as a woman n knowing that not everything is for everyone not because ur friends r wearing it r telling u to wear it don’t mean u have to learn to so NO to bad influence#uthejokerofthepack

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