Met the one runcus couldn’t wait for him and Gary turn back friend now him out cause him get back him paree after how Gary class him and talk the things but him him really have the nerves to go back there oh shit I forgot Gary sister a him wife did you see the post she posted for his birthday met that’s how these dancehall fools are


  1. Him dnt marry to Gary sister him marry Lumina she have a son for him. Gary sister is his baby mother but him not leaving Kayon, Lum a green card wife .

  2. It’s probably Kimone. How can a woman sleep with the likes of Runkus? Nuh him mi fren dem ah Hannah Town ketch a f@ck man. Smfh

  3. Yeah met him come up a sherlock all the time waan bad up kayon poor this other girl she dont know wa clock a strike she in denial

  4. But met is not dem alone him with one of my friend right now speaking he’s not a good man my friend told me he talk so much crop about the last babymother i told her not to entertain him hes not someone good but met im gonna send in my friend and him picture just give me a few

  5. I hope Runcus divorce the first wife in England first, good old chicken that could not provide the papers. Runcus do not come on here and deny the first marriage because I will send in the picturrrrrrre

  6. Met just pass the boy runcus uptown him and the gal a kfc inna him car him look like him dont have a worry at all him just a live him life yu want to see the smile on his face

    1. Wi never expect him fi cry because nuh dead nah bury roun yere. What I was expecting is that him would be eating a good plate a food , not a meal deal :alay

  7. Sad. All who ah talk dont know shit. The bwoy love lomina. Him an har did ah link just 2 week’s ago in jamaica. Come 8n people ah lum ah win

  8. If a green card alone him want and him sit around for more than 8Yrs and plus a new born little son i would like to know is what kind of green card him ago get out of the normal anonymous your a f**kin hater and you sound like the babymother your sad like funeral

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