White eating
Kerry mad ah **




  1. That is not Kerry lmfao wow met him and Kerry was the one in the bath tub dashing money in the tub at Vegas Kerry brown smh him cheat on Kerry and this what the mate crissy do to him


    Di way how white crawny not even mi fron him coulda eat. Met you sure is not Ceral him a Eat? thats what the Pic looks like.lmao. Where is the Video mi needs to see it Asap.

  3. Mi seh I woulda give him a dose of rat poison.. boy yu neva hear seh u nuffi put nuttin inna yaa mouth weh yaa madda nuh cook put pan plate give you.

  4. So wait him never deh with damion sharp ? I thought him and Damion was a couple, I here is shekira release the footage damn gal worthless she sleep with him too

  5. Nasty boy twin white bin eating pussy from Jamaica ain’t nothing new Kerry think the obeah and 3 sum could a hold him , twin dem expose you so you need to expose dem . Drop the video with shekira licking out your batty

    1. All mi know some a uno pussy better leave mi cuz Kerry name outta uno mouth before people start dead and house start get shot up flanker Kerry born and grown and she can come and go as she have a like a fi her place and all a uno a comment and think we no know uno dutty gal just watch wah go gwaan think a talking do we thing stop mix mi cuzing with white dutty life just watch the pree if some dutty gal no get a life before we take it Suck uno mother

  6. Twin white use to sleep with man in jail so he’s able to do anything a road . The whole a flankers a bun him out crotches mouth boy

  7. Omg Kerry after all the obeah you work to get this man out of prison look what him do to you smh Shane you bout you in video a talk bout you is wife lmao, Kerry you remember how he went to prison? Remember you caught him in house with woman and call police on him so emagine what you going to do now

  8. I here that Kerry saw the video couple weeks now and it nearly kill her, ppl dem say Kerry weigh bout 70 pounds now and stop eat a cry everyday on top of that she was willing to forgive him but he told her he don’t want her and move out . Ppl dem say is shekira show Kerry the video and saying the girl in the video is crissy . Kerry some reason I don’t feel sorry for you ,?you worthless have no ambition with low self esteem . You and that fish is the biggest clowns in philly dem say you start sleep with woman now Kerry a reall that you gone to

  9. It’s a shame that man never suck Kerry pussy but him gone a road go do it , Kerry ask yourself this question what is wrong with you . Kerry give it up now Hun him don’t want you.pls understand that and move on

  10. Aaah bwoy look how mi tell unnu say nuh eat any n any weh and every n everybody? Eeh? Look how mi tell u say if u a nyam a yard nuh badda nyam a road. Aah bwoy.

    1. _________________________________________ so u a give out eating instructions and dem nah listen? :hammer

  11. A lot of these man in philly nasty cause mode the gal dem in philly is freaks dem love give man batty wash,, Kerry did think the batty wash and 3 sum with Kim aka diddy ex could of hold white but she got the shock of her life . She use to carry her self decent till she start heng with a pack of whores birds of a feather flock together . If a man don’t want you he just don’t want you

  12. The way how twin white talk bad about Kerry I couldn’t believe she wait on him to come out of prison, but then again I never here of a man looking her the man dem always laughing at her and calling her low budget lady gaga

  13. Now Kerry telling ppl that white gay and he sleep with her brother. Hold up Kerry when everything was good the other day you didn’t know he was sleeping with your brother? Why talk now ? Your vagina shit up then stop leave message on white phone bout you gonna make him go back to prison

  14. White breath always smell like pussy that’s why when I see him I wave from a distance , Tia tell somebody white did eat her pussy also before he went to jail

  15. Dem man here just nasty suh just a eat everything open up infront of dem. Twin white face and mouth always look nasty and full up of puss smh I here from good good sources that him give his new woman std and when she approach him bout it he say. He went to look for the kids and Kerry start suck him hood to try get him back so it’s she him get the herpes from , the new girl get upset and leak the video now Kerry saying she didn’t give twin white the herpes , ppl saying its crissy but crissy saying its not her because she don’t have any outbreak

  16. Well more and more men are getting exposed, well he must enjoying getting down there and taking care of business… Most men enjoy it, that’s the first thing that comes out of their mouth is how they can eat the pums good and how dem want taste it… smdh… But hey I enjoy a good eatens anytime, shoot… It comes like a normal part of sex now…
    His woman needs to move on and leave him, his no good but he sure putting his mouth to good use… lol :thumbup

  17. Yes met one std passa passa going down , they say shekira boosting up Kerry to go fight crissy but Kerry prefer bring crissy and tyeesh name to obeah man because she say is tyeesh hook up crissy on twin white. Kerry say she use to drive tyeesh around cause tyesh have no car and tyeesh use to borrow her accessories to go dance so tyesh shouldn’t do that to her

  18. Lawd what alot of murky dutty wata y’all coming like pigs. No sah met. Y some a dem gal yah Dont know to close there legs. Sex nah go nowhere. If u that horny go buy a dildo or vibrator because at least it will save unu from the STDs u contracting from these dancehall nastiness

  19. What’s wrong with pussy eating, all you bitches on here suck dick, come with something better. You all go find a job broke ass bitches. If the man did a f**k a next man then I would understand, me and my man such and f**k each other so what’s the hype, most of you all doing it too.

  20. Kerry I hope that’s not you bout what’s wrong with pussy eating. Lots of things wrong with it . It gave him herpes 2 he eating outside his home 3 he’s eating numerous women 4 he don’t eat you Kerry

  21. Tyesh for a big gal with 5 kids no father you need to stop all this 3 sum and eating ass foolishness kmt I here you even start take Molly what’s wrong with you ? You don’t have any ambition your kids getting big they can access the Internet and see all these things with you come on now when you gonna get some class

  22. Shit up pussy kerry bout twin white and ur bredda f** move yuh stinking bloodclatt company you a look nasty bitch change yuh name to shit up pussy cause nutten nuh trendy bout you dwl mi sorry fi yuh lucky a 70pd u weigh because twin leave u now him a fk u bredda a guess the batty betta than pussy crawny nuh bloodclatt big up urself crissy mi nuh blame yuh no mercy fi the f** them kerry the obeah ketch cold dwl fr i was born hw u feel u nuh see u tun one laughing stock in a Philly nt even flanka nuh rate you the table turn met weh the video

  23. I did here from in April that crissy and tyesh did three sum with twin white but I wasn’t suprise cause those two will do anything for $25.00

  24. Shit up pussy kerry bout twin white and ur bredda f**k move yuh stinking bloodclatt company you a look nasty bitch change yuh name to shit up pussy cause nutten nuh trendy bout you dwl mi sorry fi yuh lucky a 70pd u weigh because twin leave u now him a fk u bredda a guess the batty betta than pussy crawny nuh bloodclatt big up urself crissy mi nuh blame yuh no mercy fi the f*** them kerry the obeah ketch cold dwl fr i was born hw u feel u nuh see u tun one laughing stock in a Philly nt even flanka nuh rate you the table turn met weh the video

  25. Miracles Jamaican Restaurant and Bakery

    6635 CASTOR AVE 19149

    12 violaions, 3 serious.

    Food safety certified person not present; no paper towels at restroom handwash sink; flies in kitchen; cockroach in dining area; old mouse feces and debris on counter shelving; bulb inside meat patty case lacks protective shielding. Inspected June 16. Reopened June 21.

  26. Nasty Kerry weh come jamaica come f**k down the place, remember is s batty man you get cetch a f**k out here Kerry . Remember the young boy you was out here taking care of , crawny body Kerry the ppl dem a flankers say if dem get visa dem no wan go philly the way how you come out here looking , you make life look hard a philly you come her 3 times with the same hair in your head

  27. But Kerry f**k pon twin white plenty of times to, Kerry talk how you f**k max when white did just get lock up Kerry no just February you did a f**k cash man

  28. but tyesh nd chrissy give the rastaBritish nd him brada threesomes,tyesh is very popular in giving threesomes to all new crew de weh come philly ppl a longtime tyesh a f**k box enuh Cuz tyesh nuh no a you breed her wid her last daughter about 50 man name calling pon one lilgirl nd all now dutty tyesh cyan stop f**k nuh goodgal nuh deh a philly

  29. But crissy f***g phyco so crissy how your pussy so busy? How much man you taking at this moment cause this not funny at all

  30. I’m sorry to break it to you Kerry but he never wanted you all that obeah ran out in you ha . I here you saying you buying ticket to go Jamaica go deal with tyesh cause she betray you Kerry you need a bible cause you still getting betrayed by the ppl around you. Kerry look in the mirror real good you look like the walking dead. Sad sad case

  31. Kerry is a dutty stinkin whore, mi feel bad fi har cause she upset and send in the pic gi met. It bun har seh white nuh want har and him nuh stop f&*** pon har, unu nuh see seh she caan come a road again cause she shame?? Kerry just move somewhere else and live cause u soon drop dung and dead. Him nuh bloodclat want yuh, get it tru yuh f*** head. U have two kids fi worry bout and u a worry bout di dutty man weh a walk a swing him short hood every weh

  32. make nasty Kerry move with her raw self is she introduce the man to the freaky life style just other day she was laughing at Kim now the joke is on her

  33. Kerry you fool eee the money you make the dutty boy dash on you in bath tub you should of think about days like this when him left you crawny ass for a next chick, now you a bawl cause you get eviction notice

  34. I saw Kerry going in the welfare office couple days ago and she didn’t look happy at all actually she look so much thinner , her hair wasn’t done and she couldn’t find change to put on the meter . I hope she find the strength to get through this and move on with her life

  35. Kerry, Twin say him lef u cause him nuh waan nuh regula gyal and yuh dunce like. Best advice is that u move to Jamaica and start a new life wid yuh pitney dem cause him always have the white son weh him have and not ur own dem. That goes to show u say him nuh waan u or di pitney dem so just gwan. U look really bad and u need a fresh start.

  36. Mi feel it fi yuh Kerry God know it nuh look good. Twin nuh want u girl mi woulda leave him alone cause this is very disrespectful

  37. When you love the hype a dat unno fi get because she so dunce she didn’t know fi save some a dat money fi a rain day all a dem ugly ass outfit way you use to get Mek and dem didn’t look good you shoulda save dem money dah guess what boo how long you think you could watch the cocky fa and unno bitch dem so dum as soon as the man dem gone unno can’t maintain unno can’t even do road cause unno can’t afford it poor unno the way unno dash dem pussy unno shoulda own house and car but all some a unno affi ago ketch with ppl unno no have no SHAME !!!!!!! :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2

  38. No one should feel sorry for Kerry other day she was very bye with this ugly man and her ugly clothes hair always look a hot mess. You took your kids out of school to go Vegas to look hype well Kerry here is the hype you was looking for, now you got herpes and the world knows you have it kmt you knew all along that crissy was f**g twin white that’s why you team up with Philadelphian top pum pum eater shakera. You brought shekira to obeah man with Bobby clothes remember ? When shakky came to you crying that she tired of Bobby mother and sister always begging her you teach her how to light black candle for them remember? Remember us you tell shakky that obeah man tell you say Kim a chat her ? Kerry I have one question for you , the obeah man never tell you sat twin white don’t want you ?

  39. Kerry you did too bloodclat hype for a ugly girl. What you going to Jamaica to do now kill off tyesh Pickney dem ? You say crissy done fa when you reach Jamaica bitch remember you have two kids also. You should of run the boy from him f**k Tia , gal you sick you need help

  40. But crissy nasty and out of order, the use to borrow Kerry clothes then go f**k the girl baby father kmt y’all bitches ain’t loyal , why keep begging the girl ride if you know you ducking her man

  41. Unnuh lef di bloodclaat gyal bout soon “drop dung dead.” Stop call dung dead pan di gyal. I cah stan unnuh Philly ppl. Always inna ppl business and fi unnuh a spoil. Every relationship come to an end at one point or the other. Some end good. Some end bad. Yes she have har bad ways but God will deal wid har. NONE A UNNUH PHILLY DANCEHALL PPL NUH INNA NUH POSITION TO POINT NO RASS FINGER! Low di gyal and guh tek care a fi unnuh. Skelton or should i say CEMETERY inna fi unnh bloodclaat closet.

  42. Kerry remember when you did a walk and tell ppl say munchi jealous of your life , Kerry who really want your life , you ugly, you can’t dress, no education, so shape no curves no flesh nobody, you always smell raw, you is a f**t a bisexual insect bitch who want your life

  43. So if crissy have herpes that means tyesh has herpes and all the men tyesh and crissy sleeping with which is a long list if I start tonight it would be about 3 hours of typing. Don’t understand how y’all f**k so much and has nothing to show no house, no decent apt , No green card not even one baby father to claim all those kids. Wtf y’all f**g for ?

  44. Oh gosh man him do Kerry bad Kerry how a girl like you ain’t see this coming smh you see everything throug your crystal glass on your kitchen table girl . I want to know the welfare office you was in so I can send them the video of you in the tub floating with the mone lol damn fool you

  45. Kerry sick stomach white should of run her long time the man wah suck pussy with meat . Kerry you too Boney and raw

  46. Dwl she mussi a read di comment dem now and a ball a good fi u bloodclat gyal, twin nuh want u dutty Kerry

  47. Dutty veachy n munchy come off Tyesh n chrissy nuh uno chat f**k box munchy your pussy have no mileage you f**k rasta British n one a the one order man veachy all mad man f**k you

  48. all you whore-able bitches that rejoicing ova Kerry downfall fi unu days cumin …plus nowadays is not reaction catching people is quick-action .. Nuff of the man dem a do sum sumtin out deh when all sum ah unu find out May God go wid unnu… No this is not Kerry.. This is good gal pasty

  49. Sum of unu I don’t think unu cum out of women private parts .. Ah hog batty hole unu cum from ,di way how unu scorned a next women because of sum dutty man

  50. First and for most it’s not crissy me know the girl it’s Rhonda his young girl my little girlfriend.

  51. Is twin having a meal n look how a Kerry unu a dun my goodness man… Unu always bring down the next woman and praise the nasty nyam pum pum man dem

  52. Tyesh house always dirty she don’t take care of her kids .bitch always leave dem home alone and hungry to go dance and f**k . The way how tyesh f**k she shouldn’t a walk , as for crissy she f***g down the place hard like f**g going out of style . Crissy dash away belly every 3 month

    1. Lie you a tell bout di gal place dutty. If is one thing bout har cleanliness is har stress reliever. Ask all a unuh man weh eva go har yard. Spottless. Plus how she fi have dutty house when unuh still seh she a kotch plus homeless. Munchie you fi stop carry kokie feelings fi di gal when ur effiecinecy weh you live ina well wah updated. YOu claim seh you a hot gal and as you jump outta ur bathroom you land ina u kitchen Lmao. She leave di bwoy gi you and him still a stalk har, weh dat tell you say. If she was soo dirty and nasty as you claim, mi woulda neva knowingly go sleep wid a man mi know she even kiss. All di diseases dem weh unuh claim seh she have, memba juices har transferable so you have dem too Munchie. A soo you love Rasta dick dat all tho unuh call dung every sickness pan Tyesh you still run go sleep wid him. Weh you meck outta iron so you cah get dem disease deh or nah? gO jump ina pan a bleach and clean up you ole plus u life and loew di gal. If Tyesh a f*** gal Munchie you are di madam, cause all you do is hide and f**k at least Tyesh f** dem nnah no secret to dem.

      Dutty Ova size Mullet Pig Bleachie, Fi a young gal not even young bwoy ur age no wah you how sad is that?. YOu and ur sister no left no man unf*** ina Philly. Ur run go teck Codie and di bwoy Exit faster than him Enter ur life. It sweet mi how di gal left him gi you when you think you was competition now you a madd. Unuh need fi rest unuh crathes cause unuh Ole before unuh you and fi unuh pumpum speedometer gone pon over drive. Go hide unuh face caus e unuh remind me a some Owls ina di night. all mi see a unh big yeye dem everthing else Dark like unuh never ending tunnel hole.

  53. Nasty tyesh that love to eat ass no man nuh want you so you will always have to service crissy and any man in Philly that willing to buy you a food after dance done. Go clean that dirty place you living in

  54. White tell mi out a him mouth say a Chrissy a do this cause she beg him money and him nuh give her and him Neva kno say she did a video him but serve him rite. Stop walk and nyam pussy

  55. Munchy veachy why uno talk about Tyesh kids fi uno kids a dirtiest set a pickney inna Philadelphia and the topic is about white and Kerry why everybody involved munchy you talk about car what you drive Maine old car the way you hype you shoulda a drive Benz met why involved the kids

  56. Mi sister did tell mi she see him and a young girl enuh,but which Rhonda? There’s a young girl name rhonda lavish on fb that one?

    1. She same 1. Him been f***ng her from she 15. Him and ding dong and a few others been sharing her. If your money right u can hit. Her mom’s her pimp. And she just turned 18 last October.

  57. A good. Dem fi nyam it. siddung inna dem face. If yuh belly full Mi nuh want yuh. Hungry man Mi want cause if yuh nuh eat it Mi naw use yuh

  58. Lavish is Rhonda… yuh nuh see she ah di next kerry… di likkle foot Eva fresh… him nyam n buy her.

  59. Munchy and veachy tell ppl a rasta British send the picture a him a send it around rasta British munchy a f**k a order man a that you spread you come like a bitch munchy how you feel now Sunday a yg big party cah wait fi see all the matey them cause only Wifey material is tamekia that’s rasta British baby mama

  60. So white… u still ago keep u cook out? cause me know u lub run and bawl,white me hear say u suck shaunalovinglife Campbell pussy to,a true?boy a u a Philly crotches mouth/battyman.

  61. Leave the bwoy now man a good pussy get suck shit up pussy nuh get suck him is nt first or the last dutty kerry yuh fk out all philly man them and one pic have u bawl max f**k u as white get lock up a weh day cash man a hide and f**k crawny gal suh weh u put up shana name fah shana a goodas fi u gweh an guh hide cockroach looking bitch self yuh seh a ur man but u on here a comment to move an gweh weh u fi know the laugh is on u nt twin white .

  62. Rasta British a one bitch ehh nuh why would you realease the gal picture so winner munchy weha live iinna the matches box you and lavish a mate poor uno haffi go out Sunday cause a bare matey link up who’s going home with the great British lol who’s going in the bar and who’s going to be at the door then again munchy love friend all her mate the girl so sad

  63. Little young gyal like that white a sex? Mi hear seh kerry really upset cause she and di lavish gyal mother was good friends.

  64. Stop act like white the only one that eat the pum. Burger glam man. Kenny teka man, dread tracy man. The first 2 has done me. But white I would not let him eat my dog.

  65. Looked like neither one of the John crow dem give to shits about what ppl have dem up for. All four of dem a do road yesterday inna jersey kim, kerri, white and Gaymeon. Matching white drop convertible , dressed inna all white. Just wan know seh unno put out unno self fi stay relevant useemi. Giving the ppl a show jumping on car top, stopping at stop light like a video. me hear say the boy a watch for twin and he soon be the next flippa.

  66. I hear say kerry say she ago work pon di gyal lavish & the Mada. And she knows where u nuh live inah north Philadelphia slums.

  67. All a uno deh pon bloodclaat kerry tyesh crissy etc name but me no see no video wid them a suck no cocky or lick out no batty the video so a y uno hate them make uno a call u them man the video is of nasty twin and nyam out some bitch name rhonda pussy look like Rhonda never get no money so she expose white cause a long time him a eat it nuff a uno a chat and put out uno word and uno doing worst wait till fi uno time come from me know kerry she slim dainty and look f***g good both a yard and abroad she ever looking good so uno stop hate the only thing me know bout tyesh is that she suck cocky I dont know a thing bout crissy…………. nasty beggy beggy licky licky pauline weh deh philly how long and cant sort out her self a push out her ugly ross daughter them fi take people man fi get money ole wuk less muma a long time twin a f** and suck u rhonda a tru him stop shub out him money u expose him kerry no pay the shithouse them no mine ntn no wrong wid pussy sucking but how the one twin wen hype dwl me wah see how him go recover from this him affi go pay him way tru it kerry twin a no no class a boy fi u gal u nice u have good mine and clean heart a just the money some a uno wah a chat need fi take concentrate pon uno own a life and leave the people them no that rhonda show the whole a philly she get her pussy nyam wah else u hope fi gain y u never video the abortion and show philly to? poor uno

  68. Anonymous@11:05pm
    Hooked on Phonics!!!!!! take your ass to school and stay out of people’s business.

    1. Lol Rhonda how u fu**g so many ppl at once? Why did u tell ding dong the child was his when u knew it could’ve been for ANYONE????
      U just turned 18 last October and your pussy about 36 years old. Child u need to stop and your mother deserves jail time.

  69. Unnuh no hear say shabba tun bad man pop off gun pan John no sah shabba me need fi hear more cause I doubt its u for real u no brave so

  70. Books,meesha and Tashi yes u Tashi the three a unnuh man come from Jamaica the bleach out face boy deh from Mobay.

  71. Wow from what i heard,the mother Pauline knows about and encourage her children’s behavior. Especially the little girl rhonda. They say she have it as her daughter rhonda is the prettiest and more fashion friendly than the other kids she has. Pauline i hope you are reading this. you are dead wrong to be friends with kerry and then behind her back encourage your young daughter to sleep with Kerry’s baby daddy. You should be ashamed of yourself ! Where are your damn morals as a woman and a mother? At the age of 18 with multiple name calling on your baby girl.And supposedly had an abortion? And if ding dong is really sleeping with this child he should be ashamed of his self. Money comes and goes,it can be easily attained by getting a 9-5.

    1. “If ding dong really f***g her”? Wait for the rest of the videos to hit pink wall. There’s much more to this little girl. She been telling ppl ding dong eats it better. She brags about what these grown ass men who could be her dad do to her. They’re all nasty! Philadelphia is a STD infested place! Beware!

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