An woman was this morning killed at her workplace in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

Reports are that minutes past 8 o’clock, a man went to the business place at Brown’s Plaza where he attacked the woman. It is said that she was stabbed and her throat slashed during the incident.

She was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead. The man has since handed himself over to the police. People are alleging that the two were in a relationship.

Their identities have not been released.

Police are still processing the scene at this time.
More information later.


  1. Too much wickedness. The prayer warriors need to come together and start because it’s as if the world is going mad. Istanbul bombing, murder in the workplace, no man…

    Praying for mankind

  2. Jamaica have more church per-square mile than any other country in the world…so is not prayers wi need is love n respect for humanity

      1. All churches are portals for demons PP..demons follow light not darkness and a that most people dont know so the church if dem a church should have dem routine cleaning like ina di bible and ting………….they dont do that though das y so much evil ina church…Jesus washed feet……and feet area a portal so that was symbolic in the bible and again they dont know that…If church fi go how it fi go people wud call obeah but they have to be ready :shutup:

          1. Dash it pan dem widout waaaaaaaaaaaaaanin…Most people whey ketch evil spirit have church ina dem background..wrong or right?

      2. Hmmmmmm….A demon worshipper like yourself should be an expert at identifying these churches. I truly accept your statement at face value, given the source. As you were demon!

        1. truth against you species have you up on you hind legs. Down bitch demon! Down!

          It amazes me the things that easily cause you phuckers to foam at the mouth.

          Me no play tek it back bitch :alay

  3. You are right Met, the biggest sinners are the one that go to church, not all of them but some of them… He lost his damn mind to go to the woman work place to kill her, nothing but evil thoughts going through that man’s mind… What would take him that far to go and murder someone… Jamaica is really in need of God to lay his hands upon the island real talk there’s too much craziness going on, that you can barely keep up, it’s coming like it’s the norm because the same type of murders and suicides are happening… God help the people that are seeking you, Lord!

  4. Met is love dem nu love them one a nadda..imagine 1 community not even a mile long n it’s divied in 2 r 3 sections how that even a community? I don’t know about the demon the only demon I know is Tommy Lee..but i can tell u this most of the killer’s mother’s n father’s r church goers I know this for a fact..what is happening to Jamaica is colonialism getting the best of us the slave n master mentality we can’t be equal..is the mi better than yu su u nu fi diss mi r mi help yu su nu turn ur back on mi..

  5. Met, something is really going on in the minds of the people who just do the unthinkable to people and to themselves… Sad still…Something must be done, the government must reach out to people and open up places that people who have problems who can go and receive help, a program, a clinic to deal with people who are a their wit ends… Pray for them all still….

    1. Demon exist whey doe have a physical body fi go ina Max …but u are correct there is no love in Jamaica

    2. Actually he calls himself nephew demon….kartel is the uncle demon,theyhave the song together.

  6. @Max, Me know wha u a say SERIOUS BUT ME HAFFI LAUGH…Waieee…@Yaadie, A SUH HIM NAME HIMSELF FI CHUE..Pon di reel thou, they are some VERY SICK AND TROUBLED PEOPLE IN JAMAICA. LUK PON LIKKLE ST.ANN WHE ME COME FROM.. ALL now, Nick murder nuh solve, my GOD!!!


  7. A Nigerian pastor name Okechukwu Ugwu from redeemed pilgrims ministries is the devil himself. All the people there are possessed and bad mind. I had to run for dear life. The f***r them wicked

    1. Lololol dem tramatize you bad. Why you went to the event, and what made you go to where he was?

      Me asking out of curiosity…I don’t go dem places there. Church is by wedding, Christing or death invitations; all then I rarely go. I talk to the creator even when me a shower or get dress…that’s how I roll.

      What triggered your fright?

  8. Where is redeemed pilgrims based hun ???
    There are a whole lot of demonic churches here in London..money money money..it amazes mi how brainwashed some ppl are, but then again they use thier demonic sprits to home in on their vulnerabilities…

    It is real sad to hear wha gwarn in Jamaica..some women tek some man as simple..but you affi mind…nuh badda listen to artist like Ishawna what promotes women giving bun..cause believe me it’s better u left di man if u nuh want him den mek him find out n come fi kill u…(not saying that is the case here) but some man are real dangerous..and the pressure dont start lick yet…I pray for mi 2 gyal Pitney that they don’t fall into the wrong man’s hand n pray for mi 1 son..that he never get obsessed over woman..

    may her soul RIP and comfort to her family..

  9. I was curious to see how him and his inch men were going to trick the people. Something told me not to go but I ignored it. The pastor lied and told the church that I have liver and lung problems. What he didn’t know is that I was in a car accident couple months ago and they checked everything. Once he released his demons to attack my health I returned them back to sender and asked God to protect me. The church is all over.

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