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dutty gal cecile write any bloodclart you want you pu**y stink like dennis dont want you him only want you things act like you shit can make patty and you only wear thiefing clothes,yes you have greencard now but the feds soon get you,no job (Edited),you chat all you friend them ,you chat all you close friend,you f**k pon dennis like a dog ,you cant chat to me dutty gal.go chat to you mate

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  1. GM met it is here come talk di tings dem dutty Cecile yuh time come u really chat too f**king much Denise not leaving jone his wife so keep minding his fool

  2. A weekly thing now? Wife nah lef and mate nah Nef. One deh a bar and one hold the door so u a guh join the line doh sender

    1. Anony 10:42am, yuh know yuh right about she and Flippa being friends, mi totally figet bout dat. Yes inna 2011 mi si dem a B&W inna HTown and dem nuh stop hug up and laugh and galang and Flippa dash out champagne more dan water wid Jayden and dem all have old man Bonnie a wash him hand wid the champagne. Yes to rahtid (in my oliver voice) dem is friend fi real. Shi mek sure fren every man whey Mr Batty WetWet duh business wid and if dem ever cross him, shi do what she do best and set dem up with the proper authorities. Cecile will inform on anyone whey shi feel is fi her or Mr WetWet enemy and that is a FACT. Shi love call immigration on people dat is someting whey shi love duh. She spend time on internet googling people, unuh tink dat woman easy fi deal wid. Shi nuh good.

  3. Dutty Cecile I never like that pice a shit bitch if any one look on Dennis she act like she have a f***ing problem nasty gal let go off the woman husband dennis not leaving Joan for u never look how long u a f**k him and him not leaving his wife shame on u all u will ever be all u are is a side hoe for him his wife is so nice and decent she don’t have to worry about a wast like u…big old woman stop run down the spot light ur time up, u can do but so much plastic surgery it not helping u any more you done bitch…. Dennis u open a can of worm on your self this old done pussy bitch come to take set,, cecile what you can’t pinp you daughter any more are give her the man them that you f**k and past on ,nasty big woman look at ur self shame at u bitch old beat out hoe

    1. Anony 3:26pm. Mi nuh like talk bout people kids in a bad way cause one day mi a guh have mi own one or two, but mi haffi sey dis Cecile mi know yuh daughter a big gal maybe my age early 30ties, yuh need fi tell her to cover di cow titi dem. Everytime mi si Petagaye shi a show di 2 long dung implant failure titi dem. But den again di mumma Cecile dress like shi tink shi inna har early twenties always a show fi har own dem whey luk like shi can hardly carry dem, suh di daughter follow. Mi si Petagaye whey day wid engagement ring, suh mi a wonder if shi a guh tie the knot :kimpoi

  4. Sender yuh mek Cecile tell Long John tek down her party pictures dem. By time har story run ova yah whey day di picture dem tek dung wid a swiftness. Wi all know Cecile is a undercover criminal (like Marsha to Flippa, yes she plays that role very well), money laudering, tief, credit card scammer, she f**k on, beside and on top of Dennis. Cecile yuh still a f**k the dread whey yuh use to mine wid Dennis money? Cecile a run Mr Batty WetWet empire and shi know how far to push di big black dildo suh Mr Batty WetWet want up Cecile bawdly. Shi duh her breast, belly and now batty injection. Sender sorry to say mi lub, Cecile and the Wife not going anywhere, each have dem meaning inna Mr Batty WetWet life. Unuh guh ova Long John site unda Mr Batty WetWet dance inna september and check out picture 363 and 364 wid the wife and 415 and 416 wid him and Cecile and her daughter. Unuh check out Cecile face mi nuh know what shi using on or inna her face, but it need fi smooth out, it lumpy lumpy bad. Cecile fi a big woman yuh need fi wear more clothes causen sey the get up whey yuh did have on when mi si yuh a HTown inna July, is not fi your age. Nuh body except Cecile and Joanne want Mr Batty WetWet causen sey is only di 2 a dem know how far to push the big black dildo.

  5. I never like that ugly big woman Cecile plastic surgery can’t help her any more she take set on the woman husband as if is she give Dennis a green card bitch he will never left Joan ,you f***ing side hoe go do what u do best pimp ur daughter and if that don’t work give her the man them that u done f**k like u always do nasty big old woman all u do is walk and f**k with people.. Dennis shame on you how u even stay with that done pussy woman and u have a nice and decent wife home, and if u want a good f**k look how much look good stay right u still have u make this little ugly troll with her quarterback body in a ur life ” man” u sure as hell open a can of worm in your life shame on u

  6. Unuh anh read the FACTS dem whey mi write, Cecile is running Mr Batty WetWet Empire. Is she mek di links, drop offs, pick ups, pack/ship and calls dem, suh shi NOT going anywhere. Di wife will always be dere also, she a di one wid di good moral character, suh when Cecile and Mr. WetWet get hold (mi nah hope fi it), him will have him wife fi bail him out and spend up money on lawyer adn live happily ever after, while Cecile haffi a depend on God knows who, causen sey Petagaye nuh luk like shi have all her screws dem in the right places.

  7. People u all need fe stop a one somebody a send all the comment . Why when unno brorrow people and them ask for it unno fell like say u all have the right to talk about people it not fear . Sender pay the lady ok

  8. Sender the lady ask you for her money and because you don’t want to pay your acting like a typical fool .. Pay up or shut up .. Smh .. This is america

  9. Sender did you know that Cecile is an American citizen both of us swear in the same time in Brooklyn her daughter drop her off that day an we sit in the same row. You don’t know wat ur ar saying 100 percent sure

  10. Well miss good bad an different…. it look as if you are one of the bitch that Cecile a eat out you pu**y and Dennis a f**k in your batty that why u think you can justify anything will miss bitch u batter think again Cecile do not have shit I know that for a fact so shut the f**k up bitch and stay in ur corner one bag of bitch old whores nastiness play out bad of germs don’t have anyyhing in life but a big batty hole corrupt bitches with no life can’t even go in the real world a get a job y’all have no education the only think you and your friends can’t do it talk about people mix-up shit face batty mouth stink ass breath Cecile

  11. Thief ting claudatte leave the people them alone the lade know a you a talk about her .good god pay ar with all the lady do for u that the same thing with Charlene she put up in ar house an you carry ar name to ar baby father go say she a f**k matter on .come on do better than that .claudatte you theft out Stacy money out a ar car when UNO stop a dunkin donut the morning u she an Natalie u steal Natalie perfume out a the car when UNO a come from gee party a Philly.look a
    L a Charlene cloths wey u theft .vharlene see u in ar clothes a jamaica and come back with the picture a shows people Beatle beat u in a kernels when u fake pregnancy him beat u in a him club have some shame .pay the people them pay up a u the fed a go come fa

  12. Jesus take the case and give me the pillow . Lord have massie twin claudatte u wicked. U remember that party in Lorna with u an ur sister Cecile was there for she lend you a 1000dollar so you could keep the party hi know all she do for you . Don’t let me start goodbye donkey face horse face mule face .beggy beggy the whole Bronx is agains you why u never put up Angela when she ask you fe ar money

  13. Lol …. Miss good bad an different ….. You have a personal beef with this girl Claudette sorry to say I wish I knew who is claudette cause I would know whats the stores.. But u acting like you the big bad wolf for Cecile see how you mix up just like u dutty Cecile… You should know that Cecile is a f**king thief all she do is walk and take the man them money and stuff and draw card it going to catch up to her one day very soon and all she dose is tell lies .. Omg y’all need a new hobby but what else is there for y’all to do time soon run out for y’all smh I feel shame for u big woman and in this shit go look a job and stop watch the woman husband dick Cecile

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