Guyana court OKs marriage of 15-y-o girl to accused rapist

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — A Guyana judge’s decision to allow the marriage of a 15-year-old girl to the man accused of raping and getting her pregnant has riled the South American country.

Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that the couple could marry on humanitarian grounds after the girl became pregnant after her parents petitioned the court to authorise the union, saying they had given up trying to persuade her to return home. They said in their petition that the next best thing was to allow her to marry.

Activists said yesterday that they were researching Guyana’s laws to determine whether Chang’s ruling is legal.

“This country has become a circus and a very dangerous place for children. They ought to have rights and be entitled to protection,” said Karen DeSouza, spokeswoman for Red Threat, a leading women’s rights’ organisation.

The ruling was issued on September 24, but became public this week after one of the attorneys involved in the case talked with local media. The couple wed on October 11 after a court granted them a marriage licence.

The girl’s 38-year-old husband is still facing statutory rape charges. The man could face at least five years in prison if found guilty.

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0 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Hmmm in a sense a guess di parents caw chat to har suh dem seh mek di man kip har n marry har :hoax2


  2. Signs of the time…..don’t think it was rape. the lil gal just too HOT in her pants. But the ole cruff shoulda walk away.

    1. This sound like a har man n the parents ketch har wid him n press charges but she nahhhh say rape so wat to do meck him marry har yes dem man ya love likkle pikney too much to kmt

  3. Buenos Dias Metty y Metters Y Amiga Zervah
    Agreed, they can’t make her leave him alone so he might as well take care of her……who cares in a few years the age difference wont make a difference anyway!

  4. morning metters

    maybe shi suffer from stockholm syndrome eno mi tink dem shuda order therapy fi shi b4 marriage license an str88 prison fi him. him a big man fi di pitni smdh

    1. @Kia…..I don’t think she was held against her will. It looks like she like big man and he talked her in to giving it up…..she’s under the legal age so it’s called rape.

  5. ah suh the indian custom is–he impregnate har and ah har man so the two ah dem good for dem one anada–either way the child will be raised in a 2 parents environment and healthier. The couple are in a union so its okay with the parents. Cooley gyal love run whey with big man in dat deh kuntry and dem tradition/religion hindu/muslim marriage must be condone. U tek she virginity so u keep har-tradition

  6. It doesn’t sound like actual rape, but the big man is still very nasty and should not have sexed her whether she agree, or even beg him to do so.

    He’s the adult and she couldn’t have get f**k by him, if he did do the decent thing and refuse the f**k – Big Man fi KNOW BETTER & DO BETTER!

    @ Anon 9:47am, I don’t know why, but you know is the first thing that came to mind, that is a set a Indians, when I see them write that the parents are demanding that he marry the child.

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