Poppyshow Marcel yuh ah seh how dem seh yuh broke and unnu ah spend money. Marcel ah nuh your money ah di girl money. Don’t get me wrong it’s nothing wrong with spending your woman money BUT when you ah spend yuh money pon you and yuh family and ah spend fi har money pon you and yuh family that’s a problem. Marcel yuh need fi tek Dougie words of advice wah him post bout ppl in 2016 because it fit yuh. Him need fi keep yuh in his prayers. Stop hype fi social media when yuh live inna ah 2 bdrm apt and ah 3 ppl live deh. Stop hype pon social media when yuh have 2 kids and ah show one. Stop hype pon social media when yuh have gal ah mind yuh. Stop hype pon social media when yuh barely have gas fi put inna yuh car and ever ah show it. Yuh act as if yuh nuh care wah ppl post but always ah caption and answer dem. You should be a shame of yourself ah run dung gal fi tek care of yuh. Ah suh yuh waan live still inna 2017.


  1. Not knocking ANY job but a so janitor wuk pay money? Mi see him post pictures a clean one office building floor. Janitor wuk afford all the luxury you flaunt on social media?

  2. Him a f**k done the place and a suck the gal dem pussy and get pay for it send his mother to jamaica and him son so ladies you keep paying and why he don’t show the daughter just the little girl he not sure it’s his let us know wetdem

  3. Wow him couldnt even suck my p***y,i dont know how some a dem gyal deh sleep with all wutliss boy like him. Nothing turns me off more than a man that brags untop of that, a look woman fi mind dem.

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