Met I read the post that someone sent in today re Ishawna’s vocabulary skills (or lack thereof) but didn’t comment on it. I did see her IG post before it was posted on the Pinkwall and I thought “this girl is a pretty dunce”. Anyhow here I am on IG and this is what she posts. Obviously this is in response to her controversial “graining” post.
Now I have a few questions to ask Madam Ishawna, Which part a yuh good? Did someone fool you and tell you that you have that G in good? When was the G placed in good for you? Is it recently when you went to New York and gave away samples of your wares? Did someone tell you at that time that you have the G?
My advice to you my dear is to chill and don’t bother with the hype because you and I know that you need to have several seats. You also need some language classes.
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  1. Senda, u need to take several seats. U need to express the real reason u dislike the woman. Point taken, she cannot spell.

    1. The sender clearly has a personal issue. I agree sender keep your arse quiet and go and hold a seat……

  2. It is very sad to know that she know that she cannot spell and to justify it she said she good, what does that suppose to mean? she put the G in good so it is not a issue if she do not know how to spell because she is the one that puts G in good? it is sad that most young woman cannot take criticism whether it is good or bad and better them self.. most of them always use positive thing and try to turn it into negative thing to try and justify there wrongs! it is so sad to see this so when the G that she puts in Good not working and it all comes down to her to get a job will the G in Good help her or will her lack of spelling help her? it is ok to get up on IG and post stupid thing that is not going to contribute to their lives, but it is hard for them to try find a evening class and to help them develop their skills that will help them when pretty looks and G in Good fail them. it is so sad very very sad

  3. Ishawna gm I told u leave cham alone see them come back again today.have good day metters and met! Bless up

  4. I think the “graining” comment was in reference to Drunk in Love still “graining on the wood, graining, graining on that wood”(in reference to the wood grain detail of high end luxury vehicles..I think still, benefit of the doubt being given.

  5. Senda…guh wash some small clothes. Look how wi write in dialect, and how wi write in text. This is not spelling class. How you know seh di girl nuh Good? Pretty dunce nuh mek it, but ugly bright nuh mek it neiderrr. Guweh!!! Bad mind is a terrible thing. Gwaan Ishawna wid you pritty self. Grain on dat wood Girl!!!!!

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