1. Howdy one and all…Gwaan tru ya Ishawna a nuff gyal out deh f**k dem man fren and tink it is a “class act”.
    Ishawna when yu no principle pucci get boring, what will be de next hype ting fe yu?
    Yu a go start sing heartbreak songs, BECAWS, SKATTA A GO LEF YU PUBLICLY!! )))FACTS(((
    Yu character tarnish baddddd….but memba “if mi did know EVA come last!”

  2. Well, she working the crowd and her audience seem excited, that is all event attendees ask of performers. Can’t knock a performer for giving their all to their audience.

    1. This is a new era of young gal, a people like Ishawna ago be the voice for them. She is the kind of gal dem want to be like. Not me and your cup of tea but she has an audience out there waiting. Blind leading the blind. She needs guidance so all the lost young gals who believe in dashing that punny all around will pay to see her perform. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Ishawna go deh, continue to mislead your followers yah gal. Yep, a fi har fan base that, the teenage gal dem who haffi hide an tek ppl man an who willing fi sleep wid dem man brother or fren. She has improved with her stage confidence, though.

      1. Exactly girl!!!…yuh think Ishawna ah piss pa anyone ah dem afta dem buss breed bring belly because of her raunchy songs?? Nope, absolutely not cause whatever slackness them young teenaga gal pickney tek up is on them…she is no good example for young girls *my opinion*…

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