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  1. trust and believe she nah lie foota ah ole wicked. ishawna been ill treated for years well known thing. mi nuh wrong hr fi f**k skatta

  2. Suh skatta did single at one point? Mi beleive everything else but Mi nuh believe da part deh, Mi feel skatta nyam yu weh from foota,it look like yu get tired a di beatings and emotional abuse and yu run to skatta fi comfort and dutty skatta work him way unda yu…

  3. Jah kno that’s why unuh Nuh fi grudge ppl di weh dem have because yuh neva know weh dem do di fi get it! I’m neither for her or Foota and hope this is the end of it. She legendary and mek man a beat Har smfh

  4. But unu nuh hear weh she seh from clip 3:77 to 4:05?…she put the beaten pan di back burner and talk the truth right deh suh…the abuse came secondary to her career. :hoax2

    1. And then ah talk bout she decide fe leave courthouse and fidget bout the warrant cause she as an ariste, had other engagements , but decided to make the public aware of the abuse and stalking thru ah song weh ah baton the man with no mention of your son?…what if Foota een really kill you and himself and leff unu son parentless? Likkle gal, how is that song going to bring awareness to the public seh this bwoy ya ah threaten yuh safety suh please mek sure seh mi son safe and dem ting deh?…Ishawna, stop play wid people emotions and learn fe conduct yuhself as a mom and a lady should cause as tuh how mi seet, the two ah unu eena play dollhouse and it get mash right up suh now the two ah unu ah pint finga fe blame one another. You BOTH look real damn stupid and VERY CHILDISH!!

      1. The two ah unu mout big and chat nuff like…you give good decent ghetto girls a bad name; all the talk ya talk cannot shade the fact seh yuh stained character and reputation, outweigh yuh pretty face…girl like you mi nuh wa nuh fren from; very conniving young young girl you are…

    2. God forgive me, I don’t want to dispute wah she seh but I thought I was the only one that caught that! If the threat was so real, then how she manage leave the court house without the restraining order? Also, food nuh inna fridge, he wont buy a house, so what happen to her money? And she still hasn’t mentioned what was the driving force behind her leaving? If you were so afraid all this time, then what is it that gave you the strength to leave? I know the truth nuh have versions but this was the raga interview all over again, word for word, expression fi expression! Winford barely ask her anything, she was a one woman show! Makes you wonder…

  5. I wish her all the best. Mek Foota gweh any man whe put him hands and feet on a woman is a worthless man. R story sound very credible. Him is a jackass fi buy a BMW over a house an pon top a it hungry fi dayz. unnu si mi dine trial no ongle dummies do dat, Him need fi stop now a choo di ooman finally done wid him an him caan get fi wipe him foot pan r like doormat no more u si him a come slander di girl – mind u she’s the mother of his son – like dat, Shame on u Foota mi no seh Ishwana was Mother Teresa but that gives u no right fi a behave so.

  6. Boy a long time mi no comment…..but God knows I gots to. First off me no too good with maths, but Ishawna no 33…..then a how the rass she and footooi deh from she a 18 and she deh with him 9 years. Sinting no add up.
    Next a weh the rass you a tell me not even fi her money coulda stretch fi put food inna the fridge..that deh mix up rinse in with the fact that she a tell him seh him fi put the bimma money aside and buy house, then weh fi her money inna the lump up?
    O.k all that aside abusive relationship is a rasshole fi deal with cause nuff a them dutty man yah no want control them cacky and want them little woman weh them love off fi put up wid it so me agree fi lef him rass fi that. But it begs me to wonder how so much man call up pan her name inna the so called 9 years- that mean she coulda did lef long time.
    But as she seh she find good company- it don’t look good for an artist a call them record label company… woiii me body.
    Well all in all me believe him abuse her as it did stink a road and also she has bruises to show. The truth is any woman who has been in an abusive relationship know it hard to leave especially when children are involved and especially when you not even have money fi stock out the fridge……But me sorry the very moment you give weh the pussy is the time you should leave….cause you know a more beaten that the abuser a go give you.
    A lot of times these men abuse women because they want complete controlof what they think is theirs….so when you give it weh them get extra rude.
    Anyway me sorry but Footoiii dead wrong cause there is no rass reason fi beat nobody much less a child or a woman… Ishawna just mek we know dumplin shaped footooii a 300 pounds-no sah.
    The two a them need fi move on for the sake of the child big people talk.
    Met large up your site.

  7. MEt come here Ishawna put across to Winfred like say a from she a 18 from she started dating foota him start beat her all of the nine years before she have her son.. den Winfred go ask her why se stated met, then this gal go drag in her son bouave son together the fuss lick foota give you, u should have leave me know sy outta the one year before you son born him did a beat u.. why she neva leave then.. Ishawna you really use your son to escape out of a situation u choose to stay in? Ishawna why you leave America and come to Jamaica? you talk to your mom or no? why she allow u to stay in an ausive relationship.. why she never tell you to come back home? Ishawna did your family abandon you at 18? why you moved out o your moth house that young? Ishawna we want to know everything.. were you the type of child that love boys more than your schooling? why u neva stay? foota say when Ishawna come Jamaica she couldn’t fly go America ain a him sort out her papers ishwana a did greencard you have and because you stay Jamaica long you couldn’t use it again? Ishawna a American citizen? did you get deported? met you need interview Ishwana something no right

  8. after this all I will say is we can all sit on the sidelines and speculate, only she and foota knows the truth, I find her story more credible than d nasty looking bwoy weh wah scowah wid scotch brite own the only part I doah believe is the part bout skatta was single c’mon ma u wrong bout dat I hope dis dun now an u find a nice likkle way to speak abt the abuse kudos for tekkin all a weh Met and d metters dem she u shoulda duh dat from March a hope dis dun now for the sake of the child

  9. MET Morning, Me na lie at 1 point when Ishawna a talk d tings dem me ting a me she a talk bout…It never easy fi leav n abusive relationship. My kids dem fadda buy me d first visa only because me did gi him me pardoner money fi rinse n when a ting start him him beat me n run me fi 1 younger girl at the time, so years after d goodness in a him buy me d visa n me start mek me own a money n lo n below to rass is like say me owe d man me life all him family dem start talk all dese tings, met I get some breed a lick de u see u would a tingk say a me fadda all when me run whe n go a me fren dem go stay him a hide in a bush a wait ppon me, me use to fraid cause true him a propper proper bad man, d man beat me already till me unconscious bruk all me right hand n while him did a beat me him a cry n a say me caan leave him n him a go kill me n him – Met me is a regular girl me end up go a d station fi dem lock him up n walk out cause me never want dem dip him, 2 weeks after him a talk pon d phone n put pon speaker him gyal n who tell me fi go ask him if him no easy …D MAN KICK ME FR DOWN D STAIRS TO UP D STAIRS !!!! I WILL NEVER FIGET DAT Me na go tek d shin fr Ishawn but me believe every singl eword she say cause dats how these men are, ISHAWNA ME WISH U ALL D BLESSINGS N DNT LOOK BACK

    1. Sorry you had to endure all of that PPL Business, and so happy for you that you found your inner strength and had the courage to walk away from it all. Im sure it takes a lot of strength to admit that you were a victim of abuse. You are strong woman, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you owe him or his family nothing! U will overcome!

  10. PPL Business me eye full a wata cause me know how yuh feel and I mean literally me nuh tink twice when smaddy tell me seh dem get beaten an nuh lef it’s easy fi somebaddy wha nuh inna it fi seh why yuh nuh lef but is like yuh cripple an nuh know wah fi do yuh know seh yuh wah lef but di fear hol’ yuh no matter wha people wan’ seh is a terrible feeling me get beat 8 out a 10 years and me lef bout 10 year now an jus feel comfortable enough fi talk bout it so I support her on that part. It really hard fi choo

    1. Sorry about your ordeal Alwaysreading. You are a woman of courage and strength, dont let your experience define you. Only weak and pathetic men abuse women!

  11. Has mi seh before, I can’t stand a beatah…mi believe har. Footah is a piece a dawg sh.te and di wuss kind, caz im all a buss di gal ass in front a him son and chat all dem crop bout har..droncrow dat..dyam face oily lakkah when mi just dun do mi oil change,dyam foot look same way too. Ole fart.

  12. I believe every word this girl said. I was in a relationship just like her, where this man would beat my ass and behave in public like him a smaddy. Him use to threaten me that him a go kill me and kill himself if mi leave him. This man would stalk me when I tried to leave me. I remember once I went down town to the da court to file restraining order against him and the same thing weh Ishawna said about the system that is true. I ended up leaving because it take forever. I got some rass lick from dat man. The system in Jamaica sucks when it come on to domestic violence. I don’t think Jamaica take it serious.

  13. PPL Business I FEEL your pain with tears. Thanks for sharing your story, you are a SURVIVOR. We stand with you and ISHWANA and ALL women who have suffered at the hands of an abuser.
    People who ridicule women who are beaten and abused are part of the reason they take so long to leave.
    – this violence is a SERIOUS isssue that affects all women of all races and social class.
    ” I thought all dancehall beat their women.”
    And ” only the ugly men beat women it is never the David Beckhams and Adam Levines.”
    ” if FOOTAH hype was cute, would he still beat woman?”
    Lauren o Lauren chat sense. We all know u love to suck the white man cock and look light baby, with yuh BARREN ASS… But be educated that ABUSE has NO COLOR.
    Hope d ole white fart yuh have NEVA thump yuh inna yuh ras.

  14. MI FASS, I am glad you finally had the courage to leave.
    Thanks for your story. Even though I am against the gay lifestyle, MANY gays are also abused by their lovers . I just wanted to bring that point up. There was a story that I was following a while back in Guyana, the girl was NINETEEN and her lover was a woman in her thirties that would beat her with electrical cords, belts, etc and scarred up every part of her body till the young girl had to get TATOOS to HIDE the scars.
    She ended up killing her older lover outside a club.
    Her poor, elderly mom is even on you tube talking about her daughter beatings and the scars how she was treated by her her lover. ( I think one of them name SONOBE).
    In the end, the girl served a short time in prison and was released cuz I hear when prosecutor dem see the scars of years of abuse …it was so shocking to them as well. She was a BATTERED GIRL, near the same age as ISHWANA when she started.
    – artists fi highlight this too cuz many men of power in Jamaica, beat or emotionally ABUSE their women and get away with it.
    Let’s not be biased, I am just sayin based on Ishawana’s case, but I know women are abused my all types of men, all over the world. Tragic. It is time women RISE UP.

  15. ” THE BATTERED WOMAN,” by Dr. Lenore Walker
    is a great book that describes the CYCLE PATTERN OF BATTERING. Please be AWARE of their cycle.
    Picture a CIRCLE with
    – DENIAL in the middle as the smaillest* Circle.
    1. TENSION BUILDING is the first state of the cycle that involves the abuser being irritable, upset, short tempered etc,
    Abused women would often try to ” calm” their abuser, behave, avoiding upsetting him/ her
    – but the TENSION continues to RISE.
    2. VIOLENCE . In this second stage the tension explodes and in this cycle which cane be verbal or physical, it usually ends up explosive. The woman may be beaten for NO reason at all, the food too cold, answering back, or even being beaten out of a deep sleep.
    ( this keeps the batterer IN CONTROL and the VICTIM IN * FEAR*
    3. HONEYMOON:. In this third stage of the cycle, the abuser becomes very loving and apologetic. He seems SORRY for his actions and often showers the woman with gifts and promise NEVER to hurt her again. He may even CRY and BEG her forgiveness. he makes promised to better himself. Stop his bad habits whether it is cheating or drugs drinking etc;
    – he may romance her with flowers, parties, special treatments and more time together. The abused woman usually BELIEVES HIM.
    – SHE THINKS HE WILL CHANGE. She is momentarily happy
    Sadly, in reality, it is a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, because soon the cycle starts again from stage one ( tension-building) and she is often TENSE and SCARED as not to upset him, as the CYCLE starts ALL OVER AGAIN!
    ***** women RECOGNIZE the CYCLE***

    1. Thanks for sharing and being so vocal on this issue which affects so many women, there are so many silent sufferers. Although I have never been a victim of abuse, my mom was, and I know that there are a lot of women out their who are being abused and will never come forward. I applaud your efforts, it will definitely give them a voice and hope which they desperately need.

  16. As a survivor of domestic violence I can tell u every word she saying is true my abuser used to carry on the exactly the same way all try n justify him doing for me give him reason to beat n cheat on me n I just wake up one day after 6 yrs n left but it wasn’t easy he walk n chat me to everyone all try tarnish my reputation n he use to tell me he kill me even have to go put a restraining order to make him know me serious so I know exactly what this girl going thru bcuz I been there

  17. I know both Foota and Ishawna and I can raise my right hand and say I am not a fan of Ishawna but she is telling the truth. Foota bring down even Mavado everywhere him go up to this day. People tired fi hear the same sad story dem from you now foota. Anyway, Ishawna usually bawl fi help pon gully bank and foota mother used to agree with all the wrongs till people used to have it to say a tie them tie that poor likkle girl cause him mother LOVE them things deh. All I can say now is DONT LOOK BACK ISHAWNA!!! As to you foota this is a new Era, hope the next woman you find put up with all the right things. And mind you beat the wrong person who nahh go take it and you end up dead cause gal chop off yuh hood when ya sleep or bun you up wid acid, a because Ishawna a fool, fair is fair, right is right and you dead wrong this time. Another thing, me still think Ishawna need to fix her attitude too. other than that both of you need to acknowledge your wrongs and compromise little by little not only for the sake of your son but for yourself. As you may know the first sign of healing is acceptance so move on now and LIVE. Life too short for all this. More relevant things happening in the world like the Poor needs feeding and unsaved needs Jesus, cause this no mekk no sense.

    1. Some obeah mus gwaan ..I hear him love obeah tuh fi true so Im waiting fi see who fah obeah greater and mi nah call no name :travel

  18. MET a 1 ting me know say no Obeahman caan stronger than my God, so mek Foota n d rest a dem ting say dem obeah man can save dem . All dat me did tink say Ishawna did a go bawl out but she hold dung da part de

  19. A lot a people might said why don’t you leave the abusive relationship, but until you are in there u will understand. It is not that easy. It is 7yrs since I have been out that abusive relationship…..but sometimes when I see other women sharing there stories it bring back all of those memories. There are lot of other Ishawna out there I hope her story will help other women. Trust me sometime da duty man dem tell u somethings and u believe them, u keep saying it is your fault….u got to be strong. I learn a lot from that relationship and trust me nuh man can ever put dem hand on me ever again.

  20. Ok I believe what she’s sayin about foota n all a that but that still doesnt give her the right to go sleep wid scatta. She’s a sad excuse for that. Honestly I think scatta took advantage of a situation. But to how shi a talk it look like dem deh now. She’s still a classless chick. Care not whe nobody wha say. Ur blaming ur whoring behavior on foota. That nu mek it. Yes yu shoulda lef foota long time ca mi na suppnu woman beata but thats doesnt give u the go a head to degrade urself as a female. In the end you showed yourself up as a slut ishawna. Nu matta how yu wha pretty it up

  21. Listen, I believe her. No one is perfect and yes she slept with Scatta, but what a woman does is her damn business. Not only that, she was single and so was he. So what is the big deal. No woman should be treated the way she was treated. I am however happy to know that she did not contract any sexual transited disease or he went to the extreme to take her life.

  22. I believe her 100%. Jamaica we need to support women. I swear the system here is designed to make women and children suffer. You heard what she said about the restraining order? That is ridiculous in 2014. Women are on their own in this country as a woman you are more likely to be killed by your partner than by a stranger. Yeah and we have a woman in office as PM smh

    1. To the police there is a lot of support for abused women and you dont have to worry about going anywhere. They will find somewhere for u

    2. Prayers are with you, do as Met say, go straight to the police and don’t look back. If you have a trusted friend let him/her help you to get there,to help with the kids and for support. Pick up and go with God, you will be ok. Don’t tarry just get up and go. Good advice Met and so true. Help her Lord, Help her.

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