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    1. @met??? you see how she dunce.. di man ask her what kind of abusive relationship all she haffie say is he abuse me physically and mentally all raga a ask her what type of abuse she cannot explain herself him haffie a explain it to her, all now she nuh know say abusive mean mentally and physically all she had to say was I Was Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Abused

        1. LOLOL…at one point me a think Foota fi go tun lawyer de way she say him good pon speaking, dwlrcln! Him should a school har pon that too..

          1. Ever if she dunce, she did still get abuse which is not cool .she never have no interview before a coach class wid joe Joncrown.Raga smarta than dat, Raga and her tun big fren so him neva drill her. mi loose off raga pon diss.diss juss leave people confuse.She did a good job fi fix things. but, Wi need to si di restraining orda fi real. foota fi call in tomorrow. come fix di confusion.
            she now she affi come up wid hit song now after diss or she get wah di duck get….

  1. Ishawna u still should not call him name..all dem people deh do dem tings u a di man baby mother but thanks fi confirm di box dem

    1. MET, I listen to the interview. Nuff question raga asked her there were these long pauses. I think those pauses were telling. Parts mi believe parts I don’t i didn’t. She admitted to doing scatta but not Joe. When she did they hook up before or afta she and foota thing scatta? Foota wrong fi beat and try control her still. Both ratchet, no winner.

  2. She said she went to get it and the lady say 2 weeks when she go back she say she did run out of patience and had something to do and she left. As for her behalf I would do the same thing if him a come a my yard and a wait for hrs a my gate and threaten me. You have some wicked man out deh I can speak for myself on that . However I would not leave that court house until I get that order if my situation ever get to that stage. However again Ishawna I understand u claiming u did love him and never want left bcz sometime we women are love blind but my pussy can’t get wet for a man for nine years of him a kick me down. It shouldn’t have taken u so long honey but then u leave now and u a big woman. I can relate to the situation met . I am not picking up for ishawna u have some man who feel because they are paying the bills and etc them is your dAddy. Ishawna one thing I blame u for is f**king. Man around foota circle that’s very Lowe and u will one day regret that move. Never f**k in you man circle to bun u man . Ur a a woman u can’t do what man do. U should have given him the revenge of success and move on and go find somebody else who love and respect u . Don’t know what ad why u choose all skatta him bcz u can tell a lot bout a person based on their appearance . Don’t know him only saw his pic on her . Ishawna again stop use ur pussy for revenge its gonna get played out honey. As for foota the gyal tired and gone so gone find a next woman and let she go f**k down the world if ahe want an di sit and drink ur tea like Kermit . Uno have a child . Leave it at that.

    1. Abuse ppl are in a sticky place mentally. It is easy for us on the outsde to say why you stayed. Their motivations for staying are varied. For Ms. Ishawna here, a young girl wid stars in her eyes, even though the nig foot boy did a beat har, she probably seh to har self stay fi the buss. So wen Scatta start whisper inna har ears and blow pon the clit and tell har fi lef foota cuz him will help har more. She seh mi a cut, and use di abused spouse card. She calculating.

  3. It’s hard for a man to work at a place knowing someone in there slept with his baby mother she keep saying she took scatta when she leff foota but you guys was still working together and tru she know she a tek scatta and foota haffi see him everyday she feel hype she feel har strength so foota right bout some things

    1. whether she tek him when dem innna a relationship or not she wrong and nasty.. they were all friends.. if the man a beat you why stay? she say foota nuh wan nothing out of life but a the same person mek help her career, and make she reach so far ooun fi analysis good! Ishawna just a opportunist! so why she neva go get a job and show the man the half of the money to pay down on a house and he will follow why she feel like he should buy car and paydown on house and allow her to buy clothes and boot and continue to sing when she know she has no talent.. a now she know say she wan betta?

  4. She is a mess pure lies she keep pausing because she thinking of a lie kmft she need to keep her legs close for the sake of her child .your man friend can never and will never love you all you did was sell yourself short .I see this girl as Jamaica’s biggest hore her and angel a fight for the spot

  5. Ishawna said the public don’t know the price she paid for being with fotta”
    No ishawna, its the price you paid for being famous. You chose to stay with an abusive duty man and on top of it u had his child, so your both bound together forever.

  6. She is Jamaica’s top freak after listening to this shit smh I don’t sorry for her one bit if her life was at danger she would of waited for the court order kmft who she think she can fool what was so important ? A muss scatta did call her for a next 3sum make her left the court

  7. I believe -EVERY-SINGLE-WORD she said!!!!!!!!!…Foota, full time yuh leave her alone now…as mi seh tuh yuh before…we have all experienced some form of heartbreak and let down within a relationship *whether it be business or personal.* It sounds to me as if you put this young lady thru hell and back thru out your 9 year relationship, all beat ar in front ah yuh son????????????????…Really yute?????…Foota, walk good yere…..Ishawna, stop whore out yuhself, pick up and brush off yuhself and try don’t enter back into another abusive relationship….

    1. Foota, you are now the new face for gal clown. You should find the nearest pile of quick sand and go bury yuh shameless face…and I also sincerely hope that if you ever decide fe lay hands on another woman ever again in your entire life, dem deal wid yuh PRRRROPPAAAAAA til all restraining awda YOU haffe draw fa…you fuhcking Mitch!

      1. Well said Yeppie..Mi beleive har more dan dutty foota..a him cause di gal fi a behave suh…she tireddddd a di abuse…although dats no reason fi she guh f**k him co worker…

    2. I agree with Yeppy @8:36pm and I too believe what she is saying. She sounds very much frustrated and tired a de bull. All she need to do is move on and try to achieve her goals without lying on her back. She will be frighten to know how good it feels when she is empowered all on her own.

      1. All I heard was frustration having to deal wid ah dude who feels like he can break her because he made her who she now is and she jus not having that shit anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact seh she IS dickin n’ trickin….pumpum is not an asset so she needa stop believing that it will be her meal ticket to fame and fortune…do I believe she f**ked Scatta *and maybe several others* fe spite Foota?…ABSOLUTELY she did!…was she wrong for that?…YES she absolutely is! …but who nuh listen mus feel, suh if ah suh, den ah jus suh…

    3. Yep…u know I believe her, she never say anything outrageous that her story unbelievable…I have never been in an abusive relationship because I refuse to…as a little girl I see what my mother went through and promised myself..I rather go prison than fi allow a man fi beat me…’s easier for us to to say why she didn’t leave…but until u walk a day in that shoes u will never understand

      1. The girl admit seh Foota show ar the ropes but in exchange fe dat she was his puppet on a string fe 9 years…9 long abusive years..dat bwoy woulda get ah steaming hot dose ah grits…domestic violence against yuh baby madda in front ah dem son?..and he joked it off as if ah summen she shoulda expect n’ accept..what if somebody deh wid deem mumma and whooped her f**kin ass for 9 years? would he feel about that?..Ishawna is somebody’s mother too and the child is the one left to deal with those bad images and memories…

    4. I listen objectively since I don’t care fi she nor foota…and to me she was trying not to say too much. Mi believe har and he needs to move on. He’s bitter etc…but he needs to move on…she didn’t deny sleeping wid skatta, make she did Eva answer bout foota swipin…u wudda hear all manner of worst evil bout her. I feel she cudda dash out pin the interview and she didn’t. She think carefully before she ansa and it’s a sensitive enough issue that u betta think and pause before yuh talk. Foota yuh bitter and u need fi go find a bridge and chuck off.she stayed long enough through the licks, u bring her in the spotlight but no sir she don’t owe yuh her soul jus cauz is u make we know har……whatever he needs to get over

  8. Ishawna say foota nuh an nothing ot of life.. and me read pan this same site say he put her out of his home with nothing and him ex friend pick her up and buy furniture and now paying her rent.. then a who wukliss Ishwana? bout paydown pan house.. what where u doing to give this man a sense of security that you will help pay e mortgage a month.. likkle tekka u think a so u lease house.. u not even say mi did a go help him with the mortgage month what away u mouth just a run like a diarrhea, what away u mouth just a run so ee thot?

    1. Den yu neva hear foota seh him have money, dat mean him nuh need nuh help fi him mortgage,or maybe him can buy it cash :thumbup :thumbup

  9. Ishawna go pay the price for some class now I don’t believe you. You got what you wanted yes fame you want is fame you got.JAMAICA TOP FREAK

  10. But foota sey him rich and famous so the girls dem always want him. :ngakak now ishawna a sey him no have no money. I cant with these too..
    So how dem going to co parent now that both of dem refused to communicate?

    1. fus she say she lef because a di beating den she say a because him buy big car..I believe her say him bruck but she came out the bruck relationship wid 0 after 9 years…she say foota still love her but i will encourage people pan di side fi low dem…they will go back

      1. Metty, I think she meant that it was just a compilation of all the bullshit he was putting her and their son thru, from beaten tuh reckless spending to flossing wid dem household money *like most of these deadbeats do anyway*..alla we as women mud know somebody weh mismanage dem money ah yuh haffe deh deh pa toppa dem every minute fe pay bills first and put aside ah rainy day money but yet still some ah dem pick up the money and guh buy pare foolishness wid it…his demeanor on the Onstage interview said it all…

          1. Metty, yuh know ah the beaten part mi ah defend still cause Foota already admitted to that…suh which part ah weh she seh she ah lie bout????

          1. -She left because she saw opportunity not because of anything else
            -Yes I believe he used to abuse her because of his own insecurity that was fed by others who said he was not good enough for her
            -I believe she was sleeping with Skatta way before the breakup and she left because she was in a place where she could get the support she needed
            -I dont believe her that foota was dogging her at the studios, never heard it not one time. She did the songs STRICTLY as a career move because he is popular in the street and not because he was dogging her . Thats a FACT
            -I respect her for not dogging him but in a way she did, she knew personally that he lied about being hit at cockbourn pen by a man she was allegedly sleeping with …she know it happen so she a put it out there in her own way
            -Both people are manipulators, it takes one to live with one
            -Does not display the traits of an abused woman, it does not come through like that..Maybe they had fights and these were fights between the two but none full on spousal abuse..Her attitude does not convey this
            -She admitted to smartly doing her thing on the side if people pay attention
            – I believe she knows that Foota is the only man that will go the full hundred for her and will go back

          2. met in 9.37 dats all I was try to say all this time beating was not the problem she wasn’t a battered woman ….mi nah go dog r out still but shi luu when shi tek scatta not fi foota sake but if she no respect her pum pum who will …hw scatta ago look pon she……….when angel leff bounty beanie try fi play d mr nice guy role an him tun roun shame angel more dan even bounty ….big disgrace beanie gi angel so sometime u muss stick wid d evil weh u knw……shi was not a battered woman except fi maybe inna d last run….they had a child an teeth an tongue will meet she gwaine regret it met…….jus fi who shi tek him ago do r wurseeeeeeee beanie an angel teach mi dat

          3. Mi seh it nuff time..All guilty none guiltless…she was not a battered woman…mi dus all a memba say a after the beating a chuggit she go put out the song..di story too long and nuff and mi might sound a way but dem have a funny kinda love for each other…dem a go right back because one did a did live offa di other .How she spoke shows what she did was strictly for a career move and she still nuh understand why he would be upset at her laughing at people jeering him and why he would be upset at her singing the songs..mi nuh know if she really nuh understand or if dat a pretense..She call him name pan every show she do..Foota is liar but mi cyah side wid nobody because everybaddie dabbling in wrong doing

          4. Oooooooookaaaaaaaaayyyyyy mi see yuh point of view now Metty, but she still shouda serve him up ah nice dose ah steamin hot grits…

          5. Beating was not her problem she said she left because he bought a car he couldnt afford and they didnt have a house . Mi nah tek no man lick mi a nuh beating stick. She talk bout di beating dem almost emotionless di norm fi dem

    2. and she wan him fi lease house and pay mortgage and she know the man nuh have noooo money!! u nuh see the gal wicked? :nohope :ngakak

      1. bwaay she talk suh much tings one time I kaint :ngakak
        she say foota war har a chugit n she see him outa har door is lie eno…foota told her thats what he did when he saw skatta because if she did see him she wouldnt mek skatta stay ina har house so longg. I do believe her that she loved him but I also am of the opinion that because people kept telling her she was too good for him , that affected the relationship

        1. met that girl just a tie up herself. me feel like man will more push forward when dem a do and the woman a do.. one hand caah clap.. weh Ishawna do with her money. why she neva say mek we save and buy piece a land and buy one one block until we build our dream house! one hand caah clap a two haffie clap

  11. The best part was when she said she would go back road and go sell because its her pums . She know seh my money ready fi spend.

  12. Man the two A dem wrong n the two a dem a big idiot thr is no way u feel good come pon mi tv proud se u beat woman…n is noway u can justify the fact seh u fuk ur baby father friend then seh dem annu friend when Scatta write himself seh EX FRIEND….dutty mix up that is entertaining n funny but really disgusting

  13. Worthless! bout if she wan go a back road fi go tek man fi feed she and har pickney a nu de man business.
    Worthless females need to know when man a feed dem pickney what you do that affects their children is their business.
    Ragga a play the tune whey Joe mek she wet up and cum pon ROTFF! Concubine tune

  14. In all honesty I can relate to some of the things she is saying. You have some man them will take you up give you anything do the world for you, then comes the infidelity, embarrassment, outside kids etc. Ishawna had to leave cuz he would stay and do as he pleases.Now she left and doing good it worse hurt him cuz man love when yuh lef them yuh mash up.But Miss Ishawna yuh should a neva F**k Skatta yuh know him woman but thats your business. All the best


  16. Mi dwl when Ragga een ask ar bout Scatta and it was crickets, dead silence and den she seh what ah Ragga seh yuh cyaah hear mi?! :hammer

  17. Dis chic seem to do everything fi boost her career, shi find herself in an abuse relationship sake of career, shi lef one industry nigga fi a nex, once again fi her career, all wen di x man a stalk her an shi cud possible end up dead shi decide to not wait out di restraint process becuz of her career…..all her decision is make base upon dis career weh seem to a elude her smfh.

  18. she betta walk far from dem dj artiste woman deh..she betta nuh step pan dem toe.. wait until sting me know spice a go dj bout dis dwl woiiieeeeeee

      1. She say foota did a stalk her but she knew what he was saying on his page on a day to day basis…how, and why would she care?

  19. The abusive dysgunctional relationship that she endured I actually understand. Even her reaction to the pain. She is not the first woman to tek her man friend, brother, boss or mortal enemy. By doing that she was trying to excersize a degree of power. Not saying she right, but I get it. Never shit whey you eat, that has always been my opinion. Now stop all the interviewing and Mek sure you focus on the child and setting a solid foundation for the child. A woman will always be a victim if she always solely dependant on a man financially. 9 years of relationship, nutten no inna her name. Not even one little town house. Look a place fi put you head not a place whey hood put you.

  20. Couple of things
    Obviously she was ok with the beating and disrespect as long as the money, fame and status remained intact. The minute the man nah progress like she want him to, she cut. The break up have jack shit to do with the beating/cheating, let’s be honest lady.
    Clearly she still respect him cause she could a easily expose his bedroom habits. Her not answering speak volumes anyway. And on that note, him brave eh, knowing full well seh him do the things and have the nerve to lie like that!
    And yes the man is clearly driven by ego, who the hell get that upset over song lyrics, gimmie a break! And in the same breath have the nerve fi admit to cheating and beating her like its nothing, he play himself out to be a real manipulative son of a bitch. I believe the things she seh bout him!

  21. all of unu a bloodclaat ediat unu dont know the everyday running of their life and relationship so unu cyaan past judgement on one and be bias against the other

  22. met no one nah think when she a get the beaten dem its probably for some of those name we hear call on the pums she was getting beaten for and she feel like she deserve the beaten so she nor leave bz him all send har go hospital and most time when that happen a pums go way

    1. Maybe but he did not believe most..Di box whey him get a cockbourn pen mek sense because di man dem seh dem did warn him before him go dere not to big up bully…maybe him know ishawna did involve wid waldy because it doe mek no sense whatsoever as to why he would go against what di man dem seh……………….and it mek sense as to why him neva get worse dan di box..dem kill ice fi less dan wha him do

    1. Nah a dont buy it dem war yes , but all at chugit dem seh when foota did a tell har him waa talk to har she start gwaan bad a desso di fight come in..Same thing when him pull the knife whey day..Dont get me wrong I dont condone or like any man whey beat women but fi dem beating culture different. Ishawna neva fraid a foota I dont buy it

      1. Whey day when Foota deh a ninjaman ting wid di new girl she go pan stage a drop words bout she lef man n gyal pick up if she neva care why go there???..people fi low dem…only dem know how dem ting wuk n dem going right back

  23. It seems to me like a she a stalk him
    She can’t fool me she did love the 9 years of beating. When your man for 9 years don’t have money like how he did when you first met him you suppose to support him help him get back on his feet that’s what real woman do. But you bitch as soon as the man pocket run low you run gone f**k his friend .bout you leave because he buy car kmft how many car he bought in the 9 years? Why you didn’t leave when he buy the second one ? Gtfoh waist gal f**k dem baby father friend

  24. A nuff man she f**k a Jamaica all bounty a say she better not call him name it stink a road. A she tell bounty that tonyann kick out matter on and that matter on a catch a man yard

  25. If fotta go back to her he is without question a man clown . she have no loyalty and no class .she could of take any man in the world but she took his friend. That gal luuuuuuuu

  26. This interview lefft me more confused as well @met. All I know is if footah is so emotionally unstable provoking him is the worst idea yet. I just hope she locks her doors a night time cause she just woke a sleeping lion. As for her even commenting about the scatta incident she should have said nothing. Now ppl believe she is the studio mattress. On the other hand she makes a good point she left her abusive relationship where she was being controlled and cheated on and disrespects because he would licky licky or have a threeway? That dont make no kind of sense. He sounds devastated. He needs to get over it.

  27. If me fraid for my life and all go as far as start restraining order.. Mi would not antagonize a dangerous abuser who is murderous and suidical wid nit 1 but 2 songs; sleep wid friend/coworker within the camp. I would do my best to not even look his way or say his name. And if I have to speak of him because we are public figures my statement would be along the lines of “that’s my child’s father and we did experience a rough time and are no longer together. We are trying to get through this difficult period for the sake of our son so please respect our privacy”. But not you Ishawna… Noooo. Because as my rightfully say.. It’s all about your career. You lost and I hope you find yourself soon

  28. the country part way she say bout his frenz dem broke him hand ah true!!!!!!!!!!!! foota have a mental in his hand,di boy dem beat out him claat, but on the other note,she is a big freak n whore big time

  29. met mi tired of the 2 a dem joe need fi run weh d 2 a dem from him company.she say dem lef march january she confuse.carry dem dutty livin go a di man place all careless dutty scatta dem mus mek ninja man pack him up.

    1. As if that can be justified. It nuh rite and fii woman come justify that is BS. A man a beat a woman fi nine years is a pussy. If wha she do bother u so much then lef har don’t beat her up she’s not ur child

  30. today d caller pon raga seh a long time dat buss ova pink wall seh shi deh wid scatta n did all frein him woman n u knw anything buss ova pink wall a tru ………….raga laff till him nearly dedbut hear d ole hypocrite no it’s not true ano everything buss a pink wall a true……..but mi yet fi see 1 lie pon yah…………him a try fi mek shi luk gud still but mi no knw if it can help

  31. Mi like footage him don’t seem hype to me, I think she was the problem .can’t mix business with pleasure that whole company soon fall apart next its Joe and scatta bowas going to war smh

    1. a really footage …foota dont seem hype? di way him rush up ina di video dem fi talk u would swear him nose and mouth is of reasonable size..he is quite full of his lying self :hammer

  32. gud…..enyway mi ago tunein 2mrrw fi hear weh tink kartel case weh gt dash weh becase dem seh dem a wait pon d outcome a d appeal cuz a de same witness dem inna dah case deh

  33. At least dem never call angel studio mattress mnl the way how ishawna file duty she make angel look clean ooooooo but she shouldn’t teck bounty smh a big kiss that

  34. memba Foota seh scatta confessed about the affair TRUE..

  35. Dwl fotta the shortage nuh work so yuh start use yuh tongue dat still Neva work so when she start mek the industry dig har out yuh beat up the girl cause yuh insecure.. A ooman strength yuh have cause a whole heap a beat up the man Dem gi yuh dwl…mi believe everything she say bout him character doe but yuh shouldn’t puck the man fren doe… but the song Dem sound extra good tonight… A how him feel a listen yah now go kill yuh self like KIRK dwl lowe the gal

  36. Dwl she a naa comment bout d bedroom ting doe. She a b d bigger person there so. Naa talk how him a Ben dung an taste.

  37. Wanda if she an Waldy did f***k fi real? Naa put it past her but she woulda a call cock burn pen name soo much time?

  38. This girl endure Foota’s abuse for many years,9 years is a long time.From a teenager into an adult.This man is upset that she have moved on, a him fi lef har not her.I agree wen she seh she nuh bring oral sex argument to the man, who brings such a thing to an abuser if dem nuh inna dem tings deh cause a str8 beat up after.Foota is really trying to ruin the girl cause him so call “made her” a behave like Mayweather.Ishauwna u did the right thing by speaking up.I for one didnt agree cause me same one seh uno fi depart amicably, u address it so dun dere suh darling.Let him carry on after this suh we know seh him really bitter seh u lef.Foota u sick mi stomach.U have no merit watsoever fi really think bout it, di girl neva bring nuh oral sex argument to u or 3some.Dat nuh gi nuh reason fi lef har cause I’m sure u duh both of them without har.She said she left u, so move and low the girl in the name of Jesus.Young lady guh get the restraining order if a even the whole day u up deh, guh get it and guh pawn di ring.Watch how success aguh come to u now, some ppl a crossess my girl and Foota was helping but still crossess.U R A SURVIVOR

  39. What a gal wicked and lie, first she seh she and di man lef from inna march then after she seh dem lef from inna January

    1. No man she say dem lef in January and she neva say nothing till March. To me she lie bout the songs and why they were made, the restraining order thingy ..she spoke long but not much issues addressed.

  40. Omg this girl need to go sit down this interview makes no sense at all. It is what it is you sleeping with all a the man them dj’s and all

  41. Thank you Ishawna for speaking OUT and defending yourself and being BRAVE enough to speak about your physical and MENTAL ABUSE. You were eighteen years old when you met Footah and you STAYED for NINE YEARS.
    Having worked with and counseled MANY young victims as well as a few older ones of domestic abuse, we know it is a VICIOUS CYCLE and it Is VERY VERY HARD a to leave, as fear and lack of income, as well as security and NO SUPPORT are MAJOR FACTORS *** WHY *** many women stay. This goes for gays as well who are in the new group of domestic violence victims who were silent for years to speak up. –
    – Ishawna , after I LISTENED a this interview, I BELIEVE you and you have MY SUPPORT . You are a mother first. YOUR NEEDS AND YOUR WELFARE COMES *** FIRST ****
    – YES Footah did a lot for you and introduced you to the business, but you ALSO SACRIFICED a LOT of your FREEDOM and SELF – ESTEEMED and MAJOR HUMILIATION And BEATINGS by staying with him. YOU DID YOUR PART, NOW DO YOU.
    – I have had to call domestic violence hotlines several times for victims iss young as FIFTEEN , a young mother at 21 with three children, who like Ishawna had NO one to tell or was ashamed, or stayed for whatever reasons.
    – I find many CARIBBEAN men, Jamaiican men especially are VERY ABUSIVE a verbally, emotionally and often physically. This is NOT a stereotype based on the research and experiences I have had.
    Many especially who are less educated and suffer from inflated egos tend to violate women because of their ***emotional insecurities*** r
    Yet rich people are not exempted from domestic violence. It is ALL walks of life. I know a female DOCTOR who finally walked away.
    – FURTHER MORE, ISHWANA IS FINALLY LIBERATED, HOW SHE ****F**KS *** HER PUSSY ( safely with protection), is HER BUSINESS !!!
    – too long and often WOMEN are JUDGED and men GET AWAAY with their sexuality and over zealous cock !
    – importantly she SAID ” Skatta was her FRIEND”
    If YOU are in a domestic violence situation get HELP. There are local organizations ALL over the world.
    1-800-621-HOPE (4673)
    (212)- 227-3000
    – ALL HOTLINES ARE 24 hrs
    ——— email— [email protected] —( 2 day response )—
    Thank you.
    Gwaan Ishwanna, NEVER EVA LOOK BACK !!!
    You will find yuhself soon.

    1. I totally agree, who she f**ked and is f***king totally irrelevant matter fact i feel as though that tidbit of info is a distraction to the root of the actual problem. Abuse is never okay under any circumstance.

  42. Yo me jut look up the boy skattaburrel what a boy look bad and look like mad man. God know Ishawna you stomach strong no f**k. Look how you pretty and you really lay down with that ugly man all now I feel like I want to throw up. A better you did fine a dog and sleep with. Me loose off a you god know.

    866-689-HELP ( 4357)
    TDD phone numbers for all hotlines:

  44. These comments are disturbing. Especially with it being from a bunch of “women”. EVERYBODY concern and dogging her out for who she slept/sleeping with. Why nobody not talking about the fact that she said he was beating her ass!!!! Really tho ladies…is fi har front!!!! The same mouth she have to use to explain to her son why she sleep with somebody in his father circle is the same mouth she can use and explain to her son why HIS FATHER was beating her ass!!! Until you have been in an abusive relationship where you are confused, hurt, embarassed and going through a ringer of emotions you really can’t say why this person did not leave long ago. People always quick to say leave….it’s not that easy…trust me I know. I argued with my parents about leaving an abusive relationship because I swore the man would change. I left when “I” had enough…not when everybody else had enough. She left him now and he is straight up harrasing her…whether she use the word “stalk” or “harass” if it don’t concern him son, him need to leave her alone and what she do with her front, don’t have NOTHING to do with them son!!!!

    1. Until you understand where Jamaica’s culture and Domestic violence meets don’t try to make everyone out to be crude here. There are three types of relationships that involves physical abuse
      1) A true batterer who thrives on making the victim feel less of themselves because they themselves know they are unworthy. This is where the abuser controls the victim’s mind and body. Many women in these types of relationships almost always end up with an abuser because there is a weakness in them that these abusers can smell a mile away so the victim also has his/her own short comings. The abused in these relationships almost never leave and when they do, they never look back. They either kill their abuser in their mind or have so much hate for them it is almost impossible for them to see any good in them.
      2) A domestic situation that thrives off physical abuse. Both people are violent by nature and the abuse is the glue that holds them together because they do not know how to express themselves in any other way. The man knows what button to push on the woman and the woman knows what button to push on the man. There are no winners or losers here, but two people who need to know how to express themselves in a manner that does not involve getting physical. Sometimes in these cases when partner decides to change, the other partner will not stay because fighting is the only way for them. Please note that in this kind of relationship, both parties are manipulators.
      3) A relationship that has physical abuse, every once in a while. It is not a real abusive relationship because the couple has been physical one or two time but fights happen and both are able to cool off and get back to being normal.
      I can never say real men don’t hit women because every man and woman is capable of losing it and I cannot call the man an abuser for getting angry one or two times. An abuser pounces on a victim and makes the relationship a parasitic one. Women who are abused by these parasites 9/10 times need help beyond a shoulder to lean on because as I said, just as these men know how to pick these women, sure enough these women know how to pick these men.

      1. I’m sure you checked the IP address in order to mention the “jamaica’s culture” staement. I am Jamaican, born and raised, married to a Jamaican, parents, brothers, uncles and ALL family members are Jamaican so pardon my french but I call bullish on your logic of the Jamaican culture and where it meets domestic violence. Women don’t “culturally” accept beating from men in Jamaica. Nope….don’t believe it. How you are raised, what you are taught and how you deal with it has nothing to do with Jamaican culture. Assanine!!!! Anyway…carry on. Oh, and your 3 examples…I call bullish on that as well. I hope no young girl read that shit you posted…pure foolishness. “A relationship that has physical abuse, every once in a while. It is not a real abusive relationship because the couple has been physical one or two time but fights happen and both are able to cool off and get back to being normal” really though…I was up for a good debate but that ish right there….chile bye…too inteligent to argue that right there.

        1. I didnt check your ip address , I dont have the time to be that petty. I said what I said based on how Jamaica is and how people abroad are. not really because of what you said..It was a general statement. I did not say it to offend you because my comment wasn’t hostile. These relationships exists whether you like it or not. I said nothing about any culture accepting nothing ..Where is your anger coming from?

        2. Metty, she said bye so let her gone bout her business…end of discussion!!….”chile bye”…really???…so “inteligent” (you illiterate f***k) and mature of you to say….
          FYI: I am not intelligent and mature when yuh diss the family, so here’s one more for the road

    2. a real abuse victim does not ave the time to think about having sex that victim is thinking is about the safety of their life an the safety of their children ,,,that victim should be afraid of the opposite sex withdrawn doesn’t have sex on their mind………..a real abuse victim ave scars from the abuse……gal skin clean like a whistle……they did fight not denying but unnu stop over play this abuse card him an r fight accepted……not for foota sake for her sake respect r juju fi r sake if that was her only option would ave seen with it but she had other choices she could ave made… until god come bck a earth yah….shi luu up r juju scatta would ave a lot more respect for her……scatta will neva trust her no man will only a man weh no kno weh tek plc ago gi she d full hundred……..

  45. I’m thinking… she seh every time footer “kick” har dung sketrel deh deh fi pick har up, now I know she meant that literally as well as figuratively and the sad part is that when women are accustomed to using their bodies to get ahead they use it for everything else so she tell sketrel thanks wid it..sad situation whether they were friends or not they were associates she shoulda not even look desso. She seh footer buy car wid di house money grung to claat unu no see seh sketrel did a drive big car so footer wah live like ah mean drive like him mate :siul

  46. Ms met, just a talk to nadia (ishawna) sister. The sister weh have the baby fi di foot a fr 5 star. She say ishawna a use the beating fi excuse cause she could a left long time. She have a strong family support and place she could go. She say if ishawna did find somebody 9 days later and feel them would push her career she would a f**k them.

      1. She was doing her thing because a neva lie say she did go pan di north coast and lock off wid a man..People see har wid dem eye. She went somewhere whey she get belly fi pay fah…rent…and God knows what else..she saw it as a chance to leave. She say foota talk infront a people say him wudda kill she n kill herself..Di way him full a him lying self that is hard to believe. I hear she has pictures to show of the beating she received at chugit and mi waa see because she did come talk before say no beating neva gwaan

      1. Not necessarily , first ask why the sister would say that then cast your judgement there. Some people jus talk di plain truth take it or leave it family or no family

        1. It’s not a matter of why, one thing mi never ever could do is bad mouth my sister so viciously especially at this time.

      2. No, she say ishawna is her only sister, and fr them hear out a road say she a foot a fight years ago before her nephew born them tell her fi lef. The mother cuss him dog rotten and she say pple just a blow it up. She all use to live a farrin and run back to him. She say everybody upset how she mek herself sound pon raga and she no know her as that type

  47. I have a family member who is in a emotionally and verbally and at one point physically abusive relationship. No matter how much we cuss and talk to her fi leff di man he doesn’t mean you any good has helped. At one point she did leave file fi divorce only to get sweet talk by him and she go back. Recently he hurt her feelings in a big way and guess who surround her and offer them support we her family is there to pick her up when she falls we don’t bad mouth her to complete strangers and all we can do is pray that when she has had enough she will leave him finally and safely.

  48. My cousin is in a verbal,mental abuse fi over 15 years.As according to her she neva get lick from him yet and she nuh lick him back suh she seh is not physical abuse.She has very strong supportive family in every which way.We tried,mi uncle fly her out in hopes fi mek she stay a Jersey wid him fi good she and the kids dat nuh wurk.Mi grandmother send her a check fi deposit fi get an apartment and pay it for a year dat nuh work.Every holiday somebody fly her and the kids in hope she overstay, which family u know want overstaying family.She is not a strong individual.Ishauna mi gi u props fi wake up after 9 yrs,my cousin still a sleep after 15.Ishawna probably a twerk har lie fi mek it sound more like a him but dat still nuh tell from the fact he is an abuser that needs help

  49. Seeit deh 11:31.We both in the same predicament with a member in our family.I didn’t even see it until I post.A wonder if mi and u a write bout we cousin

    1. No this person has been married over 20+ years and they live in America, we actually did the opposite fly her out to jamaica and guess wha the man book him ticket after getting wind of where she going, him all set up with his family to take away the likkle property/house they own together in jamaica when she was planning to divorce him so lawyers got involved etc. What people don’t realize it’s solely up to the victim to say enough!

  50. Met mi feel u know more than weh most a we hear enuh cause u not budging at all fi lickle sympathy pon har,and from mi know u from how long u heart weak fi dem situations ere but u just not moved on this topic at all even by wat she saying

    1. Of course mi empathize wid har bout the beating but everybody a lie and everybody play dem own part ina di wrong doings not because I am a woman mi a go seh she right. You as a woman a get beating u a cheat, di man a beat,him a cheat and then everyone has an excuse for what they did…no remorse I cant support that . She know di man dem was fren is only a few months ago the two man dem plan up against ninjaman and a foota buy out di argument fi skatta so how she even a go seh dat I dont know. Sleeping with the man caused his girlfriend hurt she should have been humble and apologetic for that in my opinion. I cant give her the right at all is too much things..What I can say and support her with is her focus on pursing her dream and being strong about that..I do respect that

  51. Met I can’t find the reply button but one thing I must say is she needs to go back to school and try earn a degree or something because pussy will get worn out and her career will die out.. She sound illerate and lie !

  52. because she so promiscuous it makes it hard for sum to sympathize wid her however i do where the abuse is concern nd i do hope for the sake of her son she do a lil wan on wan counseling for herself and wan where it her nd de son cuz he has seen a lot nd yuh waan rid it from him in a positive way..good luck

  53. 1st I’m not up wit tht thing of her sleeping with scatta shot das a no no in the upset book, but I totally understand about the abuse, met I think foota was telling her how much he could buss her and she believed him so much that every time, him beat her all she could think about is becoming famous, so she held on because he was the only one who believed in her,I think tht she wanted to leave from a long time so wen she got the chance she took it but she needed sum one to get with so foota could leave her alone and so she slept with scatta shot (bad move girlfriend she shouldn’t have done tht.

  54. An de one Raga him nuh EZ enuh…while mi listen de interview mi can hear Raga dem ah giggle after her in ah de background…dem mussi seh de neva know ah so she pretty/dunce.

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