Amber Rose has filed for divorce from husband-of-1-year Wiz Khalifa … and she’s gunning for full custody of their kid … TMZ has learned.
In the divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — Amber says they split on Monday and cites irreconcilable differences.
Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian. She’s willing to give Wiz visitation.
And this is interesting. Amber acknowledges there’s a prenup, which you would think would work in Wiz’ favor, but she says it’s valid … presumably, she’s not challenging it. The docs say the prenup provides spousal support.
As for why they split, there’s been a buzz over the last few days of infidelity, but there’s no mention of it in the papers.
We got video (below) of Amber with some guy Tuesday in Bev Hills. Our photog asks her if Wiz is keeping a close eye on Nick Cannon — there are rumors they’ve hooked up, but she’s mum.
Sources connected with the couple say the split is bitter
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  1. Them people here run to make serious commitment before God and then this so whats next? As two likkle problem reach so them have differences oh please this shows that infactuation can last a verryyyy long time. I dont know the magnitude of their problem neither do i know what it is, but i hope for them that this decision is made based on something that is truly irreconcilable…hope for them also to conduct themselves as mature adults for the sake of their son.

  2. Metty, yuh subtitle have mi ah grung *and went lingerie shopping yesterday*_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. gold diggas always wait for it.. dem knw how fi play them role.. and wait for the time to cash out, not a thing amber rose know how fi do but shake r batty. dem pick up too much hookers and strippers.

  4. So what is she going to do about that ugly tatt of whiz face on her arm? Ah wonder what could be the cause of divorce. ..

    1. Honey, somebody came on here a while back and said that Wiz is a big booga man and him love sing pan the cocky like he be on mica phone so that could be the reason why…

  5. Morning Met, Metters,
    Bwoy sad fi di dem marriage run gone. Hope dem keep it peaceful fi di little man. Nuttn like a likkle lingerie shopping, always keeps di spirit up and di body longing fi a next one, at least it does for moi.

  6. She was his biggest fan!! But she has no worries. She’ll receive spousal support, child support and will go back to being a Lesbian. Quote me on that!!

  7. Amber look like she find man wid more money and get tyaad a Wiz. afta him no have Kanye money Doh be surprise she a date someone with more more in less than a month.. unuh mark my word. Unless there is some benfits you can reap witihn 1 year of marriage her plan dem fail. they were so happy last month…

  8. Can someone tell me how to reply because i can’t find the reply button at all. :nerd
    @Yep! Its the first am hearing that he like peen lol….mi just go fass pan de urban blagg an dem sey she left him for Nick Cannon…den Mariah naw go hunt she down now…..

  9. Nick cannon richer lowe da girl let her live to launch her billionaire neva know wat she did see in dat crawney boy anyway I don’t think he rich like kanye plus she a brownin suh she
    Naw guh suffa nxt money man will pik she up quick

  10. Yeah… Heard of it a few weeks back they on d rocks and about early this afternoon the divorce was all over the press.
    – wiz Khalifa and many men of worth OFTEN END UP HURT because they INVEST TIME AND MONEY into strippers or girls that LOOK like THEmAnd regular humble girls not willing to flash and pose half naked, get leave out.
    – Amber is an opportunist. Kanye had Kim so she needed a back up.
    Nick cannon is FREE now.. Suddenly he turns Amber ” manager, ” and gives her a book deal.
    WHAT A WAYSOME NICK CANNON 22million dollar cock looks tasty and appetizing fi Amber to suck now !!!!
    # these WHORES AINT LOYAL – ooooo

  11. Wiz a nice youth met him thru a youth me know. Nick Cannon is the ants inna him milk. Gold digging is a career fi some gyal.

    1. sweet a who tell yu…………………a di jefferson song a play inna mi head ……Nick cannon a blow up ar spot…di highest bidder dem seh

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