1. I doe know wha a gwaan oo mi nuh hear nobody a say dem a hear it n mi hear say right now she recording wid winford williams :nerd

        1. ok…maybe she feel she need a bigger stage so she go winford
          but they really need to stop
          i’m actually getting tired of them and the back and forth interviews
          ok so ishawna lef foota cause him nah eat and used to beat
          ishawna is a thot and f**king her boss and co workers
          ok we get it – unless there is something jucier about this mixup we dont know yet !
          tired of them now LOL

  1. yOU KNOW SEH DIS sKETTEL gAL SWEAR SHE A CELEBRITY. hAVE ME A BCLAAT WAIT AND ALL NOW SHE CAH EVEN ECHO OVA rAGGA. wHY SHE HAD TO PICK THE DAY SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON rAGGA TO DO another interview. Is attention she a look har is har head full a helium and swell from dis nastycitement. cho
    Ragga been a teck up fi har still chu she ago perform pan him show u ina Xmas. Ragga di gal no rate you.. you see how she have you ina limbo ah wait now. Di show almost dunn and all now.

      1. Mi check seh she reach but mi notice mi neva hear nobody a mention nothing she say :ngakak
        She deh winford williams ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

        1. Met doh Laugh. cause it really Hatt mi now. She wah di worl stop and wait fi hear nothing. Poor Ragga look like him fall unda har spell to. Seh Bout 30 mins times she will be available. From 1 to 4 we ago wait fi find ou seh har pusc still no go have no principle. I woulda feel betta if him coulda factime di interview fi we see har lieing lisp tongue nah move.

  2. so she nuh do the interview wid ragga? lmao look how she a advertise it pan her page.. a because she know raga will tell her say… ishawna sp tell bloodclaat lie, lol

  3. Shi sey shi not talking about the ‘bedroom’ but I feel sey is JMG warning shi tekkkkk oooooo
    But shi admit sey shi an skatta a fuxk. Ishallna smashed the homie and dat mek yuh luuuuuuuu

          1. mi shame.. bad bad.. me feel like smaddy send her the proof with ic telling her if she go on raga go talk say lie dem a go dash ut the facts..

        1. We did have a topic here once whey deal wid some f–k whey u put whey ina u own likkle black book never to return to the forefront of the brain. Is betta she did go promote har music and say she know say she a di talk a di town but a so it guh…but fi admit or deny is bag a foolery

  4. howdy met..
    @observer i laff so till. she play deaf but she did admit say yes they slept together but she emphasize on d is HER friend and NOT FOOTA friend so i guess that gave her d right to..
    me na tek up fe foota but i dont believe ishawna..bcuz she just deh pon 1 thing and 1 thing only..

          1. @met rewind the post scatta make weh say foota is his ex friend??? Ishawna you can plan lie but ooun I memba weh oou say.

    1. sadee mi seyyy heff di lilly gyal lie an wikkiddd..di yes fly out faas followed by di tongue stressing of we are fren not footas fren but my fren she gud mi naw lie…a tel unnuh seh fren fuk fren

  5. She admitted it. She said she did and he was her friend and was there for her when she was going thru the problems with Footah Hype. It was clear.

  6. lol yes met i’m here everyday but work watch u every move pon dem computer me just did afe comment.. the main things she stress pon is she n him lef from jan and is her good good so him fe stop stalkkkkk her n if she wa go back road go sell her pussy is her business and the biggest one is scatta n foota is NOT friend she n him closer..
    yes serva she too lie n bad..

  7. i dont know what name she clear cuz she admitting say yes she sex scatta just give everybody i assume more ammunition to use against her.. i just dont believe her
    and how fe 9 years him stress her so y d hell she didnt leave from year 1..kmt

    1. she mussy neva badda read wha mi seh dis mawning seh she fi guh promote har music and low offa dat because a di truth yes but it dont look good

  8. A when Ishawna and scatta tun close friend til she all go to him fi all advise a when foota carry her go a DSR go make dem meet? me say one piece a shameeee tek over me body.. me feel so embarrass fi her.. fi see how scatta cock her up inna the studio a nyam out unda her.. Inna me met voice.. scatta need shovel fi scrape off fi him chest

          1. an den well upset to enuh..all wen di chune a play she a ray inna di backgrung til raga affi tel har seh she still deh pon di air an read har di maranda rights…mi ded ooooooooo :hammer

      1. you know say I don’t isten the interview! me just a reply to what the metters dem a say and a put two and two together.

  9. So if Scatta is ishawna fren, and not foota fren why foota mad? I hate that us women like to bring down other women…smh..

    1. how scatta and Ishawna turn friends in the first pl? remember footahype is a selector and a him scattaa more fren than Ishawna pick sense out of non-sense! footahype introduce Ishawna to scatta the whole a dem usually work one place so automatically everybody turn fiends.. Ishawna too f**king nasty and worthless

      1. Neither u nor I know how they became we can’t speculate…and not because u know someone means that you are friends…we use the word friend too lightly

    2. From all the ramblings not one (1) woman bring dung dis one…she and har crotches bring dung harself. I hate when crotches override decency :hammer

  10. pree ishawa page pon fb…Put up “Ishawna breaks her silence”…. She is getting dragged by her so call fans….Mi seh! Why she dweeit?!

    1. Foota thought him and de boy were friends. Too bad him just find out now. Bayyyy to dis now ‘legendary’ studio cocky gearbox.

  11. Mi tell unno a man scorn naw go tell no lie, an angry and a drunk man tell the truth oh yea and lil pickney.
    Bwoy shit hit a low when she mention sell pussy. To the young man weh call from ENGLAND if har career dun by december, she will be in sales by NEW YEARS

  12. So she really was selling puzzy before she met foota? My gosh, neither one of them have any respect or their child. I hope its all worth it, lets see if her career will move off the ground.

  13. Skatta stated pon him IG dat him EX FREN wich is Foota suh ow shi fi come a talk bout d man n Foota a nuh fren wen Skatta stated it n Foota said it, shi jus waaahn find a justification fi f**k Skatta…. Well mi naah guh knock er bcoz dats er way to spite Foota of all him cheatings and beatings weh him duh to er… Mi nuh rate any man weh beat woman suh shi aguh fed up but shi shuldnt start sing song bout him altho shi say him did ago roun a class er up a studio n shi fed up suh dat draw er fi sing d RESTRAINING ORDER song

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