1. Mi mek sure watch the video twice mute nd also unmute…
    de song is very catchy like i have been say’n however de video nuh mek it all suda way way hyper dan dat,it only proof dat scatta was dere while she a duh de shoot’n nd de amount a time cockyawna a play wid har tongue while singing is like she a teed fi hood even de hand pawt wen she a claim foota hood small,smile den stick out tongue…oh well hope wateva yuh a seek from it yuh get

  2. I’m sooooo over this girl and her nonsense!!! Sick abs tired of her and her lame songs, cause really and truly these songs aren’t elevating her in any way. (Unless I’mi missing it)
    And I have to add that whatever sympathy or pity I would have felt for her (battered woman and whatever else she has claimed), is easily forgotten when I see her making a right fool of herself.
    This man you spent 9yrs of your life with and even gave him a child, suddenly he has a small d*ck??? And a mere mention of his name makes your skin crawl???
    Girl bye!!!!!

  3. This chick wack as [email protected]&k. You portraying man a stalk you thats why you need restraining order and a pure modeling and teasting you a do inna the video?? Where is the scared girl in need of protection?? The british man on ragga did right this career ago short live because she have no idea what she’s doing , and everybody selling SEX a get VERY STALE

    1. Fa burglar bars on her windows, no deadbolt locks on her doors, no baseball bat, mace, bucket ah piss…nuh likkle nutten fe protect gets a womp womp :thumbdown

  4. What puzzling to me is how she say she nuh like how foota walk n call up har name…but she fail to realize tht scatta chatting her too, because if him didn’t chat seh him sex har, foota couldn’t come bck come talk…..scatta a di real problem n she Dnt hve eyes to see tht,,,,,

  5. Where is the fear in this girl? Ishawna a bare modeling and clothes clothes mi si. Hmt better yuh never Mek no video.

    1. I don’t see any clothes or shoes that speaks to me! Usually female artists wears their best for their video shoots and promo shoots. She is pretty and the fake breast mek she looks more feminine. Her hair is always put together and calming to my eyes, unlike Splice blue hear. lol However, I wish she could do more songs about loving her life, son or even something uplifting for young girls. All I hear from her is that she is pretty, hot and her pun pum good! I have yet to believe her fanny is good because she has yet to score a gentleman who can complete her so she doesn’t have to sleep around. I hope she finds guidance and stop being so narcissistic.

  6. Fayva skettel inna di end part a grab up yuh self and behave bad afta yuh Nuh fraid a foota…

  7. Hahah di green piece a plastic walking down the runway______________________________
    A bare modeling misses, ishawna affi go wheel up and come 6 more time.

  8. I honestly think the video could have been much better…Mr B. need some help, that nuh mek it, and i don’t like how Ishawna behaved in the video toooo vulgar.

  9. This dry up gal and har stupid music. Sge coukd not get a better car honda ????? She could nit get a x5 or range ….. Rubbish

  10. @ Pookie it doesn’t matter how long you been in a relationship sex is not the only problem dat ends relationship. I’ve been with a man 4 almost 11 years hardly any sex but I stay with him coz of the companionship and care. I was in a a very abusive relationship 4 2 years couldn’t even dressed d way d way I wanted couldn’t party feared 4 me and my family safety, now look @ me happy & enjoying my life to the fullest. The song is very nice.

  11. My girl ha moggle out di mountain Dew dress deh doah and a who do dem gyal dem makeup at the end a di video?? Tragggiiic ishawnaa you look well relaxed wen di man u fraidah show up a nail salon doh?…it seem you puttin on a show fi footah innah di video so yuh nuh hexpect di man fi a watch yuh?? Girl bye and goodnight to your career maaam

  12. You people fail to understand how videos are made.
    Yes the song name “restraining order” and everybody is saying women should be empowered about not being afraid of there abuser.
    So why would one want to see a video portraying that women who are in an abusive relationship should continue to be timid and scared? Why not flip the script?
    The girl just finding the confidence and showing off in the video which displays strength.

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