Hello met have u seen the post about a fan commenting that Sherese looks like ishawna. I like Sher she can dance she have talent and seem very Nice the fan lucky she never answer back it wouldn’t be pretty if she did

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  1. Every baddy start look like one a neddah! Same clothes same hair same make up and even the same bleach out color

    1. Yep, alla dem look alike. Same hair, clothes, eyelashes, same amount a tattoos, dung to the same shade lipstick. When you see a young woman who comfortable in har own skin dese days and nah follow nuhbady you hawt sing.

  2. So sender would anything change the persons opinion if she did ansa back? KMT nutten u no have fi do

  3. Di person weh send this in is probly ISHAWNA because Footah Hype is ALWAYS bigging this girl up on his page saying is him bring har a road and is him basically buss har and now har ting buss weh she a travel up and bay tingz .. him apparently respect this chick a lot based on what I saw on IG.. nothing more than inquiring minds want to know if dem a sleeep and ah come wid dis Ishawna thing.. she dont look like NO DAMN ishawna .. They look like two completely different individuals .. as if the girl would defend a silly ass comment like that she seem very down to earth. Leave pp alone

    1. Yep! she look trang like a gladiator to! me nu think she a tek lick so easy a rass. She look strong in spirit while icewater just look careless.
      Big up girl.
      BTW, dis hairstyle a rock from de 80s starting with Lisa Lisa from cult jams and Cindy Lauper. Some wore the hair inna pixie cut, I wore mines shoulder length with me left head side and head back cut into a checker board pattern.

  4. She and ishawna have nothing in common just the hairdo! Sher and elephantman used to dehh so she and foota is a no no

  5. I like Sher, but she can be very obnoxious and very rude at times, she need to know that her attitude will determine her altitude. God has blessed you with a talent, go easy mama. She does resembles IShawna

  6. Jus like Apple, Sher actually look good until she open her mouth. Then u hear the buttu loud and clear, she is obnoxious, Renee and the other dhq girl that went to mexico is way more humble and their personality makes them so much fun

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