SENDER-Apphel say she work for Dr. Shahine…. Thats her place of work. The same Dr. Shahine that many are trying to sue for a botched surgery. Same guy who was being investigated by channel 11 news this past summer… KMichelle must have got her surgery last year with him. She a next ediat.

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  1. Morn metty! You know grapple mi wuk inna di city a mi ago Mek your buzziness concert mi I’m coming at the office today a Mek sure u sit around that desk, cause mi meet this woman a she say a deh she do har body face pussy she all show mi di pic wen mi c it mi sey my girl how it look so it no look normal she sey a swell it swell. Mi di have to tell har di truth mi sey u body no stay right how u lean to di left so a she say the doctor ago fix it but she has to wait awhile wen mi c har she leaner say mi fi Mek him do my belly mi say noo mi wa walk straight mi no wa walk like dem tek dish cloth lick mi.

    1. A di same thing mi read pan dem belly a lean oneside one batty lumpy d adda one a droop. Mi sorry fi dem. u haffi do research before u have ppl a tear thru u skin.

  2. Exactly the amount a people go to him for all breast and him f*k up them body and them after him to get back them money. I wouldn’t brag about working for a surgeon like him.

  3. Maybe Happle works there as office promo aside from her stomach she is not a bad looking exhibit.
    Boy oh boy, I remember Happle from years ago and gracias a Dios Jay HiKahn came into your life….what ever happened to your Son’s Father is he out of jail yet?

  4. What the hell does he pay you? Rocks!! Because you are one of the most illiterate coons mentioned on this site. Deaf, Blind and Dumb. You are in a sad state!

  5. Apple job is tuh go to the dancehall tuh scout out dummies who want do up dem bodies, bring dem tuh dis butcher weh call himself surgeon fe him tek dem money and mutillate dem body; den Apple get ar cash pay ah weekend time…who did gal tink she foolin? bare educated people roun ere my educated people, not dancehall educated…suh why all ov ah sudden she wa talk bout job, eeeehh :siul ??????….her timing is perfect!! :ngakak

    1. Apple, you better have a paycheck stub or W-2 to accompany and explain your pay “at the ending of the week”…

    2. Tax time coming up…but I wonder if she know she can’t turn in pictures of the doctor to IRS to get a tax return?

  6. Met my friend used this fool well couple of them!
    suppose u see dem body dwrcl one loook lika a bang belly spongebob
    and the other one did tek fat out her back and put in the ass and it look like the fat shoot right back up in har back dwrcl worst doctor EVER !!!! I too almost went there for a boob job and when I read the reviews WHAT A TRAGEDY!!!!!! :hoax2 :hoax2
    APPLE SIT DOWN too damn falla patton.

  7. Morning met and metters ,maybe apple putting out a statement to divert her scamming but as a metter says up top she better got pay stubs

  8. they dont know how to let tings die down nd divert de attention tuh someone else….now if she did as smart as she want ppl tuh ppl she simply leave tings as is nd a time fi prove yuh prove tuh who yuh need tuh.
    dere is certain jobs yuh just can’t work off de book as nd blow it up like dat,de gov lub collect him tings call TAX….maybe she has a tax id ,maybe a work inna smaddy name but wen yuh av certain ppl round yuh weh knw yuh status jus stay unda de radar nd duh u till a time fi behave as such…mi nuh get nuff a dem a swear.

  9. Di wul a dem a bloodclat ediat if yuh go pan and type in him name u see di reviews pan him and the fake reviews he have his ppl dem make. And one girl go to him and him f**k up har body and wul heep a woman go under har profile and sed di same thing how him ruin them life and them depressed. Hes not even a board certified plastic surgeon dem sey. Just a GYN mi seh a just looks alone dem have. No brain. Apphel isnt a nurse and didnt go to school for shit to be workin in the medical field so dats enough for me to know neva to step foot ina dat deh office!!!

    1. Why is this dude still in business, is ah next question…REPORT his ass to the New York State Licensing and Medical Board. File lawsuits to make this jerk off pay for punitive damages…

    1. Simplicity true words! mi think Apple woulda know di road code by now but shi still ah gwan like fool anyway with that said mi still like yuh dressing, Apple take sometime out from your job and go on vacation with the kids guh where yuh papers can carry you and jus chill out with your family!!

  10. Wat a way to promote a business u work for a gwan wid a bag a cussing foul mouth pon social media dat alone prove seh dis business is garbage unprofessional based on da ppl dem hire

  11. Mi seh wen me see di kmichelle video and see di nurse dem in d background mi seh oookay a just fi tv because he doesnt have an anesthesiologist. Nor does he perform surgery with a nurse in the room. Its usually just him alone just to show u how crooked he is. Mi seh all d money in d world cant buy u smartness kmichelle clearly neva do no research. Mi read nuff tings but dis man mi wouldnt even let mi worst enemy go get surgery from him. Just google him.

  12. That doctor BEEEEEEN being investigated for fraud and all types of shit ! Lol he was on SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! on the news .. Apple is an idiot she don’t have nooo paypaz and she getting paid off the books like someone said she didn’t go to school ever she can barely construct a proper sentence I mean the girl have been wearing chanel for years and just learn how to spell it … Like cmon son! Go see how she talk to the customers dem lmaoooo

  13. @ annoy morn sweet heart. mi deh pon di case mi call di office and it goes to the doc voicemail saying send him a text if this is a legit office i think a receptionist should take ur calls let u know wen is the best time for u to speak to the doc. Fraud fraud.

      1. Watch yah, Happle is an eediat! Happle look what is gonna reach your work place now…….if jesus answer they gonna ask to speak to you!
        Whats her rightful name again Walleekee? ______________________________________________________________

  14. if de man blame apple fi him mishaps dem a doah wrong all him affi seh a weh she write send round deh cum tell him duh..him construct dem body base on how she apple construct de writings sen give him….”2050 for the days” a wonda if rico work up deh tuh :nerd

      1. yuh c how mi outta awda a demote de man from bigga head quartas….. mr.rico swavy excuse mi nuffness sar..dis wan really neva concert mi sar my apologies nuh waan cum awf as buyas yuh zeet.

  15. a wah time office open up deh cuz mi call tuh nd ntn yuh knw :nerd
    Dr. Ayman Shaahine
    1 W 34th St #402, New York, NY 10001
    (917) 567-1428

    1. The office open the same time dancehall people a NY wake up, after 1pm. I dont believe this Girl work in the office, I do believe She is indeed a recruiter and get money from the back end she get all the dancehall people them to go to this man….Poor them. , Look at Taneisha Image body? Is that same doctor do up har sponge bob looking body with har fake ass. Dem body soon rotten.

  16. A loophole in New York State law lets any doctor perform cosmetic procedures, even without an anesthesiologist or any nursing help.
    Women in the U.S. had more than 9 million cosmetic procedures in the 2012, and increasingly these procedures are being performed in office-based surgical suites.
    A group of New York moms wanted curvier, firmer bodies with a little bit of surgical help. They chose liposuction, breast implants and fat transfer from Dr. Ayman Shahine.
    What they didn’t know was he’s not a plastic surgeon. He’s actually a gynecologist who has been sued for malpractice multiple times and who runs a so-called plastic surgery mill in Midtown that operates around the clock for cash.

  17. He did the girl Nia Lee from Love & Hip Hop body damn good. I guess you have to have the money to get good results from him

  18. Suh Happle, KerryAnn, Twinny, Barbie, Stacey, Jackie Goldstar daughter (dont remember her name) and the rest of dem allowed a GYN to perform plastic surgery on their bodies?? :hoax2. A suh mi know the world nuh level

  19. Maybe she does work for him, remember some time ago a pic was posted of her seating in a office type setting and I believe she said she was at work. She’s probably just set up consultations and being paid of the books. It is possible since he is under investigations that he has closed his office or moved and is accepting appointments via text. Btw this is the same Doctor that opened Renee’s (from the Reality Show “Mob Wives”) back from top to bottom while performing a tummy tuck on her.

    1. weh di backside u a say…him a do tummy tuck and cut ar back open from top to bottom?? She lucky she alive

  20. Topple when will u stfu.topple cannot..i repeat cannot work in no (real)doctors front c how she n di people dem dat she recomend lean.dont know why dem ave dat man a butcher dem…topple u like mek video,so put up u paystub or direct deposit.if i was u i would delete all social page n lay low.

  21. I would like to know what her work name badge says…does it say “paparazziprincess_apple”?…serious question :nerd

  22. No sah ,, let me stay with my little body and if I do . Need to do some work let me save up my money and go to a good doctor ,, cause after reading this people would Realy go to him for work to be done lmaoooo :hammer :hammer

  23. I never here of a doctor , place before and when u call the doc answer the phone :bingung me did think u have have people who do that ,,,, apple go and sit u self all the way in the back cause people ano fool :kr

    1. Read the article link up in a one a de comments…dumb ass females all a sleep fi days inna de waiting room, dwln.

  24. Yes apple probably work their but she is not a doctor or a nurse or A nursing assistant all she do is answer phone look here r money still no long look from when she put up pan instagram bout she and icon a house shopping all now apple is a bum in name brand clothes apple me see u in a housing court how u a wear $2000 shoes and tax payers like me a 0 at u rent well food stamp a cut so tell u bum friend dem and is not all a uno look good trendsetter opal go sit the f**k down ur days and body done

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