KINGSTON, Jamaica — Teresa Palmer, bemoaning the conviction of her son Adidja Palmer (Vybz Kartel) and the criticism heaped upon him, has said that the entertainer wasn’t deserving of what he’s now going through.

“He didn’t drop out of the sky,” Palmer said of her son whose innocence she professed in an interview with the OBSERVER ONLINE last Friday, a day after he and three friends were convicted of murder in the Home Circuit Court.

She said the criticism of her son had been savage due to his music, which she said was just entertainment.

“When I was small I used to hear that pickeny come from sky but this one no come from the sky,” said Ms Palmer.

She was also critical of the fact that her son, whom she hadn’t seen since his arrest in September 2011 because he doesn’t want her to visit him in lock-up, hadn’t been offered bail.

“I can’t see anything right about that. They lock up the man for two-and-a-half years without bail. Other people do worse than he’s accused of are out on bail,” she said.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones were convicted on Thursday for the August 16, 2011 beating death of friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns. Accused Shane Williams was acquitted at the end of the five-month long trial before Justice Lennox Campbell. The men are to be sentenced on March 27.

Also on Friday, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, the mother of Vybz Kartel’s three sons also gave an interview with the OBSERVER ONLINE. In it she said that the entertainer wasn’t given a fair trial. She also took issue with comments by Security Minister Peter Bunting that Vybz Kartel’s music was promoting violence.

She said that for years “politicians and their friends” had been responsible for most of the crime committed in the island.

“Who’s responsible for wharf? Is Kartel making the guns come through? A gun neva come through wharf with Kartel’s name on it,” she said.

Paul Henry



  1. Meck chucky bride move har rawsssssse dunce fuxx bout no gun no come in a wharf with Kartel name pon it yessssss him struuupid but him no dat dumb but one thing mi know fi sure every barrel of UGLY whey drap a wharf a shawty name dem come inna FOH but har dumb arguments kmft

    1. Good Merning one and all,
      Now Misses Admin, before mi read enny more comment an add fimi likkle piece, mi is beginning yuh fi please sen Chuet to the Naughty Corner deh!!! causen sey she be killing mi een ere fi di pawse cupple days an mi nuh waan mi employer dem tink mi mad an run mi whey!!!!

      Whey yuh sey Chuet, every ugly barrel have Chucky Bride name pon it _______________________________________________________
      Grung to rawtid



  3. ppl weh deh pon murder charge don’t normally get bail. worse kartel was considered a flight risk as he was planning ti leave the island to escape being sent prison. it was 100% correct for him to be denied bail.

    kartel madda gwaan like a everybody fool fool like she an har family. my son, no matter weh him seh, cyaah stop mi from go luk fi him, so oman, go wash u drawz dem an lggo di ppl dem newspaper space.

    1. When mi read it, di ongle ting mi cudda sey to misself was ‘poor ting dem, dem so dawk an foo fool dat dem nuh know nuh betta’. Cause obviously dem so dumb an cyaan tink fi demself dat dem juss lissen to some ah di bwoy dem pon di street cawna an run widdi…… The madda owl an nuh ‘up to di time’ an Shawty…..well
      Shawty,…. I have no werds fi har caw fi har stupidity knows no bounds

    2. Lundun, den yuh nuh si sey ah de plan dat was??? dats why Ma Baker ah mean mama Kartell did waan de bail, fi him get fi sprint!!!

  4. Kartel muma a wicked it look like she used to wash out the blood out a Kartel clothes went him killed the ppl them all shorty she fi glad him gone a prison cuz a the best a she now bcuz a lot a disrespect she get, if Kartel did drop from sky him wouldn’t such wicked Kartel muma need fi go pray


  6. The disbelieve is that the Obeah performed did not work. Not that he was convicted but because of what they practice and what they stand for. they are an immoral group that lack education and the only out for them is to consult an Obeah woman /man. Theyare irrational and cannot come to crips with it because they are unrighteousness.

      1. if dem feel so strongly about it why dem nuh go share up di time….shorty do five di sista can do five and di mada she look like she can do ten …..di bredda weh nuh mention him can tek 2 year and di sista can do 4 di rest him can serve

          1. but dem a gwan like him bigger dan di law and all now dem nah taalk bout di rest a man dem di bribery or the death threat ,,,,,,dem fi go pray seek help because di whole a dem corrupted…where is the father?? him nah seh nutten

        1. And then all the other crimes hie will commit because he is a sociopath they can start divi those up to his gaza gooms.

  7. Dem ppl ya insane in d membrane wat is unfair seh kartel an im friend dem kill
    Dem FRIEND Lizard an Neva get weh wel unnuh listen him lock up himself im pick up weh im Caan manage ow could u kill some1 in ur house(dumb prick) video it send voice
    Notes say u a go kill dem burn dwn u house giv unsworn statement watch ppl a
    Drop like flies when d judge say 35 yrs

    1. 35yrs????? You meant 135yrs right? I only hope their bunks in prison will be sheetless don’t want none of them get the chance to hang themself. Especially the one name Shane Williams, the judge say you may go, the police say not so quickly young man you may not pass go, you shall be going back to jail.

  8. Gm. it’s so sad both sides are really going thru this one side is determine to get justice and the other side is in denial so sad!

    1. Tek years bwoy… Yuh tink it easy… Fi yuh ah kill people an waah live easy…. Yuh tek Lizzy life and Nuff more tuh… Suh tek years unda yuh bombs tuh!!

  9. “my son is innocent !!!!”

    “he must be because I gave birth to him!!”

    It’s compelling evidence. My only question would be, why didn’t Finson make use of this rock solid alibi?

    Dream on lady. Your diablo son is going away for a long time. You know in your heart of hearts he’s no good.

  10. Treated unfairly for these idiots translates to because Kartel ah so called world boss that he should have been let off…smh

  11. Kartel life long, but him careless wid it! This mother should be ashamed of herself as a woman. Mi understand seh u love your son, but u give birth to the devil himself, he was sick individual who get pleasure out of killing ppl 9/10 if we should find lizard body kartel sperm might in a him a mouth like how batty man zeeks Mek di men suck hood before him kill them… Kartel don’t belong in society against normal ppl!

    1. memba when dem dash out zeeks evidence all a di baby madda dem run come bout him nuh gay and di man cum ina di yoot mouth smh….demonic entities I tell u

  12. Dem keep a talk bout a him image make dem find him guilty, but not one time mi hear di prosecutors bring up anything about him image…..di judge actually give him a chance by sending back di jurors guh deliberate longer, dem cud have change dere mind but di evidence mussi did too ovawhelming, cuz di verdict was di same as b4…..dem fi glad him off di streets cuz him wud end up dead a road, cuz one a di yute dem roun him wud get tired a teck baddup an snap back like ryno did.

  13. I can’t see anything right about that. They lock up the man for two-and-a-half years without bail. Other people do worse than he’s accused of are out on bail,” she said.<<<<< who said this? tell me what can be worst than taking some one's life? three things I despised is a murderer, rapist and child molesters

    1. dem need fi go exchange dem life fi lizard own..the man did a look fi leave jamaica by any means ..him all did a settle fi cuba knowing fully well that castro dont play

      1. Sondon a day ago
        Can somebody put a hot potato in this woman’s mouth? Where is Kartel’s Father? No gun come through wharf with the user’s name on in. From the reasoning of this woman, we now know how this young man was trained. “Blame every body else”

  14. me have kids but am sorry for his kids bcuz the bible say the evil the parents do will follow them and their children children’s.

  15. The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed her Son by Lorna Goodison

    Her son was first made known to her
    as a sense of unease, a need to cry
    for little reasons and a metallic tide
    rising in her mouth each morning.
    Such signs made her know
    That she was not alone in her body.
    She carried him full term
    tight up under her heart.

    She carried him like the poor
    carry hope, hope you get a break
    or a visa, hope one child go through
    and remember you. He had no father.
    The man she made him with had more
    like him, he was fair-minded
    he treated all his children
    with equal and unbiased indifference.

    She raise him twice, once as mother
    Then as father, set no ceiling
    On what he could be doctor,
    earth healer, pilot take wings.
    But now he tells her he is working
    for you, that you value him so much
    you give him one whole submachine
    gun for him alone.

    He says you are like a father to him
    she is wondering what kind of father
    would give a son hot and exploding
    death, when he asks him for bread.
    She went downtown and bought three
    and one-third yards of black cloth
    and a deep crowned and veiled hat
    for the day he draw his bloody salary.

    She has no power over you and this
    at the level of earth, what she has
    are prayers and a mother’s tears
    and at knee city she uses them.
    She says psalms for him
    she reads psalms for you
    she weeps for his soul
    her eyewater covers you.

    She is throwing a partner
    with Judas Iscariot’s mother
    the thief on the left-hand side
    of the cross, his mother
    is the banker, her draw though
    is first and last for she still
    throwing two hands as mother and
    She is prepared, she is done.

      1. Yes that was dedicated to Teresa Palmer and Adidja Palmer. Teresa you are mistaken if you believe that the Lord would give you the victory here. Just like you Clive’s mother is weeping for her son and the Lord will answer the prayer of the righteous, which my dear you are not.

        1. Mi nah lie it look like some serious spiritual tings gwaan up ina di realms fi lizard…di man whey chop di body dead and everybadie gone prison

          1. Like Obara and other bloggers have said names are important. The name Williams means shield of defense, helmet of protection. My last name is Williams as well and trust me, if anybody does me anything they never go unpunished even long after the incident has happened and I have moved on from it. When my father was murdered everyone that was at the house where he was who claimed they were not apart of it died in the space of a year. No joke. Don’t mess with Williams bloodline. And no member of my living family did anything to take revenge, things just happened that justice was served. We are well protected people. No joke.

        2. An d she right, a nuh sky Kartel drop from, could never!!!!!! a Satan fling him out a hell, hell open up and spit the demon out, not even Satan couldn’t manage him dun deh, cause him mussi did waan over throw satan dung deh!!!! Damn evil, and dats why him mumma glorify him, cauz she is a devil worshipper. Oman a 1 thing I affi tell yuh, if yuh did correct yuh child when him young and do him wrongs, correction officer wouldnt affi come correct him fi yuh yah now. She have a right nuh waan go look fi him a prison, cauz mi father tell mi a story, seh dis man use to thief and kill people and him mumma use to wash him blood up clothes and tek the money weh him thief, and when him get sentence and go a prison, and she go look fi him, him tell the warden seh him want har fi come up close to the cell, him want to tell har something and the oman put har ears to the bars and the man grab on pan it and bite it off yuh si, and tell har seh if when him do wrongs she did a correct him, him wouldnt reach deh behind bars. So mek she tan deh deh, a dem pickney deh come bite off yuh ears. God forbid, but If 1 of my children, should get caught up in criminal activities and be on the wrong side of the Law, mi personal I carry him go gi Police, or a mi carry him come yah so mi wi send him claat back, mi pickney nah tun nuh menace to society and a nuh go him grow, yuh cant have yuh pickney and encourage him when him do wrong, yuh applaud them when them excell and reprimand them when them do wrong a so pickney fi grow.

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