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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 1 comment

Dear Editor,

Money, power and influence can be corrupting, and maybe that is why when God asked Solomon what he wanted he chose wisdom.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates — two men among the richest on earth — are busy finding ways of giving away their wealth. Soon after accumulating all their wealth, these men realised that they can only drive one car, eat until their belly is full, sleep in one bed even if the house has fifty bedrooms.

Few of us will ever reach self-actualisation, most of us will live a life on the edge where one illness or an accident will wipe away our life savings. But for those who have six cars parked at one home, have credit cards galore, and are able to determine who, what and where, theirs is a burden that is unbearable.

Therefore, what if Vybz Kartel had decided that he would use his fortune to make Calabar High School the best school in the Caribbean. He would have returned to somewhere that he had failed, but which didn’t deter him. The same way Shaggy is making the Bustamante Hospital for Children a premier institution for child health care. Our athletes, philanthropists and musicians can take away valuable lessons from this case. How you use power and influence leaves a lasting legacy.

The people who throughout history have lived selfless lives have left indelible footprints on the sands of time. Those who have chosen to use wealth, power and influence to hurt and coerce the powerless to cower and be afraid are soon forgotten or mentioned in hushed tones. The Hitlers or Osama bin Ladens would have been respected had they used power and influence to create rather than destroy, to wreck people’s lives rather than help, those who silence the thoughts of others will forever be remembered as the tyrants they were.

Mark Clarke

Siloah, St Elizabeth

[email protected]


  1. i agree with this writer, sentiments a share.

    carolyn cooper, the educated idiot, said adidja was tried for what kartel did, and now he is paying a pric that kartel should be paying. so jamaica plz to find kartel an turn him in, a di wrong man dem try fi di case.

    1. Kartel will never be found, cause di same ting whey happen to Lizard ah di same ting happen to Kartel…. Never to be found

      The stupidity of these so called ‘educated ppl’ makes one wonder if ah buddy/pussy mek dem reach thus far….SMH

  2. Suh di patwa professor did really get a stab…woiiiiiiireeee…sinting can really guh suh…lol? Cause in terms of Artist why not Beenie man but instead a Kartel shi invite a uwi..smh

  3. Most respect to this writer, this needs to be in the papers many Celebrities,artise,etc need to understand this!

  4. @Lundun, mek u caan behave gal??? Wha Carolyn say, anuh shirley deh a prison??? Den a who??? From i was berth?..

    1. highly, di link wid di patois docta a tell wi seh wi a punish adidja instead a kartel, deh inna di post weh met put up yessideh, weh clovis draw di bald head oman a hold har belly a bawl fi kartel.

      if u read it u wonda if she a go mad inna she old age

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