It will always be about connections!
Every result, every conclusion, every end or better yet, whatever position you’ve found yourself in right now, will always be the sum total of the connections you have made or encountered during your journey to where you’re at, at this present time. Bottom line; whomever or whatever you have connected to has determined your end result.
Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor, Ecclesiastes 4:9.
The word “good” in this particular scripture has become the hinge that has opened the door of revelation to the understanding of connections or whom or what we’ve joined ourselves to.
Now, the scripture begins by stating that increase, progress, multiplication, replenishing and the ability to advance quickly or at all, will require a connection (Two are better than one). To push the envelope a little further, that connection WILL automatically produce change or an alteration of what was seemingly normal in that person’s life.
This same scripture now takes an unexpected twist when it said a “good reward” will be as a result of their labor. The question that popped up in my head while studying and meditating on this powerful passage of scripture was why did the writer under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit use the phrase “good reward” why didn’t he say reward only and leave it as that? Well, based on the entirety of the scripture I believe it will be fair to conclude that if two or more can produce a good reward then two or more also have the ability to producing a bad reward.
In essence, your connections will inevitably produce a conclusion or a reward but at the same time whatever we’re connected to will also determine the quality of what is produced from that connection (good or bad). Thus, any connection will not translate into an automatic good reward.
Indulge me for a few moments as we focus on the word “reward” which is used in the text. The word reward is defined as something given or received in return for a deed or service rendered. It also means to give or receive something in addition of what’s present. For example your Job may provide you with a bonus for doing exceptional service. Suggesting, you are being rewarded monies outside of your regular pay.
The point I am vigorously working my way towards is, our situations will become better or worse (reward) all because of what we have attached or connected ourselves to! Therefore, whatever we’ve connected to or become one with will either take from us or add to us, it will either make us better or make us bitter. That connection will either advance us or delay us, promote us or demote us. Again, our connections will continue to be the determining factor as to how things evolve and conclude in our lives.
At the end of the day my friend, we must be honest with ourselves and admit that whatever life has and is distributing to us; at some point along life’s journey our various situations required our co-corporation via our associations in order to produce whatever we’re faced with presently and by extension in the future. As proof of this, the last word I want us to focus on in the above scripture is the word “labor”. The word labor is defined as work. Now, this has becomes very interesting because the text clearly states that two are better than one because they have a good reward for “THEIR LABOR” or for their work. So with that being said, it now suggest that we were working in harmony with whomever or whatever we were or presently connected to knowing or unknowingly to produce what we are presently challenged with or enjoying today. So the reality is, no one has done this to us, instead we worked along or in concert with that particular connection to produce what we have now. I know I may sound repetitive but it is all in an effort to cement this law into your understanding to provoke change in you.
I want to say to someone today, who has been in a state of confusion and depression for some time now as a result of this ongoing non-sense in your life; it is not by accident or chance that you’re reading this article. In fact God is literally providing you with the root cause of your displeasing matter and that root is what you have joined or connected yourself to, it is as simple as that. I submit to you, that you could pray until the heavens come down, you could fast until you can’t fast anymore. You could be slain in the spirit service after service, speak in tongues, or do whatever it is that you do to give the appearance of joy or contentment in your life but as long as you are still attached to that person, place or thing it will continue to be the source or root of your misery.
In the words of Jesus Christ the greatest teacher that ever lived, “If thy right hand offend thee cut it off” Matthew 5:30. Which simply mean remove the root of what’s producing your end result of discomfort and unhappiness. The analogy that Jesus used is quite interesting because the hand that he indicated in the scripture is clearly needed but the point here is, if that one part is becoming a consistant problem for the whole it must be remove.
Who is it or what is it that you have become connected to that you know has been a source of misery for you but for some reason you have become dependent (financially or whatever) on that place or person that has now made you a prisioner to the misery that connection is producing for you?
Heavenly Father it is my prayer today that you surgically remove the scales of denial in the life of the one reading this prayer so that they would better able to see the source of the discomfort and confusion in their lives as a result of whoever or whatever they have associated themselves with. Lord let this be a day of revelation and complete understanding coupled with the confidence to walk away and never associate themselves with that connection ever again. Finally Father we pray that you will replace that bad connection with your choice connection to produce your desired results in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 9:48 AM


  1. Good Morning Metty & Metters! Another powerful message. Father God let the Connections in our lives encourage Labor that will produce Good Reward. Let the church say Amen.

  2. Good Read! I always come for the mix up but thank God I actually read this article….I have CUT sooo many people from my life, Smokers, non-ambious, Have no where going people and sometimes I would feel bad but when I remember Gods words I am happy I made the decisions I did.

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