Good morning met : I have story well this dirty suck p**y boy jessy (in nazarene crew) this boy hype on Facebook and istagram and don’t have shit him look gal party suck and ***k them fi clothes and money and wife a b**h from New York name moesha on Instagram Trish 12.24 and you need to stop because you and 20more gal a mine one c**k!!! Lol take care of yo kidz bitch and stop freak out to self 3some come Jamaica a mine man ….. Met! A three****e him and mi Fren do and get har please lady stop mine them boy dem …. because them tongue f**k good … remember Jessy you have daughter set better example



  1. lady u sound bex cause dem never want do the threesome wid u. When these women get fcuk and duck them send een story a talk bout how the man use dem ‘friend’. Hello??? We know that its u ho. Next time nuh mine cayliss man

  2. Sender, why are you so invested? If she want’s to waste her time and money, let her waste her time and money. It’s not as if you are a real friend because if you were, you would have held this conversation in person, not submit to P.W.
    Admit it, you are just jealous because you are one of the 20 he is knee-deep diving into and probably the lowest hanging fruit of the bunch. Hush yah, just go find a man to care for you just like how he has women caring for him. Maybe you need to ask Moesha for some her freak routines.

  3. Let me guess you participated in one of his many orgies and threesomes then were tossed to the side then low and behold you found out he has a girlfriend. Sender go find someone fi do wid yo time yah

  4. Some of these niggas are too disgusting. All they do is use the poor women. Dem time soon come

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