In my line of work, one of the things our company focuses on is relationships building. It is their belief that the more we enhance our relationship with our customers, our customers commitment and loyalty to us would be far greater to us than to our competitors.
Initially, I some what wrestled with this idea until I began to implement the idea for myself. What I discovered was, as large and well known as the company that I work for is. It was my relationship with our clients that kept the client and the company together. In fact, my behavior, attitude, the way I dressed etc unknowing to me was the company to them! The bottom line was, folks don’t have relationship with companies, instead people have relationships with people!
The point I am getting to this morning is simply this, whomever you’re interacting with or having a relationship with and that’s any relationship for that matter, folks will judge whatever it is that you represent based on what you present to them. So many folks are turned off from God when they observe the behavior of those that represent him. They find some of his representatives to be hostile, mean, bias, dishonest, unpleasant etc. Therefore, in the mind of the unbeliever, they’re thinking to themselves, why should I be a part of your group if the end result are hostility, anger, pettiness, dishonesty etc?
Why not ask yourself right now, who or what have I been portraying, based on my behavior? How are folks labeling or categorizing me? Are they saying that grumpy old woman, that mean Boss, or are they saying that’s the man with the bossy wife or the woman with the mean husband? What about your kids? Are they being mistreated by others because of the unpleasantness you display?
You see my friend, you are either directly or indirectly being judged based on your behavior, appearance etc. unfortunately, that judgment isn’t just limited to you but its tentacles are penetrating whatever and whoever you represent. Well you may say you don’t care what others think. Well you must care because not only do you represent you but you represent others directly and indirectly as well, be it your church, your job, your children, your club etc. I have had many favors granted to me in life because someone knew my Mother, Father friend etc. Their relationship which was obviously good made available good benefits for me. Will your relationship with others produce rejection or acceptance for those you represent?
My words of wisdom on this calm wonderful sunrise morning is, revisit your relationships and try to see yourself through the eyes of those whom you have a relationship with as well as those that you don’t have a relationship with. Now seriously think about how your relations with others will effect your children or whatever it is that you represent after you’ve moved on. Can you honnestly say it will be a benefit to those that you represent.
The premesis of relationships is the ability to motivate and inspire others to not only want to have a relationship with you but to continue that relationship with you to the extent that for whatever reason the relationship has ended they still treat you and those that are connected to you with respect, dignity and favor.
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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