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  1. Hi Bobbi mi still a bit iffy cause u belly did always stiff like mama goat dem but if u r congrats children are blessings
    With dat said u live inna Lorna’s is rent u rent a room inna di back r wat cause how u get fi teck picho desso with no one else in sight.

    1. She did ah help her meng count the Liquor, thts in the vesitbule so it stays empty oo and RE the belly I woulda put 60 pon a baby and 30 pon mama goat syndrome and 10 pon gas………….. :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2

    2. yuh noe cheut is a terble gurl…met please ban chuet juss 4 today ooooooooooo :hammer

      by the way congrats n i kaint wait fi daffy bring yuh pitney by tiffany hous caw unfair game play twice

        1. a not evn weh you duh a weh met juss seh floor mi

  2. Bob u nuh cute none at all! All me can say is breed so u can’t run and chat nuh baddy baby madda cans claim seh u a ppl Pitney step madda. Ole retched scammer

  3. You know I used to say that the only thing that Bobbette has over Tiffany is that she didn’t allow Daffy Duck to impregnate her…..Oh well…..Take a seat beside Tiffany cause u are now in her boat. Nuh feel like yuh more special dan har or yuh different. Di same stick weh jukk sheep a go tear goat hotta. But mi nuh understand how a woman makes a conscious decision to get pregnant for a man who is unemployed (unuu correct mi pls if Daffy have a job)….. SMH…..I just feel bad for these innocent kids . Nuh get mi wrong…..Daffy can love Bobbette an marry har an dem live happily eva afta…..Of course. But from di looks of tings….him don’t seem like di sekkling type…..But for Bobbette an di baby sake….I hope I’m wrong. Congrats. Children are a blessing nuh matta how dem come.

    1. I keep reading in different occasions how he worthless and don’t work, that’s so not tru he is always doing something, right now he do liquor consignment to majority of the dance in ny and he is doing very well plus he always have a weekly party or something going, daffy a real hustler always a do something, better than most dancehall man that rely on just one thing. Give to Cesar what is due

  4. Good afternoon.. As much as I scroll and read these topics here with this young and daffy.. I’ve Neva commented because I don’t know too much about them story besides of what I read which isn’t too good.. I’ve always wanted to say what I’m about to say but Neva did cause bloggers already give her enough beating.. But this here gall sure is MOTHER F**KING UGLY. She swear think she hot but she’s not! That is a creature for sure!

      1. No not ugly that is such a strong worth she’s attractive n with bath care she can n has looked very nice but unnu Neva know say a ugly ppl have pretty baby unnu stay deh :cool

      2. Metty yuh eyesight is just fine cause I’ve said the sed ting before; although she resembles Groucho from Sesame Street, she’s the cuter version of him… Metty, please to do a side by side imaging maam :hammer

  5. Na just different opinions.. She’s the it girl for daffy right now, but 2-3yrs she’ll be right in Tiffany shoes.. How old is Daffy’s child with Tiffany and him run go breed ah next gal. And gal so fool instead of dem just tek d slow road she go breed quick quick thinking she’ll be any different from Tiffany..

  6. A hope him don’t left as baby reach that’s all I can say and oh congrats ! If a boy name him bobby if a girl name her sparkles please !! :*

  7. @bobby & sparkles ______________________ :ngakak :ngakak congrats bobby but I still don’t like u ,didn’t we tell u on this very wall that the same knife stick goat shall stick sheep :malu

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