Met a how dis ya one a miss u baby luv? A wat a way u don’t know say Miss Tashamay a get married TIDAY? Henny body have a clue a who she a Merry? If a fi love, money, or papers? Cuz we all know dis gal always a do tings wid a intention behind it fi benefit har! Wa d shellins pon har? A fufah man she tek weh wid har big foot dem? Cuz she nuh tek man unless dem hab dem woman! a wonda if she a breed? Look ere please dash out d story cuz d pink wall bout fe get hottttt again like 2007-2008 oh and a d gold digger limitless aka flawless a maid of honor or a keiva, maybe a toniann, no a tunya!! Cho me nuh know ya cuz dem gal dem goodas not even get invite!



  1. Met a think she married few days ago. But fi d man weh marry har him really gud n strong cuz har man sheet longggggggggggggg!!! Me say longggggggggggg a nuff man f**k da gal yah. She nuh care if u big, tall, skinny, ugly from once u can let off pon har u welcum!

    1. A beg u find out please…I don’t know this girl personally…but it affi be bout 10 yr now…sas peace a wah did do di teet dem or a style she take di braces dem make.

  2. Let off money, any lickle ting she can gett she nuh have a type. an she luv say how ppl bad mind har an jealous. But fe wat? Weh she have cuz d car weh she owe fe it. She a pay rent an full a stress like. She terrible bad a coulda har sista man from him have tings weh tashamay want she will let him cum, him willcum! sorry welcum lol lol

    1. time fi a change yes but me wah fi see dah man deh cause tanisha nuh love nobody, a mi fi tell u u know how much gal she f**k an suck off an sum weh she turn in a lesbian too

  3. met that gal is no good she full a bad mind an nuh like nobody look better then her with her big YAM foot dem, nuff ppl a run in a tanisha an dem nuh know who she is she is one big slut f**k every an anybody for money the is a gold digga …she f**k out the old a the artist dem an balla an the hold a asylum boss an manager. the first time she fly out a one a the boss them fr asylum weh name peter she f**k an him carry her get it, she live a life to reach were she is now when she use to live a oxford apartment were the embassy to be..she use to bad mind the ppl them like if a girl live there an she buy a new car she wah new car to she wah new apartment to a suh she tan an that is bad, her muma love obeah she will do anything to survive uno wah know tanisha when she use to deh out a windward rd an her muma use to ave the bar if uno did know her then uno would a say a lie a nuh tashamy this money an bleaching make a big different in ppl life.she never look good or tan good at all so she will do anything fi tan deh so…tek as i tell u i am not saying that i dont happy her cause is time for she to settle done…but if u a just married the man fi him money an no love behind…man u better watch out dont let she get a hole a ur bank book an dont put ur name in everything i warn u ok,……….see flippa diss her a her party just because she never give him the champagne dem an she know him will pay her, wow what a mess.

  4. Tashamay gettin married nah change nuttin she still will dash out har pu**y pon whoever bid close enough! she just hype n a luk title cawz she tired fi be d gal pon d side! Matey! F**ka gal! she a 34 ya nung and har pu**y wall caah hold up no longer suh she did need d title before it collapse

  5. Har husband is a jockey!!! Google him Dane NELSON but dis luk suspicious money & papers involved!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. ispy a doe know him oo but him is an artiste n a jockey fi choot…….mi waa know if him neva know har before august dis is very shocking

          1. it nuh shocking

            him just not privy to her past

            so she move quick and buss a marriage before him become any wiser

            good for her

            sorry fi him


            or maybe she change – maybe you can turn a ho into a housewife

            some men prefer “experienced women” (whores)

          2. I love the way he writes…she snatch up a good guy …as u seh him nuh know di file but it seem like days before the wedding people were talking..i hope she sees this as a blessing and do the right thing

  6. Leftish ak flawless That. Gal is a f**king dog. She must f**k about. 2000. Man already .flippa. Gone Tashmay know. Him naw. Come back flawless sell. Pu**y she is a call girl shawna talk it

  7. Yes luk like life hard so she ready fi cut from jamaica!!!! She done out Jamaica so she wa run go a foreign go suck and f**k off up deh to

        1. just curious , where would you see his writing skills

          cause as a jockey or artiste , i dont see where he would publish any writing

          or we talking about his facebook or ig page ?

          and since he is a professional – maybe he has some kind of pr writing for him

          and i know dis is totally left – but dont jockey man well short – tasha may nuh taller and bigger than him in body ??? lol

          any wedding pics ?

          1. facebook man,,,,,,,, low mi pan di res mi nah ansa di size part at alllllllll but flippa must have left a good impression LOW MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :tkp
            :hammer my nose mi :tkp

  8. She fi stop bleach now, good God man the gyal skin looks like Croaking lizard it don’t even funny

  9. dirty tasamay whey f**k man and women an she nah stop so me sorry fi him……man run as fast as usian bolt cause she an her mumma will strip u dry.

  10. but see ere, a cyaa the first whore get turned inna housewife this? at least the girl find a husband fi defend har collapsing walls. lol congrats to the happily married couple yah. nuff gal cyaa say that.

  11. wait, Tashamay Married and no invite me and i was one of her biggest customers when she had her store on constant spring road, she have a right nuffi invite mi cause a zum from britjam she deh wid fi the past year and odd now and all tattoo him name pon har up to earlier this year so mi nuh know a who this……Tashmay Zum finally lef u fi D’Angel lolol

  12. Dane nelson a meeeeaaaaannnnn….man him no gi woman nuttN and this is sum thing I know and sure of cause me know two gal weh him did deh wid and Bwoy them say him mean.not only that him nuh have c**k and him cyan f**k me sorry fi any intentions she go deh so wid she can think again.nuttn no deh deh so fi har,wrong choice me luv.

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