Michelle you is the only John Crow around here. Don’t point fingers cause is two baby fathers you have and inna paper marriage. You a act like say is one man pregnant you and married you for love. Just humble you self.


18 thoughts on “ITS YOU MICHIE BOO

  1. So why u stalking michelle page. Lisa go sit dung cause richie still naa leave him wife. When u knowly fuxxing a married man next time use condom. Unu come off a di lady fb page and stop stalk her.

  2. This is clearly a FB Stalker.. HMM it seems like when the man can’t be found “not answer call or text “you start to stalk the wife. your only looking foolish. STOP it

  3. Tracey don’t you did a sleep with Paul and never was using a condom and you knew he had his BM and many others. you forgot about the Miscarriage that was a no condom result. STOP POINT FINGER AS THE SENDER SAID. AND IF HER HUSBAND DID RESPECT HER HIM SHOULD OF PROTECT HIMSELF.

    1. Anytime unu send in michelle and pple no side wid unu unu call tracy name. The condom comment was me and i dont know michelle

  4. Lisa did tell you say she want him live him wife? My girl look here Lisa sleep with him whenever she want he wash and drive her truck as he please to him come and go as he like so why would she want him leave him wife. Oh hell no make him stay.

  5. How Michelle fi be the John crow and u gu teke the Oman husband and run gu breed and a talk bout any time u want him u can get him wen last yuh get f**k pon yuh unwanted belly.cause yuh nuh a who breed yuh gu pray fi yuh unwanted belly and stop stalk Michelle

  6. But Lisa only have 2 baby father Richie and her son them father. Michelle what does it matter to you how much BF she have. Focus on your marriage and leave Lisa and her unborn baby.”which is Richie Baby” your a trouble maker. you going get all you looking for. you say she a whore but your Husband go there without condom.

  7. U wish Richie was the baby father uno love start thing and then a talk bout the girl a meke trouble.

  8. Wooiieee
    Look from when you Michieboo a walk and a teke people man lol and still do, but Yuh a gawn all righteous. Dwrcl sad

  9. Anonymous 5:01 is that something Michelle wanna know well Michelle that’s not your business that’s Richie and Lisa business keep wondering if he still sleeping with her. there’s no such thing as unwanted baby they are 2 adults and know exactly what they were doing.

  10. Am I reading correctly? Ok so your husband cheats on you uses no protection and gets another women pregnant and you’re verbally abusing the women. Sweetie your husband is to blame big time. 1. That women owes you nothing. 2. Your husband stood in front of the paster and took vows with you he owes you respect not the other women.

  11. But what a wey unna a take God off the cross say Richie is not Lisa BF. That’s what Richie said, or your just trying make Michelle feel better cause her husband betrayed her once again. Well Lisa have your sweet baby and take a DNA and make Michelle and her waste Fren them shame… Lisa with the pretty baby what a baby going to sweet

  12. Why women always a war wid dem one another over wutless man? One of the comments said “him come drive her car and wash it” what happen to fihim car? A 2016 now enno, unno Fi stop fight ova wutless cocky! Days y d man dem nuh stop clown unnu. Mi a beg god fi do nuh mek mi end up like unno cah If u haffi a gi man car fi drive an a share cocky, wouldn’t u be better off buying a dildo? I’m jus saying…..

  13. Yes we call Tracey name with Michelle and so what,, them is 2 nasty walking dead run back with that cause your Tracey fren

  14. Michelle a idiot cause Richie have her like a fool that she is only time him did a cry about him love wife and not leaving wife is when she did find out about Lisa and Sandy. and she throw him out cause of embarrassment. and him is a wicked about him never rate Lisa Richie remember is my phone you call down when Lisa and you a war and she ignore your phone call them. You chat Michelle with Lisa you chat Lisa with Michelle you chat Sandy with Lisa You all chat.

  15. Michelle don’t have any room to get mad that someone f**ing her man. How many woman man did she f**k? NUFF

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