1. Good morning Met….can u stop out amari r wah shi name on the site plz ur helping her with the nonsense n make her famous..she it like Donald trump the media make a monster n now can’t contain it…so please don’t make this the case with this mad rassklaaath woman..

  2. :ngakak From a country Girl to the Sender who took the time out to send this in, I am not a fan of the Cure, But let me explain something. There is nothing wrong with the one bag a fowl round him. :thumbup Lwad there is other things going on in the world Sender, for you to compare a Dread with what is known to Our culture, and that is Country people always have nuff fowl in them yard. Duh, I am a vegetarian but when I go Country and sit down I always get bread and feed the fowl them. What is your point though sender? That a dread sit in the middle of some fowl or knowing how some a you FOOL FOOL you think is obeah? lol. This is an Innocent COUNTRY picha.

  3. This made my morning with laughter jah know . Not even a vegetable garden or some bean tree but a yard full of fowl ???? He’s a little off from longtime.

  4. Unuh neva si when him in a di market or wherever a buy up him whole heap a veggies and fruits why Unuh fail fi si dat one …Unuh low di man an gweh and look how long him have this pic on his ig page.

    1. :ngakak I honestly think the picha is so innocent and cute, It just brings back memory of when I was in Jamaica and even when I go home for Vaca and go country is so we sit round a the back yard and the one heep a fowl run come, especially if you have two rice grain to give them. The picha cute Man, Lwad sometimes the stupid questions no really necessary, It is all good in the hood sender and in this case in Country. What I would do right now to be home a feed some fowl and sit outside under a tree with some Mangoes and June Plum.

  5. There’s something about this man,me just cant stan him n me dobt even know him…something about him just turn me off…may because of his pass rape conviction

  6. Sender, vegetarian nuh mean seh him nuh eat egg or baked goods. Maybe is laying fowls fi lay eggs. Fowl dem look healthy doe, woulda like one stew dung and served with green banana and piece ah white yam :ngakak

  7. What nonsense is this ? So wait … A Rasta man CANT KEEP FOWL ?
    Is what F***ES is this I seeing here ?
    So we judge a man by the animals in a pic now ?
    Further more , I don’t eat meat, but there are MANY Rastafarians who do, as well as chicken, beef even goat… Those are not of the Nyabinghi order or Boboshanti order tec; for they tend to be ITALIST…

    The bible says what God has blessed, let no man call cursed.
    Also, it is NOT what goes in the belly… But what comes out of the town and heart .

    No big fan of Jah Cure ‘s attitude , but I see NOTHING WRONG with this picture !!
    What a senseless ridiculous article …

  8. Also , what about all the Rastafarians that FARM ANIMALS ? So is a SIN to take a picture wit yuh cow ?
    WAH next ? … FYah bun u fi milking yuh goat ?

    STEUPS …
    STOP D cowshit right right now

  9. Is he eating chicken in the picture? NO…
    Is it a pig in the picture? NO… Typical black people who’s level of thinking is junk status… Is not everything that comes to your mind you say, you have to think about it first… Some people are really stupid, that’s why they say black people have an IQ lower than the rest…

  10. I don’t mean to judge, but, Jah Cure is a Rasta without any Rastafarian convictions. Di man even go hunting for game in the wild, in his camouflage fatigue, rifle and all. When I saw the video and pictures, I was baffled.

    Then his vanity and conceitedness are the antitheses of Rastafarian precepts. He needs an intervention.

  11. I seen Jah Cure in front of a pork pan in Portland Jamaica cussing a bunch of bad word to the pork pan man saying his pork too dear!!!! And it nuh handle properly and how the pork man dem on his ends deal wid di ting propa….He then ended up buying the pork and jumping into his wagon and speed off. What a phuckery rasta…

  12. :kr :kr :kr Two fowllll a mi yaaddd,
    One a cock one a hen
    But the cock a put mi inna problemmmm.
    Mi decide fi sell di cock!
    But me nah goh badda sell it again
    Cuz it’s a gift from mi parents dem.
    The Cock!
    Went up Jackie skirt dem again!
    It cock, cock, cock, cock and wake up Karen!
    Jennifer Goh see the cock and it a give har problem. :kr :kr :kr

    90s music was the best!

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