HMI Pinky
This gal Nicki
Start hype up herself because her man Jahvillani buss the same man wah she say before him go look work him want to go studio everyday the same man wah she say she Afi bun him because him d*ck soft and him broke! We used to do promotions together and she f**k pon him with a lot of top man in Ochi right now the man dem a laugh after the Artist because them can’t believe him still deh wid her, everyday she sit down on the internet and look for problems with everybody she see him follow or like their pictures, everyday she drop wud and acting like she is somebody and start hyping on her friends. She works at the weed shop at every money man comes there she flirts wit


  1. Sender fret not yourself, she will fade away soon. Ive heard this story a million times. Lets see how long Jahvilani will keep his fame, because this industry is not a bed a rose and she will soon see that too.

  2. Buss??? Suh how mi nuh know a who dis?? Look like something gwan fi real doe cause see di odda ooman yah a badmine.

  3. Badmind because the little broke man weh she did haffi hustle and provide for buss now. Sender go get a life!

  4. But met Di gal dem a say jahvillani dick soft fi a young boy him have a big problem, she nuh look good she stay real bad

  5. She was fucking on him up to December and a take man money give him because she live a him yard, whoring nicki u stop walk and fuck now like how Di man start make money??? Everyday she deh pon IG a drop wud pon him gal dem a Ochi

  6. Jahvillani buss Weh???? him couldn’t even perform lastnight a sound clash killa mek it look like him nah try Jahvillani go learn fi work stage show please before sumfest time because that lastnight is a big NO!!! Those groupies on IG hyping him up

  7. Ok ..so if she has more men and he has more women clearly they like this about each other…why you mad? They are adults , they make their choice ..NONE A YOUR BUSINESS….this mess about posting peoples pics and criticizing their life (styles) is not cool….sure you cant post your own business and pic…gee…wow , the girls still want him even if his member is soft…well I say ‘ go javvi”

  8. The whore fi leave him house and go live with one of her other man causes if him hood did soft like she said why she still with him and he lived with his family in Ocho rios she likes little boys so she must maintain them

  9. I’m glad somebody put this bitch on blast! She’s a whore 7yrs she live with him and his family and bun him straight a now she stop and acting like she a wife bitch everybody know you fuck nuff top man a Ochi when you used to do promotions and when them come buy weed at your workplace because you is a wannabe hot gal suh you fuck fi money because him never have it fi give you dirty Nicky

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