A 55-year-old man last week faced the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court for beating his wife with a chair because she refused to sleep in their bed.
The painter, Michael Anthony Dover, of Wint Road in Kingston, the court heard, used a chair to hit his wife in her head, on her right elbow and left wrist after they had a dispute over her decision not to sleep in the bed.
According to the complainant’s report, she was at home on October 2 when they had an argument concerning the bed which they shared.
The wife in her statement said: “I decided not to sleep in the bed and he became angry.”
The woman said that she sustained bruises and swelling to her body as a result of the attack and reported the matter to the police.
Dover was later arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.
On Friday when Dover appeared in court he pleaded guilty to the charge and the matter was set for sentencing on December 2.
However, after he pleaded guilty, Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams asked the complainant if this was the first time that she was assaulted by her husband and she said that he had assaulted her on several occasions.
But Dover denied the report and told the court that he was not an abusive husband.
The couple was however ordered to undergo counselling and Dover’s bail was extended.
Man denies hammering woman for talking on her phone
A man was also dragged before the court for punching his woman in her mouth and hitting her with a hammer for reportedly talking on her cellular phone.
The accused, Leonard Earthlight, 31, of Dwedney Road in Kingston, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the alleged incident.
On Friday when he appeared in court, he insisted that he did not hit the complainant with the tool.
“There was an altercation but there was no hammer,” he said.
According to Earthlight, he hit the complainant in self-defence.
“It was an act of protecting myself ‘cause she attacked me with a scissors,” he said, before his matter was set for trial on November 17.
According to police reports, on October 8 the complainant went to the accused man’s home to collect money for their daughter when a dispute developed over the complainant’s use of her cellular phone.
It was reported that Earthlight punched the complainant in her face and hit her on her shoulder with the hammer.
The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged.
Guard robbed of his bicycle by security worker
A security worker who stole a security guard’s bicycle told the court he took the item because it resembled his that was stolen over a decade ago.
Ronald Larmond stole the 18-speed Rambo bicycle from the compound at the Boulevard Super Centre in Kingston.
On Friday when he appeared in court, he pleaded guilty to simple larceny, claiming that he took it because it looked like a bicycle that was stolen from him.
“Is my bicycle because my bicycle was stolen from me in 1999 and my phone,” he said.
“The bicycle was similar to yours?” asked Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams to which Larmond responded, “Yes”.
“So you just went and took someone’s bicycle that looks like yours,” the magistrate further enquired of Larmond.
“I was just so messed up,” he said in reply.
The magistrate then asked him if he had any previous conviction and he reported that he was convicted for simple larceny in 2009.
“How many other previous convictions do you have? the magistrate asked.
Larmond in reply said that he was also convicted for robbery with aggravation in addition to the simple larceny.
He was then remanded for sentencing on October 31.
According to the police report, on October 11 the complainant was on duty at the super centre when Larmond rode a bicycle onto the compound and took up the complainant’s bicycle that was parked opposite to the security post.
The complainant reportedly shouted out “thief thief” but Larmond did not stop and made his way to the back entrance where he was held and later handed over to the police.
Larmond when cautioned by the police reportedly said: “Brethren, me sorry man, we caa work out a ting.
“Jah know, mi go prison already. Him can work out a ting wid me,” he is reported to have also said.
Sister forgives brother for breaking her arm
A woman whose arm was reportedly broken by her brother told the court on Friday that she came to forgive her brother and to show him that God is love.
“I came here with a heart of forgiveness. This is my bigger brother and this is not the first time that he has hurt me, he hates me so much, but I just want to show him that I have forgiven him and that God is love,” she said. “ I really want to forgive him.”
But at the same time the woman told the court that her brother, Calvin Simpson, owes her an apology.
However, it was not clear whether or not the complainant’s act of forgiveness meant that she wanted to end the matter.
Magistrate Shelly Williams, after listening to her, asked the siblings to speak with the probation officer and set the matter for mention on December 5. Simpson’s bail was extended.
The police report said that on September 26 the complainant and the accused were involved in an argument in which both exchanged “heated words”.
Allegations are that during the dispute the accused took up two stones and threw it at the complainant, hitting her on the side of her breast and on her arm, breaking her hand.
The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.
Sales rep on fraud rap for missing cash
A woman found herself before the court for reportedly swindling almost $400,000 from her boss.
The accused, Kimone Ferguson, 26, of Hillside Crescent, in Kingston was arrested and charged with larceny as a servant.
According to the police, the complainant, who is the owner of two stores, one in downtown Kingston and the other along South Avenue, in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew, gave the accused and her co-workers their own personal receipt books with two sets of receipt numbers.
Reports are that the complainant later checked Ferguson’s receipt book and noticed several irregularities and several pages were missing.
As a result, the complainant carried out an audit on the store and found that between April and September 24, a sum of $386,435 was missing from the company, along with stock
The matter was subsequently reported and Ferguson was arrested and charged.
On Friday when Ferguson appeared in court, the matter was postponed for a mention date in November and her bail was extended.

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