0 thoughts on “IS WHO DIS?

  1. She is stupid bcz there is so many rules to having a license gun. If she take this video to the station they can take it away. Not bcz u have license gun u can just shoot as u feel.

  2. Suh a suh she carry fi har licensed piece innah young gal suitcase? Si yah si deh do tings backward man, she covah di gun and deh walk half naked? guess she had had no choice..dwl

      1. Nuh tru Yeppie..u beg mi spit mi drink out pan di people dem floor. :ngakak:ngakak Yeppie u wahn know seh dem nuh hab no licensed fi dah one deh, once it innah baggy dem criminalize it…woieee mi bodehhh

  3. If a laugh i dead , a long time some body fi cool this wild animal call Verna the country girl fix your business for you , a want meet this country girl to shake har hand

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