Man assaults woman who refused to sleep with him, court told
Monday, June 30, 2014
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EXCITEMENT reigned inside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week after a man faced the judge for reportedly assaulting a woman whom he claimed broke her promise to sleep with him, after they had gone on a date.
Andrew Latham is accused of using his car to hit the complainant and also of trying to pull her back into his car after she had exited the vehicle.
The complainant told the court that Latham, who was accompanied by his friend, was driving her and her friend home from church when the incident occurred.
“So why he did that to you?” Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey asked.
“He was saying that my girlfriend should have sex with his friend,” the complainant answered.
Latham, however, gave a different account of the incident, while strongly denying assaulting the complainant.
He told the court that he and the complainant had been conversing via text messages and had come to an agreement about getting together and that he had invited his friend who was visiting from overseas.
“Your Honour, let me show you the text messages that she sent,” Latham said to the magistrate, who told him that she was not interested in seeing the messages.
“So unuh a church people?” the magistrate then asked.
“No, Your Honour, but I attend Bible studies,” Latham said, eliciting laughter from the court.
“We were both conversing and were on the same page but the date didn’t go as planned,” he added.
In explaining further, Latham said: “We had discussed everything and on the day I was very happy, and my friend who was here from foreign wanted to go, so I agreed with this lady to go on a double date but my friend wasn’t ‘feeling’ the date and wanted me to take him home and I didn’t really like how the date was going, so I did.”
Latham said that while he was taking his friend home the complainant called him and told him that they wanted to go home as well. Although he was not pleased that the complainant was not going through with their arrangement he returned and transported them home.
“Bwoy, you really is a good man,” the magistrate commented.
“So you never touch her?” she then asked.
“No, Your Honour,” he answered.
But the complainant interjected saying, “Yes maam, he touch me.”
Latham however insisted that he did not assault the complainant but told the court that he had returned to her home on the following day and made a ruckus after he found out that money was stolen from his car.
“When I took her home there were four men standing at her gate. Why would I trouble her? For them to beat me? That don’t make no sense,” he said.
“This is exciting but not for Friday so you come back on August 19,” RM Pusey said, ending the matter.
Latham’s bail was then extended on charges of assaulting a woman and assault occasioning bodily harm.
Man attacks senior who grabs his testicles
A gym instructor accused of beating up a man for a bag of charcoal told the court that he assaulted the man after he grabbed onto his testicles.
Jerome Sculley, 24, of Melbrook Heights, Harbour View in Kingston, was arrested and charged on May 10, with simple larceny and assault occasioning bodily harm.
Allegations are that around 8:30 am the complainant, who sells charcoal from a van, was exiting the Melbrook Heights community when Sculley approached him and begged him some of his coal. The complainant reportedly refused and Sculley pulled a bag of coal from the van and then grabbed at the 64-year-old complainant and threw him on the ground, before punching him all over his body.
Individuals who saw what was happening reportedly went to the complainant’s aid and he ran to the police station and reported the matter.
However, Sculley denied the allegations. He told the court that he went to buy coal when a little boy came off the van and started using indecent language to him and he held onto the boy and asked him if he knew him and was attacked by the complainant.
“This man come out a nowhere and grabbed on pon me balls and when him grabbed on pon me balls me punch him,” he said. “I was never beating him up, I was never punching him up.”
Following Sculley’s explanation the magistrate told him that she would have to send the matter to trial as he was acting in self-defence, if his story was true.
The matter was then scheduled for trial on August 11 and Sculley’s bail was extended.
Inmate attacks alleged gay prisoner
An inmate who reportedly beat up another inmate accused the prisoner of making sexual advances toward him.
The inmate, Nicholas Myles, who was recently sentenced to six months in prison for robbery with aggravation, was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he allegedly assaulted the complainant last Thursday in the Half-Way-Tree police lock-up.
Myles, however, denied the allegations.
“Your Honour, a him want touch me, a push him hand and try fi touch me and dem beat him. I didn’t lick him,” Myles said. He was remanded in custody until July 2.
According to police reports, Myles approached the complainant, who is charged with buggery, and asked him if he was in cell number 1 and called him a “groundser”. Myles then reportedly asked the complainant if ” bare b…man” were in the cell and the complainant told him that he was placed inside the cell because the others were full and that there were a lot of old people in the cell with him.
Myles then reportedly told the complainant to go under the bunk bed and he and another inmate reportedly kicked the complainant all over his body causing bruises.
Myles then reportedly told the complainant, “B…man fi dead and bad man nuh get charge fi dem tings deh.”
It was also reported that Myles told the complainant that he was going to kill him if the matter went to court.
Spurned cop arrests man out of spite
A barber who was taken before the court for having a knife in his possession told the court that he was arrested by the policeman because his lover had rejected the lawman’s sexual advances.
Vivian Andrews was taken into custody and charged with possession of an offensive weapon after the police reportedly found him with the knife in his possession while on a road in downtown Kingston.
Andrews however denied the allegations, saying that he was charged out of malice by the policeman.
“The officer was looking my babymother and through me babymother nuh inna nuh argument with him, him come inside me shop and take up the knife and charge me for it,” Andrews told the court.
Senior Magistrate Pusey, who was seemingly convinced, admonished and discharged Andrews of the charge.
Woman steals ex’s cash after putting him on the street
A housewife was also hauled before the court for reportedly stealing $300,000 from her former common-law husband after kicking him out of her house and ending their five-year relationship.
Patsy Mullings, 40, of Petters Road in Kingston is facing a charge of simple larceny.
It is alleged that on June 9, the 62-year-old complainant put his money in a jacket pocket and placed the jacket in the bottom of his suitcase, before piling other clothes on top. He the left the suitcase in the living room. On his return, he reportedly found his suitcase outside and the money missing.
On Friday when the matter was mentioned, Mullings told the court that she did not take the money and that she was not even aware that he had so much money and only heard about the money after she put him out of the house.
“Two weeks before him show me $100,000 and dat did almost finish after him spend it. Me nuh know nutten bout nuh $300,000,” she insisted.
But the complainant said he was certain that it was her, noting that she had been encouraging him to buy a car to run taxi to ease her burden, as she was not working, but that he was not interested in the idea.
“The $300,000 was in my bag and she knew that it was there,” he said.
“You sure this is about the money or there’re other things?” RM Pusey then quizzed the complainant.
The complainant however maintained that he had left his money inside the suitcase in the morning before he left the house and that he was an honest person.
“He is not an honest person; he is a fraudster,” Mullings said, noting that he was also abusive and that he was a drunkard.
“Let us leave this to the ultimate judge in court four,” RM Pusey then told the feuding couple before extending Mullings’ bail for her to return to court on August 18.

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