A Manchester mother who was charged with last month’s murder of a teenage boy in the parish, was remanded when she appeared in the Manchester Resident Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

The accused is Shauna Thompson-Raymond. She is scheduled to return to court on Wednesday, July 20.

According to police reports, the deceased, 16-year-old Omeish McLeish, was involved in a relationship with Thompson-Raymond’s daughter, who is said to be a seventh grader at a prominent high school.

Thompson-Raymond, who did not approve of the relationship, reportedly forced McLeish into her vehicle at Bankhouse Mall in the town, where she works at a meat shop.


Police say two men were in the vehicle and the young boy was under the guise that he was being taken to the police station.
His lifeless body was later found with stab wounds on June 22 about 10:00 pm, on a dirt path along the Melrose Bypass, by security officers assigned to a property of the West Indies Alumina Company (WINDALCO), police say.

McLeish was reportedly attending the Children’s Court in Porus for a case of rape in another matter.

The police are still searching for the two men who were reportedly in the vehicle with Thompson-Raymond when the teen was taken away.

Alicia Sutherland


    1. Did you read the story that the guy was attending children’s court for rape? still didn’t give her the right to kill him though.

      1. Rape in this case could be statutory rape, as oppose to forced rape. How many boys in Jamaica has sex with girls under 16-years old? I once dated a Jamaica female who had her first and only child at age 13. I asked her if she was raped and she said no, she had consensual sex with a 19-year old, who got her pregnant. According to her, she wouldn’t listen/obey her Aunt, who she was living with at age 12-13 and thought she was a Ms Hottie at that age.

        1. sorry to say but your ex, was in fact, raped. A 13 year old cannot give consent, at 19 that man had no business abusing that child. I am sure when she grew up and realized what happened to her and sure she said “if mi did know.” It is sad that she thinks this was consensual and not rape.

  1. Wow lady now you’re on a murder charge how smart of you even if you get off the amount of money you are going to pay in lawyer fees not funny. People need to think before they act he was already in court for rape if you had reported him to the police that would have helped keep him off the streets. Yes he is a scum in society but the lord said let him judge. Too many people out here being judge jury and executioner.

  2. I understand that the mother was looking out for her daughter and didn’t approve of the relationship but to have the boy killed that was above and beyond, it’s not like the beat the boy the murdered him to ensure that he would stay away from her child… And to top it off he was a suspect of rape, this boy prey on young girls, he was sick but not to kill him in cold blood and left on the streets to be found… The mother now will go to jail for several months now who is going to take over and watch her children because she choose the wrong way to deal with the situation, like someone said you have to sit and think with a rational mind before jumping into something you will late regret… Yes he was a menace to society but let the law deal with him..

  3. 7th grade?….that makes her daughter about 11/ 12, right? She has no right to take a life but that boy was an upcoming predator…a 12 year old & 16 year old is inappropriate…in the US 7th grade is middle school age…fresh out of elementary school.

    She should never have murdered that child ….despicable.

  4. If she was trying to stop her daughter from man-tekking with this senseless act, well she achieved the opposite, because is now the daughter going tek man, especially when she get locked down for murder. kmt

  5. Smh, she could have had an adult conversation with the young man and his family with the daughter present. If that failed, she could have done something less extreme, even involve the police.
    Silly woman… or a mad she mad?

  6. These comments are too nice if it was a father who did this the heat would be even higher as for me hang har bloodclaat infant the clock dung a half way tree lick off har head phuck’n clean,this piece a shit don’t need to be breathing she took an child life she can blow breath inna man fi tek it,her foot should be swinging out of the back of the police truck kmft

  7. So we going to overlook the part that he was “going to court for a case of rape” (I did NOT say he was guilty). Her actions were drastic but he had no right messing with the child.

  8. When I was in the 7th grade I was afraid to even talk to the older boys much less deh wid dem, a 9th grade boy asked me to be “intimate” with him I didnt know the meaning of the word, once I found out I was disgusted and start avoid him same time. These children now a days are ready for anything and clearly a mad off dem parents cuz whhyyyyy kill him ??? OMG she well plan out fi kill him, hire help and everything, thats crazy AF.

  9. Let’s see: A 16 yr. old, freshman predator dating a preteen, or just turn teen…hmm

    Is the daughter relationship one formed freely, or by the conditioning methods use by sexual predators, coupled with sociopathic tendencies…hummm

    Marie, come address them two scenarios fi de yah.

    1. Hey Phantom. Here why I don’t touch his rape thing – & let me state I don’t know this case.

      A friend of mine got a call 1 day from her friend who was seeking help for the friend’s helper son. When she went to CISOCA they basically had a confession because they questioned the boy without any kind of representation or guardianship there. When she got fully updated it turns out he was being charged for statutory rape, because the parent(s) of the girl wanted it so. So she explained to them that he was also a child, but they were raring & more than willing to make a criminal of the boy. So she said ok, charge him, but I want to press charges on the young lady too for statutory rape of him & that’s when the backed off & released both children with warnings. My point is, not every young man has representation & CISOCA is not going to look at the situation as 2 out of order children going at it & get them into some kind of programme, they just want their numbers to look good to show the Commissioner, politicians & us the public. So that makes me sceptical, but the predators always have a beginining.

      1. What I don’t understand why didn’t she get more firm with her daughter. She is still a child, and a mother should know where their child is at all time. They never stated in the report that he raped her. They only stated he was up in on statutory rape. Maybe the mother couldn’t control her daughter but that was her issue not his. Now her daughter might turn out to be what he always feared…with no mother around to show her the ropes. Very sad for the young man and his family.

  10. We are not excusing that the mother took a boys life… The mother made a poor decision and didn’t think it all the way through and she went off of angry and feeling… Yes this boy was much older than her daughter and yes he was a teen as well but older… I do not say that the boy shouldn’t be brought to some type of justice, it’s apparent that the boy was sought out for rape, could of been with a girl of the same grade and age has the mother’s daughter but the fact remains she should of let the law handle it, take him to the police or call the police and even all go speak with him parents or something but to have grown men chop and slash the boy and leave him fi dead is just too much… Now where it leaves the mother, she is in jail for murder now and she can see many years in jail away from the daughter she was trying to protect and whatever other children she had, and to go sit in jail and not be out to be a mother to your children… It comes like these young grade children is living adult life and doing things they should not have no business doing, but were dem learn it from home or watching other people… I all see children at parties , which they should be at home, it starts in the home, take care of home first and your children… We need to beware of what are children are up too, be involved in every step of their lives so they can be productive citizens… And if you see your child has an inkling of issues sick help, change in behavior seek help early than later…

    1. How you know she didn’t think it through? She think it through that’s why him dead.

      We don’t know anything about the deceased besides that 1/2 ass mention of the rape case and a snippet of his association with the daughter.

      Btw, if him de court under(let’s assume unu right) a statutory rape case and a have relationship with another girl less than him in age…wah dah say bout him????

      Cindy, I read your post and yeah equity doesn’t come into play in these matters…but me a go off of pattern of behaviour.

  11. This Boy had a Mother and Father as well, He was somebody pickney. I hope she go prison for this! and I hope she put lock and keys pon har daughter kratches cause some of these young girls act like they grown. Old wicked. Taking a child’s life because you did not teach your daughter to stay away from Men at that age.

  12. Me ask if the young girl attachment is of free will or by conditioning/intimidation ..in truth only she can answer that. At 16 and de courthouse fi rape under any status is cause for concern.

  13. This woman wrong to take the law in her hand but when the system seems to offer no real justice this is what people resort to. It seem the attitude to rape of most Jamaicans and the justice system is that it’s not that serious, no wonder this young man seemed on track to becoming a prolific child molester. Chances are this same woman has the same mentality but because a fi har Pickney get abused now she commit herself. It seem like we a go back instead a forward and it’s a real disappointment

  14. Smdh,more time me affie wonder bout some a Unoo, when Unoo comment a swear . Wid dat being said , I not even a go follow up this cause me and nuff a Unoo a go war, and right yah now I can’t be ask.

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