Met kerryann get lock up.she and the same girl Rochelle at it again.the same girl wey kerryann cal send dectective to her. Last month.Kerryann your wicked deeds turn right back on you.mi hear say kerryann friend dem nuh have but money fi post the these b*tches act so rich and now dem a walk a borrow money to pay for bail.where is rich Apple ??? Apple go and bail yuh big friend. Kerryann will never learn. Kerryann immigration next ago pick u up. Stop trouble people remember you have no usa papers. Kerryann it looks like you mess with the wrong person this time. Met this girl kerryann always in mix up because she think she is the riches and baddest b*tch in New York. But kerryann is really a punk and a broke wannabe girl. Kerryann you have 3 children act like it. Your children must tired of the cops arresting you.I feel bad for your children. Kerryann go get a job and be a role model to your are too dumb. Your baby father is already in prison and now you in jail and immigration may pick u up

Met news flash news flash. Bronx news .big bad girl kerryann dey a jail a bawl her eyes out. Ugly Sally a bawl fi kerryann .ugly,gal Sally lend kerryann your green card sally. Kerryann step into ants nest now she a get bite up. Kerryann why u stab the girl a kill you want to kill her leave her 2 children?? Met I hear from good source that Kerryann stab Rochelle today and Rochelle lock her ass up. Prison not a bed of roses Kerryann now you know.look out for the big bad boys name( Ice ) home land security.

70 thoughts on “KERRY ANN GET LOCK UP?

  1. Met I don’t rejoice over people downfall and I do like Kerry Ann even though ah vulgar n shit but yuh see when a gal gwan like dem bad and wa fight ppl especially when people don’t wa fight them dem fi go a jail straight up !!! Informa or not Mi ah call d cops pan any gal Weh wa come beat me .. Anuh checkers dis a chess me wi mek u beat my asss up just suh me can lock u up and have the last laugh! While u deh a jail a suffer me deh a road a mad yuh same way .. Dem wukliss gal ya fi Gweh always wa fight how can u stab someone ? Like a u a di creator ? Like u wa tek someone life what coulda make u so mad ?

  2. F***g idiot!!!! Nuh body cyan get me suh mad fi stab Dem and leave my pickney dem go jail!!! Nooooooo body it worth it!!!!!! Even if some one hurt my children I wouldn’t do dem nuhtin, cause when mi go do Dem anytin a gone mi gone leff my pickney dem fi suffa!!! No sah!!! Mek di law deal wid it!!!!!

  3. Don’t know her, only on the pink wall. Why would you stab someone? Who is YOU? 3 Kids? with no morale or values but to walk and trouble people? I hope the person who reports her stay on top of this case, Send her rass home! Make her an example for all the females hoodrats who has nothing to do with their lives but to walk and constantly taunting people in America and think that they are invisible, This is not Jamaica were you can acid, stab, kill and you get way free. If she don’t feel sorry for Her 3 kids who already have a drug dealer father in Prison serving time AND the fact that If she goes to Jail who is going to take care of them, Then why feel sorry for her? What a set of Scammers who lack simple common sense? String them up. Wicked Gal bout you a stab, what if you did stab the Girl and kill her? Ohh I guess you would be the Hero Nuh? Waste Gal.

  4. STRAIGHT TO RIKERS…..OUTTA AWDA GYAL!!! Stab really??? Kerry Ann that beat up was hard to swallow, huh? What your punk as prove by stabbing her….she should have two links in Rikers to tear off yuh face right yah now!!

  5. In all fairness Princess Apple has nothing to do with this predicament whatsoever.Stay above the fray n keep ur focus on ur kids plz sweetest Apple.Yuh never spread anybody bed fi Dem so why u must lie in it?

  6. Father in jail mother in jail if you don’t want better for yourself think about your kids man..jeez set a damn example

  7. Met, I’m begging you to use one of kerryann’s updated photos. She will be out soon. For whatever reason she never stays there for long. Kerry live for the kids nuh man.

  8. A weekend gone mi see Kerryann and her daughter a whine up themselves pon Princess Apple snapchat ino.. and I just shook my head. Kerryann you have to SET BETTER EXAMPLES for your children like seriously!

  9. Why is it the ones with no papers that do the dumbest shit ? Yall need to stay humble and sort out unno self espicially when you have no family back in jamaica .

  10. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    You know whats so funny but not funny,the girl came here and stated what she was going to do because of how Kerry-Ann send cops to her house and most of us beg her to let it go. She was so upset and for a minute we all think she wasn’t going to let it go,however she did.

    Now this morning or which ever morning she went and stab the girl and Rochelle I back you a 100% this morning press charges,once bitten twice shy. Go all the way out this wasn’t no self defense this was her trying to prove to her goon ass friends she is suppose to be some kind a bad gal,she wasn’t thinking of her kids so don’t need to think about the on her behalf. Show up a court and press charges she could have sat an artery and you bleed out leaving your kids and man behind.

  11. Apple not stabbing or bailing out anybady shi smarter dan all of dem shi sey f**k all u hoes wid dat dumbshit!!

  12. This is one dumb girl weh think she still in Jamaica and can do har crime and nuh do nuh time. How she one suh bad? No regards fe human life, herself and her kids. What if she had stabbed the woman to death, then what? I honestly hope this woman don’t back down and press charges.Yuh walk and fast with so much people, and get wid it so often that you think you’re untouchable. You need to be taught a valuable lesson about the law in America. I hope they kick your non ambitious, non productive, wellfare queen, wannabe rich girl ass back home to reflect on how you messed up your life by focusing on the wrong things in life.

  13. Come on ppl when did Kerry stab Rochell let’s use sense to pick out non sense cause in reality nothing Kerry do don’t miss social media and she stab someone I’m sure it would of been up there….another thing that’s taking place in society is locking ppl up under false pretenses and that’s what Rochell did god don’t like ugly and yes once bitten twice shy….But Bullying is a crime and harassment is one too so at the end of all this we will she who’s gonna be going to jail

    1. U sound dum were u there how do u know everything hit social media these bitchs are the one posting themselves all over social media to look good under false lifestyles and pretenses Rochelle didn’t lock that swine up under false pretenses did did what was right for her safety kerryann is a certified bully sally & her entire click ur right god don’t like ugly until the entire swine scamming family of them all go to jail & get deported u didn’t know it’s gonna come one day she don’t start crying as yet wait for it we already see whoes going to jail stupid ur must one of their illiterate group member u sound retard

  14. Wow and I thought people couldn’t be more dumber… What push Kerry Ann to stab the girl, what was she going to prove that she bad and that the girl can’t do you nothing… Kerry Ann sweetie your not in Jamaica that type of sh*t your pulling does not jive out here in America they do not care to lock up black people and throw away the key haven’t you learned anything from your baby father downfall, have you noticed his still in jail, while you walk around like everything is OK like business as usual… I guess you both can meet each other in Jamaica and bring the kids along… You are so stupid to jeardoize your children not now having both parents because you wanted to show how bad you are… You went looking for the girl to have a fight bout what exactly, how do you feel that your actions landed you behind bars… I’m so tried of hearing about you and your clan… I’ve never meet anyone of you personal but from the sound of it you guys are no good.. I wouldn’t bail you out, I wouldn’t even be involved, makes no sense, go do something stupid then you must stay exactly were you at, you thought the girl wouldn’t call the police, I hope she shows up to court and press charges, now you going to learn a lesson that probably will humble you, you never know you might get sent back home, you’ve might have been in jail before but sometimes you luck will run out and then what, your sh*t out of luck sweetie, but you should of thought about that before you stabbed the girl… People don’t fight fist to fist no more it’s stabbing or gun it’s crazy… I hope the girl is doing well and that she moved forward and show this Kerry Ann a lesson, she doesn’t run nothing around here this is America stay in your lane and make a life for you and your children… I guess maybe Apple is smarter than the rest, I do not see her in no cursing match with anyone… Interesting, I guess Kerry Ann is the fighter of the group…smdh

  15. You know some of unnu really disgust me on here. Everybody dog out Apple name then next thing you know… Unnu a call fi har name to bail out Kerry. As much as unnu don’t like Apple because of what she do. Let me tell APPLE PUT FI HAR KIDS FIRST. One day here you can see pon Apple Snapchat that Kerry was skinin out wid har big daughter. All Apple do was laugh. While Kerry a wild up inna di streets. Apple been wid Her kids. She did the boat ride thing wid fi har family. Kerry bad up herself fi no reason. Just to prove a point. Apple was no where in site. No unnu want to call up fi har friend. Har friend never tell her to go stab up that lady. When will all of unnu understand Apple don’t really rate none of dem. They are only her party friends. Nothing more. Apple take care of her family and not really with the drama


  17. By the tone of the bloggers above, I think Kerry’s imprisonment (of true) is the best move for the 3 children mentioned. Why? As a parent, you are expected to grow your child right, teach them respect, morals and God (unless not religious). As a parent, you are selfless, you make sacrifice’s for the betterment of your child. So for a blogger to mention her and the daughter whining up and Snap, NO. A previous post listed her misdeeds and I’m not even talking about the scamming but the vulgar, mad-head behavior, Kerry is not equipped to be a parent to her children if any of those things listed are true. Foster system is a mess and if they are older than a certain age, adoption options are slim but let’s see if being in the care of someone else can undo the damage her poor parental skills may have caused.

    It’s hard to love others when you don’t love yourself.

    ***Feel free to disagree

  18. Let the rich crew bail u out .. I mean one bag is worth how much ??? Or even one dress lmaoooooooooo me no sorry fi Kerry Ann I hope Rochelle teach u a lesson

  19. Oh please if she was in Jamaica Judge Pusey lock her ass up long time but not before reading her for filth then telling her to do better.

    1. I don’t know what dem tek Jamaica fah. Garrison people don’t call police or give statement, so them think it’s Island wide.

      If a country we rope har bumbo and carry har go station, cook French fry chicken and rice n peas wid big jug a juice fi the journey go town when sentence fi pass 😀

      Rochelle hold the faith and done thus bitch once and for all.


  21. So @ Little Willie how many Kerry Ann you guys have up deh in NYC? So what the sender is telling all of us his true or false… Is this Kerry Ann girl in jail and is it the Kerry Ann that sent the Rochelle chick to jail on false pretense??? What is the real truth here because there’s tons of conflicting stories here…

    Is this tit for tat, Rochelle send Kerry Ann to jail, Karma don’t play I guess the beef wasn’t squash after all, Rochelle must of been waiting for her chance to strike…

    All this is really getting old with all these rich girls… smdh

  22. Has anyone verified that she is locked up? What’s her full name so the sleuths can check please. If she is locked up, I hope her children end up well. Speedy recovery to Rochelle as well, again if all true. KerryAnn I don’t know you at all but if you’ve done this, what a waste. I was rooting for you..we were all rooting for you!

  23. Kerryann is too nuff and disgusting she is where she belong in a cage.All she does is walk and mess with people this bitch think she is cute and only she wears the best clothes with her thieving self old scammer none ambitious gal. She doesn’t even respect herself nor her children all she doesn’t even respect her 3 children. Her life is so sad. This bitch needs to go get and job and stop live off the welfare system and stop scam and sell drugs and stop act like she rich and better than people. Now Kerryann can’t pay her bail and she needs lawyer money. Her heard she have over 12 different charges that judge must be angry at her. I heard they trying to Neck up fi post bail all now she in jail from yesterday. Kerryann you just reap Wat you sow. Good for you. Now the joke is on you .I hope your dumbass friend realized that the girl wasn’t joking with you. Calling cops on people. You cried wolf now the big bad wolves got you. Bout you a act bad and a stab people. I hope this Rochelle chick don’t take no money from you because you think you a alcapone. want to gang up on people and then run and then beg them fi collect money from you. You such a fool Kerryann. Its so hot now so Kerryann must a burn up in jail. Bout you a stab people. Coward kerryann you looking stripe off people I hope you can handle the heat and the pressure bout you a ball. Cry yourself a river Kerryann and sail into it All the way back to dam moron the girl Rochelle gave you exactly what you deserve. Feel better Rochelle and get well soon my dear .don’t dear sympathize with Kerryann.

  24. @judge, but what hasn’t kerryann done. How many times kerryann made false report on ppl, bully, and harrass someone so what are you trying to say. That’s her daily job besides selling weed is for her n her friends to jump ppl, make false report n when she gets locked up she pays them off. I think her criminal history n multiple run in with the law on similar charges speak. It can not be the whole Bronx against kerryann r her friends it has to be them. The smartest n dumbest person can see that shit even the blind.

  25. @Oh well you seems to me to be a very intelligent person I don’t know none of these ladies I just know word on the streets and I tend to get it directly and since summer start I haven’t seen a street fight with kerry or any cussing other than what was written on here fair to say she is falling back Rochell on the other hand seems to me as being the Bully remember Bull nuh mek noise fi Buck Yu so that don’t mean since a person don’t act vulgar means they don’t walk with two horns the way it looks to me is kerry sent police to lock up Rochell and kerry didn’t go through with it and Rochell waited few weeks injured herself and locked Kerry up now to me both of them is wicked but Rochell is wickeder

    1. You seems to don’t know This Kerryann Girl, however you are sooo sure Rochell is a Bully? Stop type fabrication that don’t mek sense on Met site, How can someone stab/injured them self to lock up the hoodrat Kerry ann? That even make any type of sense? You actually sit down and type off your finger with foolishness? Just to defend your viragoes friend and then a use reverse psychology that you don’t know her. Judge? You is the real Judge round here.

  26. @judge are you saying God don’t like Kerryann because she lock up so much people under false pretenses. Didn’t that same Kerryann lock up munchie, opal trendsetter aka twinny , big woman wey name cuz,Rochelle and the yanqee girls with 99 different false report. @Judge I pitty you know who this chuckie girl kerryann really is?? Kerryann is devil sent this chick is a big trouble maker always up into people’s business .always fighting and cussing people. Kerryann I’m not sorry for you next time stab yourself and if is false report as judge claim its even more funner it would be a good dose of Kerryann own medicine. Drink Kerryann drink.

  27. The bottom line is this Kerryann brought all this upon her, she shouldn’t of never called the police on the girl, if she didn’t want the retaliation to come upon her… Did she think that the girl was going to bow down and allow her to call the cops on her she spend a day or two in jail and let it go… I’m shocked that the Rochelle if that was her came on and said she was leaving it alone, I guess it’s tit for tat with them two… But at the same time I do not feel sorry for Kerryann she shouldn’t of called the police on the girl at all, the girl has children as well from what I’m reading and a job from what she stated… Kerryann you made the wrong move, even if Rochelle stabbed herself from what most or dew is claiming and you truly didn’t stab her you still made your bed when you throw the 1st stone… All and all this is a lesson for Kerryann maybe this here will humble her but maybe not because from what I’ve read she’s been in jail more than once, so hey not sue if this is a life stranger for her… But if you want to remain in the united states refrain from pissing people off and just enjoy freedom and enjoy your children, right now it is a bad time to be locked up in the white people dem jail… Maybe she has one more lucky star she can use and get out of the pickle she’s in… smdh

  28. @judge 1 + 1 = 2 . the answer will always be 2. So if wat you mis judge heard that Kerryann first made false report send police to lock up Rochelle and Rochelle mades back false report as you claim you heard and Kerryann is locked up who to be blame ? And who is wicker I think CEO is the head of a company so who ever starts the false lock up should be the wickder one. You ever heard the song follower the leader follow . my dear @judge and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth the bible says. That means what ever you do to somebody expect them to do it back to you. The point is @judge Kerryann starts what she can’t finish. And we all hopes Kerryann learns a lesson wether she did stab Rochelle yesterday or if it’s a false report stop messing with people

    1. If you read and decipher what Judge is saying, You will know is one of the Girl Kerryann friend typing! JUDGE? You is the monkey face looking one that name sally don’t it? :ngakak

  29. Met is lie kerryann is not lockup,I’m in the shop at 218 on wp getting my hair done.and they in there laughing at your page

    1. Kerry Ann in a de shop? If she no in de den then you can’t trust who a say otherwise. You need a new hairdresser shop.

  30. @Lisa yes Kerryann did get lock up warrant squad took her out her home yesterday to the 47th station where she was until they took her to 161. They had Sally there to find out what’s going on with her. Probably she came out this morning cause she was there all night. So shut up n talk facts.

  31. I wanna know we’re Rochelle get stab up … I see her on social media a drive up and dung with har dusty self

  32. Nooooo….not Daffydill rich gerl that Hermes has on their Speed dial….not the Nigerian Chanel best customer Kerry Ann……not di dentist Kerry Ann new best friend…..Not Daffy girl weh strap up to do max Kerry Ann. Not Bready dead leff Kerry Ann. No sah, unnuh fi stop grudge and badmine rich people.

  33. am tired of asking where is this elusive Nigerian Chanel and designer dealer that Twinny, Kerry Ann and the rest of this exquisite ladies of the night get their pieces from. Someone plizzz…

  34. kerry ann your an undercover dumb slut ….do u even like your kids ???cause how can u act like this n know you going to get deported …no greencard get a f**g life ur so played out now you make me sick with ur dumb behavior …are you retarded or just DUMB BITCH BYE…and APPLE DONT HAVE NO MONEY TO BAIL A SOUL CAUSE ALL SHE N HER BLEACH OUT MAN DO IS SCAM PPL CREDIT CARDS N SELL ILLEGAL PHONES ..JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THE FEDS PICK THEIR DUMB ASS UP TOO N DEPORT THEM ..


  36. Say what you want about this lady but let’s keep it real, she’s a pink wall legend hahahahahahahha…. Who remembers when this dumb bytch made a 10 minute video cursing out another lady, to the point her voice got hoarse.. Lol… The amount of mix up she’s gets into I’m sure would be reality TV gold. Vh1 needs to log in to the Kerry Ann’s of the world and make a reality TV show called “In Farrin without papers” and highlight all her mixed up, criminal friends and their antics lol.

  37. Kerryann rich but had to sent her friends to walk round and borrow money to post her bail and pay lawyer . Kerryann remember to pay yuh cable bill . Lol . This girl is very ridiculous , she don’t know when to simmer down now she got her goose cook. I heard she got charge with felony . Felony is prison time kerryann . You just f..k over your own self . You are such a fool . Stabbing people and ganging them like you bad and now you alone is into this mess.Why are you wasting your life like this ? Go be a good mother to your children . You always in these mess . I heard apple don’t show up all now . Apple a keep wide worst jaydon foot bruck .

  38. Nasty reena wey always a run in on pink wall come a try defend kerryann go and mind your own business . Reena kerryann chat you sey you don’t look good and all you do is buy 1 and 2 brand shoes and tape up the bottom then return them. Thieving reena wey nuh have no USA papers no even a state I’d and will not get any USA papers because u get too much arrest for shop lifting and walk around a twang like you American . Crack head reena wey all u do is smoke drugs all day and pop pills get out of people business. Reena you looked a hot mess at kerryann party in that stupid dress and that fake shoes. Reena you thief clothes and still never look good yet. I see why you taking up for kerryann because you both are thieves . You both have no ambition . You both buy and return . You both have the same ugly fish looking mouth wey cannot close . You both credit Benz wey uno a struggle to pay for . Reena go get your own apt and stop cotch with your family. Reena go look a man wey want you because the man wey u have u have to thief and mind him and him beat you every and anywhere -and him nuh have no respect for you him walk pass you with all of him gal them and you of to hold yuh corners. Reena Waco hates you . Waco son breed yuh and nuh look pon you nor your son. Waco sey you could never be apart of him family because him nuh want nuh sketel in a him family and a drunk him son did drunk when him f..k yuh. Reena get off social media because you are a wack broke bitch. Get out of people business you whore.

  39. The fact that she is NOT in jail, & everyone is arguing over hypothetical f***y is hilarious. This is the dumbest smithing I’ve ever witnessed. Here in America, there’s a record of any arrest. Wonder why you can’t find one? Because some lonely, miserable, bad mind person made this up.

  40. The name in which kerryann was locked up under and nysid# 02104409N (Georgia Farquharson). @whengyalgood so shut up n sit ur ass down. Now tell me if it isn’t her.

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