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  1. 3 beautiful and educated Jamaican women, standing TOGETHER. I didn’t know it was a competition. All when women not competing with each other, people make it a competition. Good afternoon 🙂

  2. Beautiful yes no question about that. But can we start a fund to buy Lisa a new dress? How many times can she wear the same dress. Just because Obama feel you up in it doesn’t make it a holy relic.

  3. stop it suppose its the same day she took the pic with the runner ups in the blue dress? Its hers anyhow wear it till it tear royal blue for you all day any time any wear any year jamaica Queen

  4. Hold on, I am of the opinion that this picture was taken the very same day that the picture with Obama was taken…

  5. The young runner ups looks aged!!!! yendi looks colonial! Kaci looks like an ammish Lisa looks like royalty even tho ive seen her looking way better than this LISAAaa

  6. @Anonymous 4:14 pm the picture was taken on the same day Obama was here, because, they were all there. So what if she repeat the dress, it’s hers!!

  7. kaci fennel to me is much more attractive than lisa hanna, she seems to have a very warm and down to earth personality which is refreshing. in saying so, I am going to big up all three ladies, because they are all beautiful in their own way and as Jamaicans they deserve the utmost respect.

  8. Now mi understand why Yendi have suhmuch ugly fren. In this flock she is surely the ugly duckling, but this time the ugly duckling Doesn’t become a beautiful swan.
    Mi seet uppa Lane Plaza weh day and mi nain impressed nonetall.

  9. Nice picture. Off topic though, Met, how you never update us that Yendi gone to Foreign and working in Media over there.

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