Close to 17,000 Jamaicans residing illegally in Trinidad, newspapers says

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 | 8:41 AM

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — A report in Trinidad’s Newsday Tuesday morning claims that close to 17,000 Jamaicans are staying illegally in the oil-rich Caribbean nation as their entry certificates have expired.

According to Newsday, documents sent to the newspaper from the Office of the Chief Immigration Officer Keith Sampson revealed that for this year, as of November 21, 16,958 Jamaicans are staying illegally in the country.


The newspaper reported that National Security Minister Gary Griffith, Monday night, said that “if these undocumented and unregistered Jamaicans are working to maintain themselves, this means they are depriving the state of an estimated $700 million in taxes annually”.

Information from the Security Ministry reveals that 81 Jamaicans remain in detention at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Aripo while, to date, 66 Jamaicans have been repatriated, the newspaper said, adding that arguments that Jamaicans were being denied entry into Trinidad are “patently false given the high numbers admitted over the past four years and the refusal rate being under five per cent annually”.

“To date 96 per cent of Jamaicans have been allowed free entry into this country and if they want a 100 per cent entry rate, it means there will be no need for scrutiny by immigration officers,” the newspaper reports the Security Minister as saying.

Thirteen Jamaicans were recently refused entry into Trinidad sparking waves of negative comments against the CARICOM member state and its adherence to regional agreements regarding the free movement of people.


  1. I have been waiting on trinidad’s excuse for what they did last week and still havent heard one…………it seems as if Jamaicans really should stop visiting and supporting thm

    1. How about we Trinidadians boycott Jamaicans to stop coming to our country and purposely staying past their expiration, therefore making it illegal?
      How does that sound? Crazy right?
      I bet the majority of trini’s that do decide to go to JA goes for a vacation, to VISIT another country, not to stay and look work and make a life. Honestly JA does not exactly have a thriving job market, for one to consider moving there. Let’s keep it real. Trinidad does! And it’s understood why other countries are flocking to live there.
      You have to understand the system. Any government frowns upon individuals entering their country and overstaying their welcome. Yes it happens, but it just so happened in this case Trinidad immigration is taking notice and will do what it takes to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. Like how it is in the US.
      Now I cannot not commenting on how the 13 Jamaicans who were sent back home were treated because I do not know. I am sorry if they were mistreated.
      I’m just saying, this wouldn’t be a discussion if it were the US sending back individuals.
      For the record, I am a Trinidadian married to a Jamaica residing in the US. Twice a year we visit our respected countries and always say, if we were to live in the Caribbean it will be Trinidad for obvious reasons and visit JA. JA is BEAUTIFUL just not livable without being wealthy.

      Basically for the Jamaican who want to live in Trinidad, do it the proper way, get your paperwork (immigration) game up! Simple!!!

      1. But Trinidad isnt the U.S and that is my point. Trinidad is nowhere for you to get your nose up because at the end of the day di white man did slave di whole a wi from one side a di caribbean sea to di next…There should be absolutely no red tape fi a next caribbean country that isnt better than the other to claim people are there illegally.. I have never met a Jamaican who want to live in Trinidad so for those numbers God would have to come and show me them. Jamaicans should boycott Trinidadian products based on the fact that they are turning away Jamaicans for no reason, It would have been better for you to ask me why I suggested a boycott since you did not understand where I was coming from.The Trinidadian government has not responded as to why the Jamaicans last week were turned back. The fact they are bringing up other matters show that they are guilty of what they the people accused them of..Therefore based on the CARICOM agreement, what they are doing IS ILLEGAL..Do you grasp that or not?

        1. When I saw the articles I said nothing because I was waiting for Trinidad to respond explaining why they did what they did but clearly there is no explanation …and since Jamaica isnt worthy of getting one…Why should we continue to buy your products? Please dont get me upset today

          1. Unno alway secretly a carry feelings fi Jamaicans bright and out of damn order..Is how long di Trinidad government know seh 17,000 ”illegal” Jamaicans a live ina Trinidad? If they have those numbers and dem correct..Deport dem then but those being there have nothing to do with admitting other Jamaicans there and if it does then they can come out brave and bold and say Jamaicans are not allowed there right ? :ngakak …Tell dem dont carry feelings fi we because we dont carry feelings fi other Caribbean islands..You will never hear a Jamaican a hate or a style another islander outa jealousy..cuss dem yes if dem mouth meet but.. u will always hear Trinis a sey ”oh but guul she is Jamaican”.. And so what?? What are we doing??? Trinidad or Barbados did get enslaved last and freed first? NO.. A cudden di likle oil why unno a gwaan suh because Trini’s still a look fi cut lef Trinidad go other places so di whole a Trinidad nuh rich so is what? Right is right and wrong is wrong..

        2. at the end of the day di white man did slave di whole a wi from one side a di caribbean sea to di next…There should be absolutely no red tape fi a next Caribbean country that isnt better than the other to claim people are there illegally.. ” I agreed with u a 100% This is the root of our problems as brown ppl, i mean for god sake we could be blood relative or, our ancestors could of came from the same tribe just place in different locations throughout South and North America and the Caribbean. We have been feed and program with wrong and evil intent information from the time those ppl encounter our ancestors on the motherland and the cycles still continue to this day via our Governments, there’re more damage than us and corrupted as the eyes can see. Why? They still work for their pale masters and reap the benefits yearly through government grants and other government funded programs design to enslave our mindset. Our governments refuse to inform us, so we as one ppls have do the necessary research to connect the dots or stay sheeple. Those highly paid salves won’t even share the wealth by creating jobs they sit and break bread while splitting the money amounts themselves like thieves after a successful run. No wonder Ameriscam could fly drones or tapping to our communication systems in any of our respectful home countries and the government can’t do shit about it, agreement’s been signed long ago, checks been cleared and money done spent up not all but most of it, the rest will go to things like fairytale history school books from the paleside about Christopher Columbus and his fairytale voyages to poison our kids more when we should be helping and educating each other.

          1. Agreed…but ShaunPo maybe I am being bias but we dont treat di rest a caribbean island ppl no way..so there is something we a get bout the whole thing that they are not getting…There are many Trinis in Jamaica..many Nigerians , Cubans and Haitians. I would like for them to say if they have never felt at home ..im not talking about cultural similarities but from the people there

          2. Met! you’re not being bias because i know for fact that my country Barbados are doing some of the same nasty thing to jamaicans just like Trinidad and i also know that when some of my ppls get a little job them is act like them shit dont stink and other ppl beneath them especially the ones that have government jobs. that is why i applaude any jamaican thats been treated unfairly to sued them rasshole.

      2. What does ”17,000” Jamaicans being illegal in Trinidad have to do with what happened last week and why are those numbers just coming out? They did not say to date that they suspected those persons that were turned away of anything and it has NOTHING to do with paperwork nor does my suggestion have anything to do with that. What is in Trinidad again? Oh is di U.S right? :travel

        1. Ok mi just a come back more work than hands sorry but the person up top bright bad tho bout immigration up GTFOH outta here with dat shit in the EU agreement which is very much like CARICOM no European country is turning back non of the participating countries national unnu too rawsssssse bright n a showoffffff unnu self pon shit kmft

          1. Unnu no think say the US coulda tell unnu the same damn ting unnu come yah come nyam HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY u know wat meck a read likkle more

      3. Miss please read the article. The little girl came to visit her dad. A man is married to one of your country woman. To visit is very different from living. There are illegal immigrants everywhere.Thats y mi spend mi money wid Fly Jamaica.Yeah mi know Trinidad run Caribbean Airlines that’s y mi won’t put mi foot pon dem plane. A could a one plane Fly jamaica have mi will wait Fi get on

      4. it is NOT illegal …………..furthermore it is AN AGREEMENT between both countries ….fuq outta here wid ur foolishness #rollEYES

  2. The problem with this boycott is they would have to educate the public on what products are from Trinidad.Yes list the things. All those snacks and rums.

    1. The government need fi do dat part..All now dem cannot explain why the 13 people were turned back and since dem tink dem a farrrin…just cut whey

      1. Cause de ambassador fi poor people busy a fly out and hear news second hand or afta de fact.

        If de package write trinidad it go back a de shop…some can’t read so dem fi mek sumady read it fi dem.

    1. I am a trnidadian and would never live in jamaica. in fact i wont stay for more than five days. why do jamaican feel that they have to come to trinidad and remain for months, weeks etc. i have a jamaica who said life in trinidad is the best i will never leave trinidad. i disagree go back to your island no one want you in trinidad.

      if you r beint treated shabbily don’t visit trinidad again. no trinidadian. trinidad is the best in the caribbean. jamaica is jealous of barbados and trinidad. stay the hell in your island. trinidad should remove itself from this free trade.

  3. I am never one to comment or make bad remark about another caribbean country or its people but could not for the life of me pass up on the opportunity to chip in this blatant disrespect by Trinidad and its immigration policy towards Jamaican, now I have live studied and work in Trinidad for five year, being a Jamaican I have met some really nice Trinis but some bad one as well, what I can’t understand is where does Trinis get off treating Jamaicans as if they are better than, give me a break when you check the crime rate, the poverty in The Beetham and 90% of Laventille you wonder what the hell they got to be prude over!
    Now I moved to the state, lived in CT for 6 yrs and New Jersey for 3 I have again met some Trinis and when you talk about being illegal, some of whom are here since 91 with visitors visa who came to visit but never return, why?? because its the land of “OIL and WEALTH” We all as Caribbean have moved to different countries to visit and to find a better way of life, so trini should in no way believe the type because trinis are in America, Canada and other country illegal and living like dogs!

    1. If there was a good amount of oil America wudda set up at least 20 shops and a look fi tek it over..They need to chill..It is so funny though a Trini will marry a Jamaican man and u will never know that she is Trini until you meet her because we make NOTHING OF IT..But mek a Trini man marry a Jamaican woman and u nuh stop hear how much Jamaican she is…Dem cyah gwaan like dem betta dan we because u dont see anyone anywhere around the world wanting to be a part of their culture more dan how dem grab on to ours.. they need to sit down

      1. But when u say A Met u have to say B because the whole world gravity to the Jamaican culture.You have Europeans, Japs and many more speaking like Jamaicans and even singing Jamaican music in their own languages.

    2. i must respond people from the beetham and laventille are the scrums from grenada and st. vincent. check your facts no trinidad third generation live in these places. let them live like dog and kill each other. trinidadians live well that why you jamaica go to trinidad and live in the rat infested beetham and laventille where the illegal migrate and live.

  4. I remember reading the article and one part of it showed that (in my opinion), that Trinidad is showing some kind of disdain towards Jamaican visitors due to the unsolved
    killing of one of their Trinidadian native(s), in Jamaica.
    I’m unaware if any Jamaicans have been killed in Trinidad, while visiting there, but I agree with Met that, NO, non is better than d adda. So ‘OTHER’ small island countries in the
    Caribbeans’ will be playing “copycat” till Jamaicans become ostracized (correct spelling if wrong, thx) within the Caribbeans’ really now! Boycott yes, why should WE put up with that kind of treatment.
    Trinidad, STOP using us so that u can b significant, GLOBALLY!! ah nuh fi wi fault!

    1. Londy remember how people were saying Trinidad have reason to do what they did? The Observer bad but it nuh that bad and the 13 people were not related so what they said must have been true

      1. yea Met u right, the 13 people were not related so how a group of non-related
        people get treat the said way, THESE ARE NOT ISOLATED INCIDENCES!!!

        1. Londy but even then they ran to Trinidad’s defense and some wicked Jamaicans run in support..As I said I waiting for an explanation from Trinidad…instead they have been clutching at incidences unrelated to what happened last week..It seems that they were caught off guard by it making the news…because they have no alibi

  5. trinidad trying to set a “standard” that jamaicans aint welcome there…a really wah dem ah try start-up.
    i refuse to put the capital T inna trinidad, gwey. I always hear my mother sayin dat the reason y other carribbean countries doa like we, iz bcaw, Jamaica bigger dan all ah dem!!!

    1. Londy u know in Bahamas the women there hate Jamaican women mostly because there is a secret vagina war there..Mi nah lie oo :ngakak
      dem seh di Jamaican women come there and tek dem man because of vagina superiority no joke ting :ngakak

  6. As I have said before on a post few months back, in each of our eyes Jamaicans would say their country is the best, Trinidadians would say their country is the best, Guyanese would say their country is best and so forth! If one wants to argue about the treatment of the 13 people the other day do so. But, don’t try to put down Trinidad because you’re not Trinidadian and likewise. We can go on all day about which country is best cause at the end of the day we were all rediscovered by frigging Columbus! And I’m saying this unno don’t bother come run in with no F&@kery!

    1. Saucy no be fair. Everyone is patriotic and u may be one out the few Trinis that dont act some type a way..You and Status because she isnt like that either..But that is not the point. Based on what the person said in their comment mi did haffi draw dem up. And I said it already…none is better than the other so they should stop..But a nuh Trinidad a feel it..a nuh Barbados a feel it is we..So we a go se what we want to say because of what they have said

      1. Met I totally understand because I went home with my man and he’s Jamaican and the way the immigration officer try to deal with him through him nuh have no manners the man stop ask him question and start ask me to answer for him, so I have experienced it first hand. But is the foolishness with who want to run in and talk bout who Trinidad think them is and all that! One can argue that Trinidad think they’re somewhere because every where I went we met a lot of Jamaicans working there, so what sense it makes to try put down Trinidad? You get my point Met, as I said to each of us out country is best!

    2. Saucy baby but Trinidad was wrong mama me know u Trini n mi luv just the same but them do the ppl dem bad n come wit this
      Bullshit bout illegal shit

      1. Cheut di first thing the person said bout they couldnt do that in the U.S..Trinidad is not the U.S we should be brothers and sisters based on how we came on these islands..But mi granny always say we struck with the curse of disunity we black people..

      2. Chute as I said the damned nasty coolie officer try deal with my man a way but through mi know say him mouth reckless I got nervous, lol! They were damned wrong for doing that foolishness without valid reasons but don’t try to put down my country is all I’m saying to the other metters!

        1. Saucy I dont know a thing about Trindad fi put down a whole country..and how does one do that? We need dem fi hop offa wi that is all because dem a brag and a act high poluttun because we have remained silent..It aint happening anymore..DEM FI COME OFFA WI KAW WI NUH SI DEM…Is money wi about

          1. Met this is not the first topic about Trinidad and I have seen it before. We can make the argument that okay then, there are some unreasonable immigration officers but to carry on bout after Trinidad ain’t no where is stupid! Ijs!

    3. Here we go! The debate is about how another Carribbean country is treating their neighbour. please doa make dis about “putting” down another nationality!!!!
      Nothing said was a “put-down!
      trinidad has all right to defend demselves against “undesirables”…AND SO DO WE, GET IT!

      1. Of course Jamaica bigger dan Trinidad..17,000 Jamaicans would be an invasion of the island..but if the source from which they got their data is correct y dem nuh deport dem?

  7. Saucybaby, relate your feelings to our feelins its the same way..so why should we b treated differently travelling amongst our own black people, why? How come WE doa turn back people and treat dem less dan human when they come to jamaica?
    Jamaica has an outstanding tourism board, their number one thing is tourism, how would we survive as a country wid out our tourism? Eeh? Come on now wappen to “WELCOME”!!!!!!?

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  8. So we comparing sizes now? Lol, show me where I disputed what you said about Jamaica being larger than Trinidad.

    1. Den Saucy we haffi seh size since Trinidad think dem bigger and in a better place dan we..what mi waa ask dem government is if the 17,000 Jamaicans dem claim living there a cause disruption because it was not mentioned..

      1. The other day the gleaner go put how dem a try stop freedom of press in Barbados…………dem rush down we throat and a talk wha part a we a rotten and dem soon nuh have no new born lef because dem have a gay infestation whey nuh normal deh…Some little low life Jamaicans run in bout gleaner fi mine dem business like a di gleaner name portia simpson miller..we never stand up for our own because di gleaner was not wrong

        1. Me neva see or hear nu small Islanders a stand up fi Myrie when de Bajan dem sexually molest har inna dem holding cell…de Trini dem hate we from back when dem did want fi federalize de Caribbean.

    2. Tthe resentment comes in ‘UNDERTONES’. There has to b a reason y this is happening. On a Jamaican forum there will always b patriotism towards jamaica…..afterall the site is called Jamaicanmateygroupie NOT trinidadmateygroupie…so anything being blogged is not personal, its always in response to an article, as educated people we should debate widout getting feelings involved, when it comes to being patriotic.

      1. Londy u eva hear any Jamaican a style any other caribbean islander just because they are from such and such? We dont care..a doe know if a because people who nuh come from di caribbean always tink every caribbean accent is Jamaican or wha…dem always a carry some sort a feelings..I felt very good when the Trini comedian big up bolt and tessanne whey day but most a di time mi feel dem have resentment and I dont get it

        1. i doa get it met. Even with “injustice” we muss jus shut we mout an nuh say nuttin..oh hell no, not on JMG!!!

          1. Not in my book ooo..I never said a word last week because mi did a wait pan dem fi come wid an excuse..Shanique Myrie was finger sexed by an officer in another caribbean island and dem turn round and gi har less dan 50k…why dem a fight we ?? Look how many a dem live a Jamaica and dem can never se we mistreat them so why dem feel its ok to do it to us? Portia still has not said a word

        2. Lol, resentment why Met? My best friend whom I love like she’s my sister is Jamaican and believe me I have seen and heard Jamaican women boldly say they cannot stand Trinidadian women. We could go on and on about who, what, where and when. This is the reason I don’t comment on such topics. Thank God it’s JMG and not TMG so therefore only Jamaicans should blog. Lol, Met please to tell the second in command before anybody else blog find out their nationality and omit non Jamaicans!

          1. Saucy mi never hear dat yet and u know why?Most Jamaicans dont know which accent is which..When a Jamaican wi pass a remark bout Haiti sake a di obeah..we dont know a thing bout trinidad..dem always a style we so thats why di Jamaicans u know doe like dem..But saucy a whey u get jamaican sisters from? Lol but a so caribbean people family mixup though..and more reason not to discriminate

          2. Doa misconscrew wat I mean, @saucy. Jamaicanmateygroupie is primarily a jamaican blogging site, and YOU kno dat.
            Your nationality has never been a factor, it’s only because it’s about this article why the snide remarks coming from you are ever present.
            But I understand, and thats’ all that matters.
            Again, me navel string nuh cut ah jamaica!!!!

  9. What would be your response if the situation was reversed, what would your views be if Jamaica did this to a couple of trinis?

    1. Trinis dont go to Jamaica :maho :ngakak
      u nuh si di person seh we cudden do dat in di U.S? Is visa dem waa people get fi go dere :ngakak

  10. u kno wat like how me born a london, england, and parents are jamaican, blah,blah, and jamaica recognizes me as being jamaican due to parentage, blah,blah…..wat next!!!

  11. wat i notice on jmg is u hav certain bloggers who fraid fi speak dem mine…..and when the topic is about “jamaicans being treated unfairly”, there’s this backlash that comes from bloggers who are non-JAMAICAN, MY NAVEL STRING DOA CUT IN JAMAICA! Ah brixton me born. But my heritage is jamaican and I doa give to flying F@$#*S who doa like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. As a Trini I will and always will say Trinidad till the death of me. I don’t always have to agree with the behavior, it was wrong for that child not to be able to see her father and the rest to endure what they did, it was disrespectful. Trinidad is not the only island stopping Jamaicans so why should our products be banned? These topics stir up alot of emotions and I for one of tired of hearing who think they are better than who. Our Gov’t s are the ones who need to get this together and fix what is wrong. Because clearly something is WRONG!

    1. dats wat im talking about…..status I been kno gurl!!!!
      But met is bringing awareness to the situation at hand widout no bias. The jamaican/trini govt needs to fix their ‘RACE RELATIONS’ amongst’ each other, this is not a gud luk on trinidads part; and Jamaica must be ignoring d antagonist!!!!

  13. I been hearing alot of people asking why is Portia so quiet…Who suppose to standup for us?Who in the crooked government…You see” Libatty come chue carelessness” if only the Jamaican government would do more for it’s Citizens plenty wouldn’t have to set foot on no other small Island and have to subjected to this kind of mistreatment.
    But seriously I don’t know what it is…I have witnessed it I have heard stories other Islands carry Belly for us just because a person is Jamaican.I guess it is because we are a more popular Island Ex. Just like people who are popular they will have people who don’t know them but dislike them just because of their popularity(seriously)
    Miss Portia Simpson Miller too many of your people are asking why are you so quiet….You and your crooked government I mean everybody Pnp and Jlp need to put your heads together and come up with a plan how to help Jamaica and a plan how they can help themselves.

  14. met, met, met, met u comment ” I have never met a Jamaican who want to live in Trinidad so for those numbers God would have to come and show me them. ” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    dwl, but a same so it go. a who an dem? kmt

    1. a dat mi waa know..what irks me is that they did not even say they are investigating what happened…dem totally disregard any explanation pertaining to that incident …dem a tek very bold liberties

      1. very bold indeed. mi caan even laff, go see dem too… di united states of trinidad…”di farrin of di caribbean”

    2. go on charlotte street in trinidad and you would see hoe many of them are in trinidad and dont want to leave. trinidad may be smaller than jamaica but they are richer. trinidad is the boss in the caribbean. every islander want to live in sweet tand t. don’t come to trinidad. i have never meet a trinidadian who wants to live in jamaica. in fact when jamaican are being deported from canada they ask to be deported to trinidad because they fear for their lives in jamaica. i agree deny them entry

  15. Dem batta ears Trini ppl deh gwaan like dem betta than Jamaicans but dem nuh more than wi a badmind a kill dem smh dutty Caribbean Airlines mi glad how JetBlue a beat unno bad yes mi know dem a beat unno real bad cuz a day time unno left Fort Lauderdale wid the plane half empty. I can’t wait fi di day when Fly Jamaica start fly from Fort Lauderdale. Jamaica fi mek dutty Caribbean Airlines stop come inna di country to just like how dem a try stop di Jamaicans dem from enter Trinidad

  16. These “topics” are MEANT to stir up ones’ emotions!!! How are we to move forward as a people if we can not solve our race relation problem!? We can not get tired of “hearing” about this because clearly there is a problem, and it affects ALL of us!

  17. 17.000 does sound unusually high i must admit. that a small army lol here is the problem because all im seeing is alot of noise on this post.

    the real problem is DIPLOMACY. Caribbean islands are poor when it comes to diplomatic relations and it must be addressed. What happened with the myrie case is another example of a matter that could have been dealt with better by both parties but ended being a big standoff. Does Jamaica and T&T not have trained diplomats who can sit, talk and release a joint statement on the matter?.

    Caricom was suppose to be like the black people version of the European Union right? so how arch enemies like UK and Germany can settle disputes without anybody calling for boycott of each other and two of the biggest islands in the Caribbean cant?

    Jamaica is in no position to boycott anybody take my word, that will only last for like 3 days. Jamaicans have much bigger problems to worry abut than this plus its not Trinidad fault Jamaica does not manufacture as much goods as them. We boycott Trinidad but who fills the gap? we gonna make uncle sam even richer?

    If the islands cannot settle a simple easy 123 matter like this amicably then i suggest we disband caricom NOW. How is it gonna deal with real issues? kmt

    1. In my opinion wat happen to the 13 JAMAICANS, is a real issue because your dealing with “human rights”.
      @only child…however I like your stance!

    2. Mi never know u a post noise level inspector. Jamaica nor Trinidad nuh no where near becoming power houses. What you need to do is to ask the other islands what is the real problem with Jamaicans going there.

      1. i said jamaica is a cultural powerhouse…… fact

        trinidad is an economic powerhouse in the caribbean…….. fact

        woman think wid dem emotions and dats why female prime ministers make me nervous 🙂

        Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the Caribbean and is listed in the top 66 High Income countries in the world. In the Caribbean, it is one of the richest countries, with a per capita GDP of USD $28,400 (2009).


        1. Those ”facts” have nothing to do with the present. They need to work on mending the relationship because there has to be a mutual level of respect before we can think about any other pursuance …You saying what both islands are capable of does not show how di sugar a go mix with the water

  18. Any Jamaican diss Trindad a eediat and any Trinny weh diss Jamaica dem a eediat too. Jamaica is a cultural powerhouse worldwide and Trindiad is one of the economic powerhouses of the Caribbean. If both countries were to partner and extract the true value of their best assets, you would see how di world get shook.

  19. Trinis hate other trinis, the Indians do not like the blacks, so they know how to hate. No more buying of chubbys for my kids. No flying on CAL. No buying from their roti shops. Mi in Florida and doing the boycott here too.

  20. a real issue issue is if the jamaican coast guard sink a trinidad vessel by accident or one of our ministers get assassinated in trinidad. that is a real issue, i guarantee you 100% jamaicans on the island dont care much for this case.

    notice is mostly jamaicans living abroad pushing the issue lol why is that? easy to sit in america and talk bout boycott right?

    who do you think is gonna hurt more, the millionaire trini who owns the biscuit company or the jamaican higgler who sells the biscuit to try make ends meet? go on tell me all you patriots!

    boycott trinidad and they boycott us, since our companies are much weaker they are going to feel it more. simple macro-economics but nooooooo lets all start a war between two islands. let all the jamaicans who live a farrin tell the ones who live in jamaica to stop buy trini products so that the shop and higgler dem who sell the products can have them sit on their shelves!

    problem is oonu only have strength for other black people, when white man do anything you say awww well dem a big country but because Trinidad even smaller than us everybaddie ready for that fight. well go on them patriots boycott Trinidad 🙂

      1. sinking a vessel would be a matter of urgency where jamaica’s security/well being and diplomatic relationship is concerned and that would rouse more than Jamaica’s response. The fact that they are sending back Jamaicans for no reason shows that there is a deteriorating relationship amiss …not only that but there were 26 people returned some weeks before and all the people who were returned said that Trinidad was upset about one of their own killed in Jamaica…did you read all of what was said?

    1. Yu eva hear bout barrel packing? De shipping company and tax office would LOVE IT!

      We fi a buy and Nhame we own goods any damn way.

  21. I currently live in Canada and as I sat on the bus one day I over heard two island girls having a conversation. One of the grls stated that most people think she is Jamaican and often times confuse her fi being a one. she told the grl that she wish she was a Jamaican because nobody know her little island that she is from. Its a known fact that lots a people secretly wish to be Jamaican and envy those who are. Secondly I believe we should force bobblehead Porsha Simpson fi do har job and address this issue with the Jamaicans being mistreated in trinidad. Thirdly, we must not diss all a trinidad cause their are some nice trinis around but their govt need to be put in dem place. America will not tell you to come then when you get to immigration dem tell u seh dem, nah let you een chue Americans were murdered in your country.

  22. good girl simply dont have trinidad on your visitor list. trinidad has so mnay people wanting to visit. in fact ebony magazine list trinidad as a place for usa to visit before retirement. trinidad is a wealthy nation. we have oil, gas, beautiful women, the best carnival. i can go on and on. i am a proud trinini and jamaican are coming to trinidad ( glad for the free trade agreement) and remain. they simply do not want to go back to jamaica. what are we to do they are destroying the way of life for trinis. dont visit. if i were in power no jamaica would be allowed to overstay in trinidad. usa has 12,000 to send back fight the usa.

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